Persona 5 Fusion Tips and Tricks for Best Results

Persona fusion is the core mechanic to learn for beginners in Persona 5 Royal so that you may get ahead in the game. But choosing various ...

If you are new to Persona 5 Royal, you might have noticed that this game is a bit more different and complex than other JRPG games when it comes to Persona fusion. To make a powerful main character and eliminate tough bosses in the game, you must know about different types of personas and their fusions.

So, Persona fusion is the core mechanic to learn for beginners in Persona 5 Royal so that you may get ahead in the game. But choosing various Persona Fusions might be daunting for newbies. No worries, this guide will help you effectively select and perform Fusions and provide tips and tricks to make the most of them.

What is Fusion in Persona 5

Persona fusion is a critical feature in Persona 5 which allows you to combine existing personas to forge new and more robust personas with distinctive abilities. The concept is to fuse two personas to create a new one after accessing the option from the velvet room, but the number of merged personas depends on the type of Fusion.

Each Persona has its base level. You can create a new persona with a far higher level than the merging ones, but the new persona level depends on your current level in the P5R. You cannot create personas with a level higher than yours.

There is also an Arcana system which you must keep in mind. Each Persona has its unique Arcana background, so depending on the Arcana of fusing personas, the Arcana of your new Persona will differ from theirs. The Arcana also links with your persona confidants.

If the Arcana of the newly created Persona is linked to the same confidant, your experience, which depends on your social rank with the confidant, increases. This increase in experience is called Arcana Boost, which you can use to counter the level restrictions for Fusion in Persona 5.

How to perform Fusion

You only need to go to the velvet room and conduct the Fusion by accessing the Persona Fusion. But you must have filled up your bucket with personas. Then select the type of Fusion as per your requirement and pick the desired result.

You should always go for the third type, Fuse by Results (explained later under the types of section) because it will help you sort all the possible Persona results using R1 or L1, which you can choose according to your current level.

Types of Fusions

There are various types of Fusions in Persona 5, each with a list of regulations and requirements. These include:

Normal Fusion

The most basic type of Fusion is “Normal Fusion” or “Dyad Guillotine,” in which two personas from Protagonist’s stock are fused. The information regarding the newly created Persona is displayed when you select two Personas to be fused.

After that, you can select the skill set of the new Persona. You can choose the “Trait” skill from the components or the new Persona. This Fusion is used when you have no interest in results.

Advanced Fusion

“Advanced Fusion,” also known as “Group Guillotine,” is used when you want to create some powerful and high-level Personas. To complete the fusion process, more than two persona components are required for this Fusion.

In contrast to Normal Fusion, the required components are shown to you that create a specific Persona together. You can still create Persona even if you don’t have the required persona component yet in Persona 5.

Fuse by Result

The most helpful fusion options are the “Fuse by Result” or “Search Guillotine.” You can see a list of personas you can make using the available Personas in your stock. You can sort the possible resultant personas according to your level, making you able to create a very versatile persona and clearing space from your possession.

Network Fusion

A new type of Fusion, “Network Fusion,” is introduced in Persona 5 Royal, allowing you to fuse personas with other players online. This can produce distinctive and potent Personas, making it an essential tool for those trying to assemble the ideal team. Sometimes it will be worth doing, and others might not.

Tips and tricks to get better Persona 5 fusion results

Here are a few suggestions and tactics to create the best Personas from fusions. These tips and tricks include.

Fusion alarms

Always try to perform Fusion in Persona 5 Royal when Fusion Alarms are ON . Fusion alarms, random occurrences in the Velvet Room, can significantly increase the likelihood of making a rare and powerful Persona. The new Persona will have a higher level and more powerful skills during the activation of the Fusion alarm. This makes it a valuable addition to any Character.

Use Arcana Burst

If you use Arcana Burst wisely, you can boost the strength of a Persona during Fusion by using Arcana cards. This can result in a more powerful Persona with unique abilities and skills.

Experiment with different combinations

By combining different skills and attributes, you can create powerful Personas that can dominate in battle. To find the best combinations for Fusion, it’s essential to experiment with different Personas and their abilities in Persona 5.

Level up your Confidants

Confidants are characters in Persona 5 that players can build relationships with. By leveling up Confidants, you can unlock new Fusion abilities and create Personas with a high-level skill set.

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