Persona 5 Royal Maid Cafe Guide

In Persona 5 Royal, Akihabara is a location you will visit repeatedly in the game and find several places including the maid Cafe...

In Persona 5 Royal, Akihabara is a location you will repeatedly visit throughout the game. This location comprises several places to visit, including an old machine parts store, the Velvet Room, and the Persona 5 Maid Cafe. In this guide, we will walk you through the exact location of the Maid Cafe and all the activities you can perform there.

Where to find Persona 5 Maid Cafe

Akihabara is automatically unlocked after August 31, and you can access Maid Cafe in Persona 5 afterward.

  • You can directly access the Maid Cafe through the neon pink sign nearby.
  • You will have to move upstairs to enter the cafe. After that, click the button to Examine.
  • Speak to Mona that you desire to check out the place.
  • After doing this, you will automatically find yourself seated at the cafe bench, and soon maid Clara will arrive there.

What to order at Maid Cafe

Now that you have arrived at the cafe, you can order any food items from the menu. You can order various things from the maid, and she will bring them for you.

Clara is an inept maid who makes several mistakes while taking orders from the customers in Persona 5 Royal. There is a chance that she will offer the wrong orders to you. The more expensive the order, the more will be the chance for her to make a mistake.

Some of the orders you can make at the Maid Cafe in Persona 5 are:

  • Relaxing Coffee: The price for this item is 1000 Yen, and there is about a 50% chance of a mistake in the order.
  • Oo-hot Tea: This item can be ordered for 2000 Yen, and there is a 60% chance that the maid will make a mistake with this order.
  • LovePancake: This item can be ordered for 3000 Yen. As this one is quite expensive, there is a 70% chance of getting the wrong order.
  • Sincere Omelette: This is the most expensive item in the orders, owing to which there is also a 90% chance of receiving the wrong order. Its price is 5000 Yen.

Benefits of Maid Cafe in Persona 5 Royal

The maid cafe in P5 Royal doesn’t just serve as a cafe where you can relax. There are a lot of other gameplay systems at play within the cafe that can benefit you during your playthrough of P5R.

Master of Akihabara achievement

You can unlock an achievement known as “Master of Akihabara” at this cafe in Persona 5 Royal. For this, you will have to order an item from the cafe’s special menu. Doing so requires you to first:

  • Collect stamps from the cafe.
  • For every 1000 yen spent at the cafe, you will get one stamp.
  • You need to collect 20 stamps for completing the achievement (i.e. a trophy). This implies that you must spend 20,000 Yen in total.
  • You can buy the most expensive item (Sincere Omelette) from the orders to get to the Maid Cafe Trophy sooner in Persona 5. You can also get bonus stamps by visiting on a Saturday, so set your visit plan accordingly.
  • You will be told when you have got enough stamps. The next time you visit, you will get a Trophy.

This way, your Master of Akihabara achievement will be unlocked.

A raise in Charm social stat

You will also receive up to +2 Charm points on every visit to the cafe. These points can be used for ranking up the Charm social stat. Additionally, you will get bonus Charm points for ordering the Special meal.

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