Persona 5 Royal Ame No Uzume Guide

Ame no Uzume is a Japanese Shintoism Mythology Goddess of dawn, mirth, and revelry. In Persona 5 Royal, Ame no Uzume is the fourth Persona in the Lovers Arcana. Players are keen to learn how to get her Persona in the game. Now you don’t have to search more, as, in this guide, you will learn how to get the Ame no Uzume in Persona 5 along with her stats and skills.

How to get Ame no Uzume in Persona 5 Royal

There are multiple ways to get Ame no Uzume in P5R. But, the best and most effective way to get Ame no Uzume persona is to use a Frei skill card. Just fuse Ame no Uzume with a Frei Skil card.

But you can use this method if you don’t have the skill card yet. First, you must fuse Agathion with Kushi Mitama or Hua Poth with Berith to get Suzaku, as Frei is its default skill.

Now you will have to get Berith. To do that, fuse silky with Agathion, or you can fuse Kelpie with Mandrake.

Now fuse Berith and Suzaku to get Ame no Uzume persona in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona stats

Lovers P5R137109119

Persona skills

MazioInflicts shock10 SPInnate
BufulaInflicts Freeze8 SPInnate
DiaramaRestore HP to ally6 SPInnate
Nocturnal FlashInflicts Dizziness12 SP15 (P5R)
BaisudiInflicts burn, freeze, or shock4 SP16 (P5R)
Mother blessing75% less cost of recovery skills18 (P5R)
TentarafooInflicts Confusion12 SP31
Divine GraceHealing effect +50%32
Shock Chance UpInflicts Shock34

How to make Ame no Uzume with Dodge Psy

Another alternative method for creating Ame no Uzumi is to fuse it with Dodge Psy Skill Card. For this method, you will need two personas. One is Sui Ki from Moon Arcana and Kin Ki from Chariot Arcana. Now you will need Dodge Psy Skill Card in Persona 5 Royal. To get Dodge Psy, you must have Kin Ki persona at level 27 by strengthening it in the Velvet Room.


Now you must fuse Kin Ki with Sui Ki and Dodge Psy Skill Card. This will result in Ame no Uzumu with Dodge Psy as its default inherited skill.

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