Persona 5 Eligor Guide: Location, Fusion, And Weakness

During your visit to kamoshida Palace in Persona 5 Royal, you will encounter Eligor, a rank 2 Emperor Arcana. You can get a lot of ...

During your visit to Kamoshida Palace in Persona 5 Royal, you will encounter Eligor, a rank 2 Emperor Arcana. You can get a lot of advantages once Eligor is aligned with you. Having Eligor improves your friendship level with Yusuke. You can also get Tarukaja skills by executing him in the Electric chair of Velvet Room. Still, wondering how to get Eligor in Persona 5 Royal? Don’t worry; follow this guide:

How to get Eligor in Persona 5 Royal

You can easily find Eligor roaming in Mementos in its Chemdah region while passing through Kamoshida’s palace after attaining Level 16. You can have Eligor on your side by negotiating with him in Persona 5. 

Persona 5 Eligor fusion

When you are short of funds or don’t want to negotiate with Eligor, there is another way to get him on your side. You can do this by fusing specific pairs in Persona 5 Royal. Some of these pairs are given below:

  • Makami + Archangel
  • Angel + Koppa Tengu
  • Angel + Jack-o’-Lantern
  • Genbu + Angel
  • Silky + Yaksini

Skills and stats

Skill NameLevelCost
Mad Rush2015% HP
Sharp StudentN/A
Double Fangs1810% HP
Tarukaja8 SP
Sukunda198 SP
Maragi10 SP

Stats (Mini-Boss Fight)

  • Luck – 1
  • Endurance – 5
  • Strength – 3
  • Health – 180
  • Magic – 2
  • Agility – 5
  • SP – 45

Stats (Regular Encounter)

  • Health – 285
  • SP – 108
  • Strength – 8
  • Magic – 10
  • Endurance – 8
  • Luck – 15
  • Agility – 10

Eligor’s weaknesses and resistance

In Persona 5 Royal, you have to fight with Eligor in two different situations. In the first situation, Eligor appears as a Guard Captain when Ryuji’s Persona awakens.

Eligor being a mini-boss, is a guard for Kamoshida. The unfortunate thing is that Eligor has no weakness during the fight. But one way to defeat him is through the Electric attacks Ryuji.

Using Electric attacks, you can counter the situation when Eligor calls Bicorns for his aid. Keep attacking continuously, and you can easily win the fight.  

After returning to Kamoshida’s palace, you’ll meet Eligor for the second time. During this second encounter, Eligor appears as the War-Hungry Horseman. This time he does have a weakness, and that is Zio/Electricity in Persona 5 Royal. This makes your task easy. All you need to do is use his weakness to your advantage.

Use Ryuji to perform Zio through Captain Kidd. You need to know that this Iteration of Eligor is resistant to gun and fire attacks and fire. So, to win, you need to use to power of electric attacks in P5R.   

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