How To Get Flauros In Persona 5

In Persona 5, Flauros is a Devilish character and the 3rd Persona in the category of the Devil Arcana. You can fuse it in the velvet room.

In Persona 5, Flauros is a Devilish character and the 3rd Persona in the category of the Devil Arcana. Flauros is the only Persona to acquire the Heat up and Dodge Phy’s skills in P5R. Besides that, it possesses a wide range of different skills.

This guide’ll explore how you can acquire Flauros in Persona 5 Royal. We’ll also go over this Persona’s base stats and its abilities.

How to get Flauros in Persona 5 Royal?

Flauros can be acquired once you perform a fusion in the Velvet Room. You need to have and then merge three separate Personas to get Flauros in Persona 5 Royal. One of the Persona must have the power and capability of Tarukaja Skill. First, to get Flauros through Fusion, you must get to Level 25.

When you are at this level, you can obtain the required Flauros by combining the following:

Eligor + Berith + Andras (Level 11)

You need Andras at level 11 because this is the level at which Andras can learn Tarukaja. So, after the fusion, this skill can be transmitted to your Flauros directly in Persona 5 Royal.

Once you’re done with the fusion, have a conversation with the twins (Caroline and Justine), and make sure that your newly acquired Flauros holds a Tarukaja. Once they see it, they’ll grant you a Rank 4 in your Strength’s Confidant.


To fuse Personas in Persona 5 Royal, all you have to do is select the Fuse option and then select the appropriate Personas to fuse.

Persona 5 Flauros stats and skills

Once you perform the Electric Chair Execution task, Flauros becomes equipped to produce the “Shackles.” Through this accessory, your character acquires the Null Rage skill.

However, one of the most vital skills in your Strength Confidant, “Tarukaja,” can also be unlocked by fusion. Here is a list of skills and stats of Flauros in Persona 5.


Assault DiveIt costs you 13% of your HP levelInflicts lethal Physical damage to 1 of your opponents.
Dormin RushIt costs you 16% HP levelIt helps you inflict moderate Physical damage on your opponents.
Dodge PhysCost you a 10 SP levelYou receive a Double chance for evasion against the Physical attacks of your opponents.
Dekaja It Nullifies the buffs from the opponents.
Gaint SliceIt costs you 9% HP levelIt helps you inflict moderate Physical damage on 1 of your opponents.
Heat Up It allows you to randomly restore 10 SP and 5% of the HP level during combats.
Apt Pupil Gives a boost to the critical rate.



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