Persona 5 Okumura Palace Guide

Persona 5 Okumura Palace Guide to walk you through the palace, defeat the enemies in it, find loot, and defeat the boss at the end.

In Persona 5 the Phantom Thieves embark on the journey toward Kunikazu Okumura’s Palace. Kunikazu Okumura is the father of Haru Okumura, and he is in charge of the Okumura Food Company. His palace is called Okumura Spaceport of Greed.

You can start the Persona 5 Okumura palace when you befriend Haru, and she joins you as your ally. You must help Haru avoid a political marriage set up by her father. You have to infiltrate the palace and steal Okumura’s heart.

This guide will help you take over Okumura’s Space Palace in Persona 5, defeat Okumura, and steal his heart.

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Persona 5 Okumura Palace walkthrough

You must be at level 40-45 to play this dungeon. You can enter the palace on 19th September (9/19), and the completion deadline is 10th October (10/10).

Facility Passageway

Persona 5 Okumura Palace

You will first arrive at the facility passageway when you enter the palace. Use the big lift at the center to head to the down floor.

There, you will fight some shadows, and then you will have to go to the north side and find the biometric door.

Haru will open the door for you. After that conversation, Haru’s father appears with Haru’s fianc√© in Persona 5. Haru will deny the proposal to be submitted to him, and then you will have to fight a mini-boss battle with Haru’s Fiance.

After defeating him, head towards the elevator to go down the floor. There you will arrive at a magnificent spaceport hall.  On the left, you can find a safe room to rest.

Head straight from the safe room to continue. After finding some shadows, you will arrive at an unlocked door. But just on the right side of the door will be a vent. Use the vent to get to the other room.

In the Persona 5 server room, use the catwalk to get to the server and acquire a map. Return to where you used the vent and approach the unlocked door. Follow the pipeline and find a vent to approach a room with the red greed will seed.

Get the seed and turn back. Open the door, and you will find another unlocked door. But, to unlock that one, you must steal the chief director’s ID from the central building.


Persona 5 Okumura Palace

Use the elevator to go up the floor. There head west to the barracks to fight the chief clerk and obtain his ID.

There you will fight the Chief Clerk and his two minions in Persona 5 Royal. After defeating him, he obtains the chief clerk’s key. But, you will need to obtain the chief director’s key, and for that, you can use the chief clerk’s key to enter some restricted areas.

Head towards the north to find another shadow named Corpororbo MDL-DM, restricting you from meeting the chief director.

After defeating him, obtain his ID and unlock the door in the barracks. There you will eavesdrop on some shadows to obtain information about the director.

Go to the left room after eavesdropping, and you will find the director there. Fight the Corpororbo MDL-GM director to obtain his ID.

Use the director’s ID in the Passageway to unlock the door. Use the elevator to go up the floor and straight toward the Facility’s Surroundings in P5R.

Facility Surroundings

Persona 5 Okumura Palace

When you arrive at the facility surrounding, you will see many massive domes of exhausts. You will need to go to the top main building. Use the grappling hook on the nearby drones to reach the main building.

There is an elevator there. Use that elevator to arrive at the export lines.

Export Line

There is a safe room at the start of the export line where you can rest in Persona 5. After resting for a while, go to the conveyor belt area.

Explore and examine the factory there. You will also have to fight some shadows there.  Find the console and use it to increase the robot arm speed, causing it to destruct and create a bridge. Use it to get to the pipes to obtain the green greed will seed.

But, the lasers are blocking the access. Go to the computer shelves and interact with the glowing blue one. Get the seed. Now, find another console on the north wing of the factory, and similarly, create another bridge heading to the door. This will lead you toward the exit of the export line in P5R.

Production Line

After exiting the door, you will arrive at the production line. First, you will have to fight some tough shadows. After that, use the console to break the hydraulic press for 30 seconds to cross it to the other side. If you want to return, use the console on the other side to break the press.

Now find another console to break a hydraulic press and gain access to the main walkway of the production line towards the exit door.

Disposal Line

Through the exit door, you will arrive at the disposal line. Rest in the safe room on the side of the door in Persona 5 Royal.

Find a console and use it to destruct the robot arm to make a bridge so you can pass to the other side. Your main task is to find your way to the five strange-acting shadow robots.

Break the operations of hydraulic presses and robot arms to make your way there. Once there, you will fight the five mini-bosses called Corporobo MDL-CH. After defeating them, enter the door in front.

Use the lift there to go up the floor. Now, open the door to the space, and you will automatically be flown to the other wing of the spaceship. Use the elevator there to go up the floor.

Transfer Line

When you arrive at the transfer line, there is a safe room on the left side for resting. Now approach the chamber with space doors. Use one to fly to another chamber with one inactive door. Pursue through the second door and flip the switch to activate the door.

Fly to another chamber using that door. You will find another unlocked door. Fly to the other wing to flip the switch and activate the door. Fly north of the wing and acquire a blue greed will seed in Persona 5.

Now, use the airlock to head toward the south corridor. Flip the switch and return to the west and again flip the switch. Use the orange airlock to proceed toward the entrance of the following transfer line. There is also a safe room here.

Take the airlock towards the north and the orange airlock towards the hallway. Find the white airlock at the end of the hallway. You will arrive at a place with four airlocks.

Use the active airlock and then use the white airlock to go west. Flip the switches, and use the blue airlock towards the south and the side corridor. Use the white airlock to go east and north towards the corridor. Flip the switch, use the white airlock, and then the blue airlock towards the entrance. Finally, use the orange airlock to get to the exit in P5R.

Weapon Production Area

Go to the left side to rest in the safe room. Your main goal is to get to the treasure room and steal it. Use the calling card in the safe room to get to the treasure area. But, once you arrive there, the treasure will be lifted.

You will be given a 10-minute timer to reach the treasure and confront Okumura. Use the lift and ramps to head upwards. Use the elevator to reach the treasure area.

Avoid fighting the shadows on the way to save time. Finally, you will confront Okumura in Persona 5 Royal.

Okumura Boss Fight

Persona 5 Okumura Palace

When you confront Okumura in P5, who is the boss of this palace, he will tell Haru that his heart has changed. But, eventually, he will betray her and trap the Phantom Thieves in a cage. But Morgana will use her slingshot to turn off the cage.

The fight with the Persona 5 Shadow Okumura boss will start now. Okumura will first send his elite soldiers to fight you. It is better to use fire-based attacks on them.

After you defeat them, a surprise will emerge. A robot, Cognitive Haru Okumura, will appear. After a short dialogue, another wave of elite soldiers will appear.

After defeating them, another wave of even stronger chief clerk soldiers will arrive. After you defeat them, another wave of them will attack only Makoto. Then a wave of Chief Directors will arrive, attacking only Joker.

Then he will recall his right-hand executive director to fight you. This fight will be very long and tough.

After that hectic fight, Okumura will command robot Haru to fight you in Persona 5. When you defeat her, Okumura will fall and apologize to Haru. Finally, you will acquire the treasure. The palace will start to destruct, and you have to leave immediately. But, while you leave, some mysterious figure will arrive and shoot Okumura.

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