How To Defeat Persona 5 Shadow Okumura Boss

Shadow Okumura is in the fifth palace in Persona 5. He is one of the most challenging bosses to fight because you need to defeat him in time. Persona 5 Shadow Okumura is not so difficult to beat, but he sends several waves of his corporobos that are pretty difficult to beat.

Don’t worry; this guide will teach you about pre-battle preparations and strategies to defeat Shadow Okumura in P5 Royal.

Shadow Okumura’s abilities and weaknesses

Shadow Okumura is one of the most challenging bosses to fight in Persona 5 Royal. You need to plan and prepare your time accordingly. Okumura doesn’t fight; he allows his robots to fight for him and use buffing on them to inflict more damage. Corporobo is another name for his robots.

So, to remove his buffing skills on his robots, you need a skill like Dekaja that removes any buffing on enemies. Panther would be best for this as he has already learned Dekaja. Other than this, you need someone on your team with the skill to remove any debuffing on your allies, and for that, your team must have Dekunda.

You must also have healing, reviving, and cure status ailments items before you start the fight against Shadow Okumura in P5 Royal.

As Okumura sends different waves of his robots, you must know their weaknesses.

  • Corporobo (blue): It has a weakness against wind and fire.
  • Corporobo (light blue): It is weak against wind and bless.
  • Corporobo (red): It is weak against electric, wind, and bless.
  • Corporobo (yellow): It has a weakness against Ice and poison.
  • Corporobo (green): It has a weakness against poison and curse.
  • Excurobo (black): It doesn’t have any weakness, nor it is strong in any ailment.
  • Okumura: It doesn’t have any weakness, nor it is vital in any ailment.

Now that you know their weaknesses prepare a strong team in corporobo’s weak areas. Apart from Okumura, all the above are vital in physical damage, so dodge their attacks.

How to defeat Shadow Okumura in Persona 5 Royal

The problem with the Shadow Okumura boss battle in P5R is that you must win the fight in 30 minutes or fight from the start. It is a bit hard, but with proper strategy, attacking them at their weakness is more than enough.

At first, Okumura will send his lowest-level Corporobos at you, which aims at you and your team member to inflict heavy damage. Make sure to heal and defend any of your team members if he is getting a lot of damage. However, you have two turns to defeat these, and if you fail to do that in two turns, Okumura will call out the next wave with full health.

It is easy if you know about their weakness and dodge any of their significant attacks. When you have defeated this wave, Okumura will crank up the difficulty level of his Corporobos with the next wave. The real problem with this new wave is that they can self-destruct.

So, you better finish them before self-destruction or run away from them when Okumura orders them to self-destruct because this explosion will lower your HP by a significant amount.

Once you have defeated all these mediocre robots, he will summon his biggest Corporobo. As we mentioned above, it has no weaknesses, so you need to invest all your energy and use all your skills to defeat it.

It doesn’t have many moves, but even these few moves can kill you or your team members in Persona 5 Royal in no time. Its two moves are Big Bang Order and Big Bang Challenge. One is a physical attack, and one is an elemental attack.

Your only way to defeat it is to dodge these attacks and attack whenever you see an opening. If you manage to lose a few team members in this fight, don’t worry because the rest of the battle is easy.

Once you have defeated it, Okumura will send his daughter (Haru) into the fight. She has no significant and damaging moves, so use this time to heal your allies. After a couple of turns, Okumura will order her to self-destruct, and he will step into the battle.

Okumura doesn’t have much HP, so a single heavy blow can beat him, thus finishing the Shadow Okumura boss fight of Persona 5.

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