Persona 5 Retro Games Guide

Persona 5 Retro Games guide should help players go through this mini-game and explain all the possible games as well as their respective rewards.

Among the numerous Persona 5 Mini-Games the players can engage-in to pass their time, there is one which is perhaps the most meta. The Persona 5 Retro Games mini-game allows players to play a number of games, inside their P5 game.

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Persona 5 Retro Games

Players will first need to play the TV Video game before they can unlock the feature for purchase and later use.

Each game has its separate difficulty which the player can reduce by reading an appropriate book. This can be very helpful is players are trying to earn all the Persona 5 trophies.

Players can enjoy these video games from the comfort of their character’s room while more games can be purchased from the Akihabara Retro Game Shop. Finishing a game a certain number of times ends up boosting different stats of the player.

Below is a list of all the Persona 5 TV Video Game titles available and their rewards upon completion:


Star Forneus 1988
Comes bundled with the Retro Game Set. Players need to reach a total of 25 key presses before the time runs out in order to complete the game. After completing it 3 times, they will gain +2 Guts

Hatredo Goemon
Can be purchased for 5200 Yen if the die rolls to the one players selected, they win. A total of 2 wins will grant players +2 Charm

Punch de Ouch
Purchaseable for 5300 Yen from Retro Game Shop. 3 Wins will grant players +2 Charm

Shitsutaro Railway
Available for 5600 Yen and if players win this board game 3 times, they gain +2 Kindness

Kirakuji Temple
It is released on 10th October and after purchasing it for 5500 Yen, players need to win 3 times to gain +2 Guts

Professional Golfer
Also released on 10th October, winning three times gives players +2 Proficiency.

Featherman Seeker
It is still not known how many times you need to win this one to get the rewards but upon doing so your knowledge will increase by 2 and you will get the Featherman Badge which Strengthens Wind  by 50 percent.

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