Lies of P Best Motivity Weapons

Grab the perfect Motivity scaling weapons for your build.

Motivity in Lies of P is the equivalent of the strength stat in other Souls-like games. The higher your Motivity stat, the more damage you will deal with a weapon that scales with Motivity in Lies of P. While there are a lot of weapons to choose from in Lies of P, not all of them are Motivity scaling. This means if you are going for a Motivity build, you need to be very careful of your weapon choice.

We have compiled a list of the best Motivity scaling weapons in Lies of P that we think will be useful if you prefer a Strength playstyle instead of Dexterity in Souls-like games.

Keep in mind that a weapon’s scaling comes from its handle. So you only need the handle of these Motivity weapons in Lies of P and can then assemble it with any other blade if you wish to make a custom weapon combo.

4. Bone-Cutting Saw

Lies of P Best Motivity Weapons

Bone-Cutting Saw is among the longest-reach weapons in the game. Having the Motivity rank B and a ton of physical damage makes the Bone-Cutting Saw Greatsword a lethal one. Using this blade in combination with the exploding pickaxe handle further enhances the damaging powers of the saw blade. To get your hands on the Motivity scaling Bone-Cutting Saw, you need to find and open a chest located in the Malum District.

Since you only need the handle for Motivity, you can use the Bone-Cutting Saw handle with any other weapon to get the Endure Fable Art.

3. Coil Mjolnir Hammer

Lies of P Best Motivity Weapons

The next weapon on our list of best motivity weapons is the Coil Mjolnir Hammer. This weapon has a rank B in Motivity while a rank D in Technique. The additional thing that makes it special is the weapon’s durability. It can be found inside a chest in the Krat Central Station Plaza.


The only bad thing about Coil Mjolnir Hammer is its attacking speed which is relatively slow, but it gets nullified with the excellent Fable Arts, which includes Thunderstrike, and Absolute Defense. With these applied to the weapon and handle, the hammer is capable of providing electric damage to a larger AoE as well while blocking the enemy attacks also gets enhanced.

2. Big Pipe Wrench

Lies of P Best Motivity Weapons

The next weapon on our list is the Big Pipe Wrench which is a large blunt weapon. With Physical ATK 156, this weapon is primarily scaled with Motivity, which is at rank B, while the Technique has rank D. You can obtain this weapon from a chest located near the Stargazer at the Center of Venigni Works.

Big Pipe Wrench’s Fable Arts, Patient Smash, and Payback Swing allow the Wrench to collect the power for a strong hit. The latter ones help in initiating an attack right after the defense.

1. Frozen Feast

Lies of P Best Motivity Weapons

Frozen Feast Greatsword is our pick for the best motivity weapon in Lies of P. The weapon has rank B Motivity along with the rank C Technique. Compared to the other weapons, this weapon is a bit heavier. The Frozen Feast Greatsword cannot be disassembled but does come with a decent Damage Reduction Rate.

The Liberate and Single Stash Fable Arts can be used with it, which helps the weapon to boost up its attack speed along with a powerful slash attack.

Frozen Feast is not an ordinary weapon rather it is a boss weapon that can be obtained by defeating the Champion Victor boss. After defeating the boss, you will get the Reborn Champion’s Ergo, which you can exchange with Alidoro to get the Frozen Feast Greatsword.

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