Lies of P Best Motivity Build

Overwhelm your enemies with heavy attacks.

Motivity, simply put, refers to the Strength attribute equivalent in Lies of P. Builds centered around this stat make use of heavy weaponry to slice big chunks of enemy health while also dealing high Stagger damage to capitalize on more frequent Fatal Attacks. Below, you will find our recommendation for a quality Motivity Build to sail through the trials of Krat with relative comfort.

Stat distribution for Motivity build

Motivity is a difficult playstyle. Due to that, we will be dividing our stat distribution according to level gaps, as you need to focus on different stats at different times. Of course, Motivity remains the core stat, so you should always be upgrading it.

Level 10

For a Motivity Build, you will want to start with the ‘Path of the Sweeper,’ which puts your default stats more in line with a typical strength-based build, with the highest points in Vitality for HP, Capacity to maintain a high weight limit and not fat roll considering you’ll need to carry around some heavy blunt weapons and armor. Motivity also starts high, as this will be your main stat for damage.

The main issue in this stat distribution, however, is that Vigor suffers greatly, meaning you will have to keep an eye on your Stamina and juggle it between dodging/parrying and attacking. About four light attack swings or two heavy attack swings will deplete your Stamina, so it is best to double down on parry timings to keep momentum and minimize damage taken.

Lies of P Best Motivity Build

Alternatively, you can go for a hit-and-run approach, poking once or twice and leaving enough stamina to dodge incoming attacks.

As you level up, investing more points into Vigor and Vitality should be your priority. After that, Move on to Motivity and keep Capacity as a stat you only invest in as your weight limit starts becoming a nuisance.


The recent update (v1.20) reworked the weight of a lot of items, so this shouldn’t be as big of an issue in the game now, and you won’t need to invest as many points in Capacity to avoid fat rolling; rather, the increase in Legion capacity ought to be the main motivator for this stat now.

At level 10, your stats for a Motivity build should look like this

  • Vitality – 11
  • Vigor – 5
  • Motivity – 11 
  • Capacity – 11
  • Advance – 6
  • Technique – 5

Advance and Technique will be maintained at their default level going forward.

Level 30

For this late early game point, your stats should look like:

  • Vitality – 20
  • Vigor – 10
  • Motivity – 17  
  • Capacity – 11

At this, our goal with this Motivity build is to maintain high vitality and decent vigor so you can go for more trades and have ample stamina to disengage, while Motivity is there to increase your damage output. Capacity stays untouched because you likely won’t be swapping to that many heavy weapons at this point, which would necessitate a weight limit increase.

Level 50

For this upper midgame section, it should look like:

  • Vitality – 25
  • Vigor – 15
  • Motivity – 22
  • Capacity – 16

Now is where increasing capacity is warranted on account of the plethora of weapons available and the increasing dependence on the Legion Arm as a reliable side weapon. We want to hit the Vitality and Motivity cap near the endgame, so we will prioritize those here.

Level 80

At the endgame, your stats with the Motivity build in Lies of P should look like this:

  • Vitality – 30
  • Vigor – 15
  • Motivity – 40
  • Capacity – 23

Hitting 30 Vitality and 40 Motivity in Lies of P comes in handy since the endgame bosses hit very hard, and you want to take them down quickly to deal with less of their gimmicks. Capacity takes a raise, too, since some heavier and stronger weapons become available, and your Legion Arm should likely be max level, meaning you’ll want higher capacity for a higher Legion gauge.

Best Weapon choices for Motivity build

Blade: Big Pipe Wrench Head

Handle: Krat Police Baton Handle

The main purpose of this weapon assembly lies in taking advantage of the Police Baton’s inherent speed. Heavy blades, especially, beyond benefits to light attack speed, will reap the benefit of a quicker charged attack. Since this motivity weapon has high scaling, you will be consistently dishing out high, consistent HP and Stagger damage.

Add on the Baton Handle’s Fable Art, which powers up the next hit, and the Wrench Head’s Fable Art, which is a heavy, chargeable single hit; the synergy is quite apparent. For New Game+ playthroughs especially, this weapon combo holds up quite well, making it well worth keeping on hand.

Best Legion Arm for Motivity build

Lies of P Best Motivity Build

You can go with either of our suggested legion arms for a Motivity build in Lies of P. Both have their own benefits, so it comes down to your playstyle.

Puppet String

The Puppet String takes some upgrades to truly shine, especially in an offensive manner. You’ll need to fully upgrade it to unlock the skill ‘Attack Link,’ which will allow you to chain together a devastating aerial slam attack after using this Legion Arm.

While the Puppet String legion arm is inherently a Technique-based arm, that is inconsequential since the Attack Link deals great Stagger damage on top of its base damage, making it ideal to set up Fatal Attacks quickly.


While at first glance ‘Aegis’ may seem drastically different than the Puppet String, the function for which we use it is more or less the same: Stacking Stagger Damage. Aegis has the benefit of being more applicable to that end even when not fully upgraded, but the true benefit comes when you unlock the final upgrade to this Legion Arm, i.e., Counter Charge.

This allows you to follow up the reactive explosion with an additional shield slam, dealing great Stagger Damage. The main reason why this is a secondary priority is that Aegis, by nature, is reactive and depends on the opponent’s openings/whims, as well as needing time to recharge when the explosion first goes off.

Meanwhile, Puppet String works from a distance and can be used offensively whenever you want with no downtime where you must wait for it to recharge; you decide the pace.

Best Amulet choice for Motivity build

Since a Motivity build in Lies of P will undoubtedly have stamina issues due to heavy weapons, we need to make sure at least one of our amulets helps us regen stamina for combat.

Patience Amulet

In Lies of P, Stamina is the essential driver of many actions. Parrying, dodging, attacking, etc., all take up stamina, and nothing’s worse than having successfully dodged and parried a flurry of blows only to not have the stamina to retaliate immediately. Or it is so low that going for an attack means you lack the stamina to dodge the next attack. The Patience Amulet rectifies stamina issues somewhat by improving stamina regen rate.

Recharged Amulet +1

The upgraded Recharged Amulet will passively restore your HP as time goes on. With a motivity build, and with the recent changes made to Fable Attacks, giving them increased hyper armor, you will, by virtue, be trading hits from time to time, especially when landing your strongest ones.

Some health will have to be foregone, but this Amulet allows you to lean more into that trading playstyle since you can hammer enemies to get back what health you lost without having to sacrifice a pulse cell due to the build’s reckless nature.

Arm of God Amulet

Arm of God is an endgame amulet, but it is quite useful in bolstering DPS output for a Motivity build in Lies of P. You gain physical attack buff stacks for each hit you do, up to a maximum of 4 stacks, which equates to around a 15% damage buff. The recent update has also reduced the weight drastically to a 9.3 compared to launch, so that’s one drawback you no longer have to worry about dragging your build down.

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