How To Get Bone-Cutting Saw In Lies of P

Saw your enemies to death

One of the best Motivity weapons in Lies of P, the Bone-Cutting Saw, especially its blade is a massive laborer’s saw that might have been used to cut wood once but is now a weapon for you to hack-up puppets and carcasses alike. As part of the Greatsword category, the Bone-Cutting Saw in Lies of P is a great mid-game weapon for those interested in a Strength build.

Lies of P Bone-Cutting Saw location

The Bone-Cutting Saw can be found within the Malum District of Lies of P, on the rooftops near the fountain. You will find the weapon on your way to the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss fight. From the Malum District stargazer, turn right and go through the alleyways. This is a pretty linear path so you can’t get lost.

Keep progressing till you reach the house with the Black Rabbit Brotherhood symbol painted next to the door.

Lies of P Bone-Cutting Saw location

Enter the house, drop down, and exit onto street level near the giant bonfire. Keep going straight past the bonfire into the alley behind it and climb the ladder next to the black rabbit symbol.

Lies of P Bone-Cutting Saw location

Take the ladder to the top to reach the Malum District rooftops. Once at the top, turn left and walk across the rooftops to a big carcass enemy. The upper level of the destroyed house behind this enemy contains a red chest.

Lies of P Bone-Cutting Saw location

Enter the building and open the chest to pick up the Bone-Cutting Sawblade and Bone-Cutting Handle in Lies of P. They will come as one weapon, the Bone-Cutting Saw, but you can dismantle it to make use of the special benefits of the Bone-Cutting Sawblade or the Handle.


Bone-Cutting Saw Fable Arts

During weapon assembly, your decision to use the handle or blade of Bone-Cutting Saw will determine which Fable Arts you unlock for use in combat. Sawblade comes with Link Chop while the Handle has Endure Fable Art.

Link Chop (Bone-Cutting Sawblade): Hack downwards towards an enemy. Can spend an extra Fable slot for a second follow-up downward attack.

Endure (Bone-Cutting Handle): Acts as a block, allowing protection against an enemy’s attack for a short while.


Eugenie in Hotel Krat can upgrade Bone-Cutting Saw in Lies of P up to level 10. The cost of upgrades increases the higher up you go so be prepared with a lot of Ergo and Moonstones if you wish to fully upgrade Bone-Cutting Saw.

Like all the other weapons, it is the blade that is upgraded. So you can use a fully maxed-out Bone-Cutting Sawblade with any other handle and still get the damage benefits with your unique weapon combo.

+1 +10 ATK200 Ergo and x1 Hidden Moonstones
+2+8 ATK230 Ergo and x2 Hidden Moonstones
+3+8 ATK260 Ergo and x4 Hidden Moonstone
+4+8 ATK320 Ergo and x1 Crescent Moonstone
+5+8 ATK430 Ergo and x2 Crescent Moonstone
+6+8 ATK600 Ergo and x4 Crescent Moonstone
+7+7 ATK860 Ergo and x1 Half Moonstone
+8+7 ATK1160 Ergo and x2 Half Moonstone
+9+8 ATK1570 Ergo and x4 Half Moonstone
+10+7 ATK2100 Ergo and x1 Full Moonstone

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