Lies of P: Should You Give The Four-Fingered Glove To Alidoro?

Give Alidoro a gift from Eugenie.

The Four-Fingered Glove is a recollection item in Lies of P and tied to Eugenie’s questline as Eugenie’s Gift for Alidoro. As you progress through the Grand Exhibition Hall and defeat the area boss, Champion Victor, a new set of character interactions with the residents of Hotel Krat will be available. Among these is Eugenie, the Workshop Blacksmith.

As you talk to Eugenie, she will tell you about having made something a bit more unconventional for her set of skills. Rather than her traditional weapon smithing, she made a unique four-fingered leather glove as a gift to Alidoro. She explains that when Alidoro saved her life in the past, he ended up losing a thumb. She thought of this little gesture to show her appreciation in a practical sense for his sake.

Eugenie will ask you to deliver the Four-Fingered Glove to Alidoro. With that conversation over, you will notice Alidoro is no longer in his usual spot in Hotel Krat.

lies of p four-fingered glove

Where to find Alidoro after defeating Champion Victor

At this point in the story, Alidoro has relocated to the Barren Swamp Entrance Area, past the closed gate behind the first Stargazer here. Getting to Alidoro in Barren Swamp will take a bit of time and a few annoying mobs, including an Elite Clown Puppet encounter (Oh joy…)

As you progress, you will find yourself entering a small, broken tower. To the bottom will be a lava-spewing Mining Puppet Elite mob, but to get to Alidoro, you’ll want to take the staircase upward past some puppet enemies.

As you exit this tower, you will see a small minecart to the left, along with a small lever. Pull this lever, and a small cutscene will play out, with this cart slamming the locked gate in front, opening the shortcut to the Stargazer.

Now, go down the path the minecart went, but rather than go straight, turn left, and you will encounter Alidoro a few steps ahead.

Should you give the Four-Fingered Glove to Alidoro in Lies of P?

At this point, you can choose to follow through with Eugenie’s request in Lies of P and choose the prompt to give the Four-Fingered Glove to Alidoro. I would recommend giving the gloves to Alidoro since completing this request and giving the gloves to Alidoro opens a chance to acquire Humanity points since Alidoro will express anger at the gloves.

You can go back to Eugenie and lie to her about how Alidoro responded, giving you humanity towards unlocking the true ending, as well as rewarding you with a Fire Abrasive for this part of the quest.

While the long-term benefits can still be acquired, i.e., you kill Alidoro when confronting him in the Relic of Trismegistus and acquire Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel to learn the truth. This part of the quest helps in building up to the payoff at the end of the questline by foreshadowing the truth about Alidoro’s identity.

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