How to Make Bells Fast in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Bells are used as the main currency in Animal Crossing. No doubt, despite various methods of crafting money, you will need more bells to get best stuff in the game. This guide explains the fastest ways to get money in and shows you How to Make Bells Fast in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

How to Make Bells Fast in Animal Crossing New Horizons

As Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a slow-life game, these ways of earning money will be more effective if you stay a little patient and consistent during your effort periods.

Sell Fruits
Fruits can be one of your very first sources of income as you are assigned a random fruit at the start of the game.

The native fruit of your island sells for 100 bells per piece, but you first think of planting more in the start to make a good investment. Some of your native fruit trees will also produce perfect variants that have a golden sheen.

Though these perfect variants sell for 600 bells apiece, it is better to plant them to grow more of these fruits as they will make you way richer in times to come.

The foreign fruits which you get from other players’ islands sell for 500 bells apiece, and hence you must try getting many of those too if you want to get rich in New Horizons.

Sell Fossils
Fossils are also treasures that grow up daily around your island and are marked by a tell-tale crack in the dirt. So it is better to find some time in your hectic routine and dig for these treasures.

You can have the first piece of each fossil displayed at the museum, but the duplicates can then be sold at Nook’s Cranny to get a pretty sum of cash of up to 5000 bells!

Plant Money Trees
While going around your island, you might come across golden glowing cracks out of which fossils are obtained. Dig up these cracks and you will get 1000 bells.

However, instead of carrying the bells, dig them into the same spot again and wait for a money tree to grow up. These trees literally grow bells, with though much slower speed than the speed fruits grow, but you will surely be getting much bells through these trees over time.

Plant more and more of these trees to keep a pretty amount of bells flowing in to your wallet.

Sell Weeds
Selling of consuming weeds is illegal in most states, but on in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Though your priority in general is to remove all the weed in your island, you should collect up to 99 individual plants of weeds first and then sell the package at the shop to earn 990 bells.

Hit Rocks
Your island produces various sorts of rocks. You will have to search the whole island daily for such rocks and once you find one, use your shovel to keep striking it until it produces smaller rocks, clay and ore.

You can then sell all of these items for lots of Bells. A money rock is also produced in the island daily, and once you find it, keep striking the rock and it will keep popping up bells. As a total, you can get up to 8000 bells daily by whacking this rock!

Sell Fish, Bugs and Shellfish
You will be getting a Fishing Rod and Net for fishing pretty early in the game. Where Shellfish don’t need the use of these equipment and can be picked up walking along the shore, you will need to hunt the fish in the ocean.

All of these can be then sold and they will yield you pretty amounts of bells in Animal Crossing.

Use Nook Miles Effectively
Selling more weeds and fruits also earns you Nook Miles. You can then obtain a Nook Miles ticket by exchanging 2000 Nook Miles. These Nook Miles tickets can then be used to travel to other islands.

In other foreign islands, loot the fruits and plant them on your own island. You can then sell each foreign fruit for 500 bells and get pretty rich in no time.