Animal Crossing New Horizons Money Trees Guide

Money Trees are the trees that grow Bells. They’ll only produce Bells one time, and after you shake the money bags off the trees they will go back to being a regular ordinary tree but it is still a good way to farm bells fast. This Animal Crossing New Horizons Money Trees Guide will go over this fancy tree type and how best to use it.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Money Trees

While it may not be true for the real world, money does actually grow on trees in the world of Animal Crossing. If your dream is to become rich, planting money trees in New Horizons is definitely one of the essential methods.

So if you are willing to multiply your money then you have to bury some bells and see what comes out from them.

Look for a glowing spot on your island. Daily you will find a glowing spot on the ground somewhere on your island. Dig here and you’ll find a bag of bells. After finding that location you will need a shovel to dig that spot.

With a glowing hole left in the ground after digging you need to go in your inventory and separate a number of bells you will like to plant. The maximum amount you can do this is with 10,000 bells. If you do more than that the extra ones will be wasted so better check the numbers before doing this.

Now you will have to wait for several days like 4 or more and then you can visit the same spot and see a tree which has grown 3 sacks of cash.

The next and last thing that you have to do is to shake the tree to drop sacks on to the ground so that you can loot them.

The sacks that dropped down should be in the same amount that you planted, so if you planted 1000 or 10,000 bells you will receive thrice of it which means that it is a solid investment.

You can even change the location of the tree if you don’t like it. You will need to use your shovel after you have buried your bells. You just have to dig up the sapling and plant it wherever you like.

Realizing this advantage, it is worth a try once you find a glowing spot and follow all the steps mentioned above.  Though you can cut down the tree after gaining the sacks because they sprout only once.

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