How to Make Money Bags in Animal Crossing New Horizons

The bells you collect in the game can be converted into money bags for various uses in the game; which include sending them as gifts, and planting actual money trees! This guide will help you to understand How to Make Money Bags in Animal Crossing New Horizons and what to use them for.

How to Make Money Bags in Animal Crossing New Horizons

How to make Money Bags
In order to make said money bags, you can simply move your cursor to the money bags icon and select how many bells you want to put in a bag.

Less than 1000 bells will count as a coin, and more than that will essentially be a money bag. You can make one bag per one thousand bells, and only have a total of 99 of them at a given time.

What can I do with Money Bags?
Your money makes money, literally. A money bag can be planted in the ground to grow money on a tree.

Gives the phrase ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ a whole new meaning. To be able to do this you will have to find the glowing spot on your map which varies every in-game day.

Digging up this hole will give you 1,000 bells’ bag, which if you want, you can place right away in the same hole to start growing your very own money tree. Each money tree withholds 3 additional money bags. Plant more for even greater rewards!

You can Gift them!
Although it’s a pretty weird practice to give money as a gift to someone, but you can simply send these bags as a gift to the residents of the island.

Just send them out, and later they will give you a comment regarding your gift, and they might even give you something in return.

You can use money bags to trade with other online players on their islands. Simply give them the money bag for something that you want. It’s a neat system to get certain commodities you don’t feel like farming yourself.

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