How To Increase Inventory Space In Animal Crossing New Horizon

Expand your pocket capacity.

When starting Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will notice that your inventory is quite limited. You can only carry a maximum of 20 items in your pocket storage in ACNH in the beginning. However, as you progress, there are actually ways to double your inventory size, totaling 4 rows of inventory space in ACNH.

Expanding your inventory size in ACNH requires you to work on improving your island and grinding some Nook Miles challenges. These upgrades come in the form of two items that you can purchase using Nook Miles.

And trust me, increasing inventory space is going to be very useful as your pockets will be stuffed with resource materials that you pick up while exploring pretty soon, so it is not feasible to always run back to your storage to drop them off.

Inventory Upgrade #1: Pocket Organization Guide

The first upgrade for your inventory size in Animal Crossing New Horizons is available pretty much from the start, provided you have enough Nook Miles. In your Resident Services tent, you will see an ATM in the corner. This is the Automatic Bell Dispenser. It can be used to purchase a variety of basic items.

The Automatic Bell Dispenser has an item called Pocket Organization Guide, which is being sold for 5,000 Nook Miles. Purchase it, and your inventory will automatically increase by 10 slots, up to a total of 30 free slots.


The Automatic Bell Dispenser appears after you have paid off your first loan of 5000 Nook Miles that Tom Nook lent you. So essentially, to purchase the first inventory space upgrade in ACNH, you will need to spend 10,000 Nook Miles.

Inventory Upgrade #2: Ultimate Pocket Stuffing Guide

The next upgrade for your inventory capacity in ACNH requires a bit of work. You will first need to upgrade the Resident Services tent into a building. This happens once 3 villagers move in and start living on the free plots you are required to create.

After the Resident Services building has been constructed, head inside and access the Automatic Bell Dispenser machine again. Select the Redeem Nook Miles option, and you will see that the shop’s catalog has expanded. Now, you will be able to buy the Ultimate Pocket Stuffing Guide in Animal Crossing New Horizons for 8,000 Nook Miles. Purchasing the Ultimate Pocket Stuffing Guide will bring you to 40 free slots, the maximum inventory capacity in ACNH.

Apart from your personal inventory, your house also provides a storage space in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This storage space can be accessed once you are inside your house to store unwanted furniture and decoration items. This way, you can keep your pockets free and only store useful stuff in them, like tools and fruit that you will be using while exploring.

How to increase storage space in your house in ACNH

Unlike expansions to your inventory size, increasing the storage space in Animal Crossing New Horizons requires you to pay back your loans and get house upgrades. As soon as you shift from a tent to a house, you will unlock the storage space option, and it will have 80 slots available.

Subsequent house upgrades continue to increase the number of slots in your storage. If you want to unlock every storage upgrade for your house in ACNH, be prepared to spend a massive 9 million Bells on these upgrades

  • House – 80 storage spaces
  • Ground Floor – 120 storage slots
  • Back Room – 240 storage slots
  • Left Room – 320 storage slots
  • Right Room – 400 storage slots
  • Second Floor – 800 storage slots
  • Basement – 1600 storage slots
  • Storage Expansion #1 – 2400 storage slots
  • Storage Expansion #1 – 3200 storage slots
  • Storage Expansion #1 – 4000 storage slots
  • Storage Expansion #1 – 5000 storage slots
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