How “Request Cleanup” Function Works In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Use the Request Cleanup function in the ACNH Island Designer App.

The Request Cleanup is one of the Functions on your Island Designer app in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can find the app on your NookPhone. The main purpose of this function is to clean up your Island and prepare it for further terraforming.

To close down the app after selecting it, you can go with the last option, Nah. There is another option to do the cleanup as well, and we will explore it after the Request Cleanup function in ACNH.

How to Request Cleanup in ACNH?

Just take out your NookPhone and select the Island Designer App. After selecting the app, the second terraforming option that you will get in it is Request Cleanup. Click on it and select the first option that says, “Yes, clean things up!

This will move the item nearest you to the Recycle box in the Resident Services. You can go there and claim items from the box. To clean up your Island using this function, all you need to do is stand near the item you want to move and use this “Request Cleanup” function in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

If you don’t want to use this Island Cleanup method, then you can use another one. For this method to work, you need to purchase two pipes from the Nook Shopping.

These two pipes will serve as a quick transportation method between two sections of your Island. Enter your home and place one pipe there. You must place the second pipe in the section from where you want to clean up items.

Once done, empty your pockets and start picking up the items you want to move to the home storage. Once your pocket is full, move to the pipe and press “A” to hop in and enter the home. There, select the Put in Storage option for all the items you collect and repeat the process until you get a Clean Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

What does Cleanup do?

As you must have guessed already, the Request Cleanup feature in Animal Crossing New Horizons is meant to speed up the cleaning process of your Island so you can quickly move structures around, terraform the land to change the layout, etc, without having to manually remove everything.

This is extremely useful once you get access to the Island Designer app and can start terraforming your island to change its layout. With the Cleanup function of ACNH, you can quickly remove all paths and buildings that you are not satisfied with and then start new construction in the area.

Once the Cleanup feature removes everything around you, it sends them to your recycling box. From there, you can can sell the items to the Nook’s Cranny Shop as well if you don’t want to use them. This will earn you some bells that you can use for moving around building and redesigning your Island.

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