Best Armor Sets To Get Early In God Of War Ragnarok

To survive challenging encounters in the God of War Ragnarok, the most important thing you can have is a well-balanced armor set. You will find a lot of armor sets for Kratos and Atreus throughout the game at different intervals. However, having a good armor set early on in God of War Ragnarok can make a big difference.

In this guide, we will go over some of the best armor options for you to look at and get your hands on in the early hours of God of War Ragnarok to survive whatever the game throws at you.

How to find the Nidavellir armor set

It is one of the best armor sets in God of War Ragnarok that you can get early on. In addition, this armor has some fantastic buffs like healing, which help restore a portion of your health while attacking enemies.

All you have to do is deal stun damage to the enemies to get back the part of your health. Now to get this Armor set, you have to accept the In Service of Asgard favor.

In this favor, you must destroy some rigs to get a particular resource called Nidavellir Ore. Destroy all the rigs and take the Ores back to the Huldra Brothers to get this armor set crafted.

How to find Lunda’s armor set

This is the second-best armor set you can get early on in the GoW Ragnarok. It has some fantastic abilities like poison which deal additional damage to the enemies.

You can deal poison damage to enemies after hitting because of Lunda’s Lost Cuirass. In addition, the Lunda Armor set can help you to deal even more damage to the enemies once they are poisoned.

However, getting it is a bit lengthy process. First, you must travel to the Vaneheim and finish the Nidhogg boss fight. After that, the armor crafting process will start, where you must find the missing pieces of Lunda’s armor.

Lunda’s Broken Belt

The first piece in Lunda Broken Belt is inside a chest in the Noatun’s Garden. Open the chamber door with your Chisel to get to the chest with this armor piece.

Lunda’s Broken Bracers

To find this, you have to get to the Cliffside Ruins. You will find a chest in the Ruins with this armor piece inside. To get to the chest, use the extended rocks on the wall to reach the top of the Ruins.

Lunda’s Broken Cuirass

To get this, head to the Veiled Passage in Vanaheim. There you will find it inside the chest. You have to get to the end of the cave to find the chest. Take all three pieces back to the Lunda at River Delta. There you can craft this armor set without any problem.

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