How To Defeat Svipdagr And Sisters Of Illska In God Of War Ragnarok

.In this guide, we’ll go over the location of Svipdagr the cold and Sisters of Illska and explain how to defeat them in God of War Ragnarok

In God of War Ragnarok, a total of 12 Berserkers stand between you and the Fit for a King favor. Among these are the mid-level Berserker Svipdagr the Cold and Sisters of Illska. You get to fight them after gaining the Hilt of Skofnung; these are the toughest bosses you will encounter in the game.

This guide will give you the locations of these Berserkers and how to defeat them. We will first cover how to take out Svipdagr the Cold first and then his sisters in God of War Ragnarok.

Where to Find Berserker Svipdagr and Sisters of Illska?

Svipdagr the cold location god of war

In God of War, Ragnarök, Berserker Svipdagr, and Sisters of Illska are found at the Alfheim Berserker Gravestone. This gravestone is located on the southeastern side of the Barrens.

Defeating Svipdagr the Cold

Svipdagr the cold god of war

Svipdagr the cold has three attack moves, one of which is unblockable, and the other can be blocked in God of War Ragnarok. Her signature unblockable move is at the start of the fight, where she charges you with a long jump; you must simply jump away to avoid the damage.

The other attack is predicted by a yellow circle, Svipdagr simply turns and and tries to slash you with her axes, you can block this one.

The melee attack combines regular blockable yellow attacks ending with a red attack, you need to dodge these to avoid draining health. Once Svipdagr’s health is drained, execute her to focus on the Sisters.

Defeating the Sisters of Illska

Start the game with using Spartan Rage to drain the sisters’ health. After giving them significant damage, keep your eyes on their two common attacks. One of which includes a large projectile that can be predicted by a red attack, you need to dodge this unblockable attack.

The second attack uses shooting projectiles, this can be seen forehand by a yellow marker. You can use your shield or dodge this attack.

Once the Sisters’ health is drained, execute one of the two sisters to end them both.

Tips for Defeating Svipdagr and Sister of Illska

While fighting them the three berserkers, you need to be prepared for a series of attacks some of which are followed by code sayings. We have listed down a few dialogues and the attacks you should expect and how to counter them.

Svipdagr yells, “I say enough”Slow staggering backhanded spin followed by quick spin attacksThis is a tricky attack as the first landing is unblockable while the other hits can be blocked. So, you need to dodge the first strike and block the other.
Hromundr “Isa”Frost moveDon’t stand still and keep moving around to avoid the damage
Vottr “Eldr”Fire attackDodge the incoming attack by moving around
Sisters’ shout, “Daudahogg”Two quick projectilesPivot to deflect the attacks into Svipdagr or simply block them
Sisters “Slod”Low energy tremorPivot using the block button just when you hear the scream
One of the sisters’ floats in the air and says, “Pyrping”Cluster of projectilesDodge roll to avoid the attack right after it starts
One of the sisters’ yells, “Veggur”Summons a large orb of ice/frostWhen you hear the word, use your Draupnir Spear to explode the orb immediately before it gains speed
Either of them says, “Vengi”Shower of ice shards or fire ballsKeep moving to dodge the attack, as it cannot be blocked
Vottr says, “Your judgement’s here”, or Hromundr says, “Bleed for me”Unblockable sky diveRoll away quickly when you see a green aura on the ground and immediately counter attack with strikes
Either of the sisters’ shout “Blaster”Explosive hits with staggering attacksStep back quickly and prepare counter strikes

Reward for Defeating Svipdagr and Sister of Illska

Svipdagr the cold god of war ragnarok

Now coming to the pleasant part, you’ll get the following rewards for defeating Svipdagr the Cold and his sisters in God of War Ragnarok.

  • Berserker Cuirass
  • Frozen Flame x1
  • Asgard’s Security x1
  • Tempered Remnants x5
  • Shattered Runes x75
  • Bonded Leathers x180
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