How To Defeat Berserker Svipdagr And Sisters Of Illska In God Of War Ragnarok

In God of War Ragnarok, a total of 12 Berserkers stand between you and the Fit for a King favor. Among these are the Berserker Svipdagr and Sisters of Illska. In this guide, we’ll go over the location of Berserker Svipdagr and Sisters of Illska and explain how to defeat them in God of War Ragnarok.

Where to find Berserker Svipdagr and Sisters of Illska

In God of War Ragnarök, Berserker Svipdagr, and Sisters of Illska are found at the Alfheim Berserker Gravestone. This gravestone is located on the southeastern side of the Barrens.

The pinpoint location of the gravestone is marked on the map below so you won’t have any trouble figuring out the location.

How to defeat Berserker Svipdagr and Sisters of Illska in God of War Ragnarok

At the Alfheim Gravestone in Ragnarok, you’ll technically be up against three berserkers: two Sisters of Illska and the Berserker Svipdagr. It is therefore a tough fight which makes it all the interesting.

No doubt that the odds are against you but if you have planned things ahead of time, you can nail this fight. We’ll help you in this endeavor and lay out the best strategy to cope with these berserkers.

The strategy is straightforward, with no rocket science involved. The idea is to target a single enemy, take it down first and then move to the second one.

Your best bet is to go after the Sisters of Illska. Although there are two of them they share a single health bar. So, pick up one and wreak havoc on it until all their HP is drained.

The Sisters of Illska are nothing special, and they are weak, so eliminating them will be a piece of cake. As the HP bar depletes both the Sisters will fall, leaving you with the Svipdagr.

Now with the distraction of the Sisters of Illska away, you can unleash your carnage on Berserker Svipdagr. However, be vary that Svipdagr is nothing like the Sisters of Illska and it will take some doing to bring him down.

Berserker Svipdagr, generally known as Svipdagr the Cold has a few elemental attacks up its sleeves that can devastate its opponents.

Therefore, look out for his elemental attacks and nail perfect evades to better your chances of victory.

In particular, you need to look out for his Ground Slam, in which Svipdagr leaps back, then pounces forward and slams the ground to deal damage.

When you see Svipdagr leap back, brace yourself; this attack is on its way. That’s all as far as the defense is concerned.

Now to finish things off, you’ll want to escalate the aggression. In order to get the better of Svipdagr it is recommended to rely on Runic Attacks and Spartan Rage.

Keep the aggression going until Svipdagr falls. It’s as simple as that! Now coming to the pleasant part, you’ll get the following rewards for defeating berserker Svipdagr of Alfheim Gravestone in God of War Ragnarok.

  • Berserker Cuirass
  • Frozen Flame x1
  • Asgard’s Security x1
  • Tempered Remnants x5
  • Shattered Runes x75
  • Bonded Leathers x180

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