How To Defeat Berserker Skjothendi In God Of War: Ragnarok

Skjothendi, the Unerring, is one of the 12 Berserker bosses that you vanquish as part of the Fit for a King favor...

Skjothendi, the Unerring, is one of the 12 Berserker bosses that you vanquish as part of the Fit for a King favor in God of War: Ragnarok.

Skjothendi is a powerful enemy to face. He can drain your health within seconds. In addition, his teleportation ability makes it frustrating for you to land attacks.

It is crucial to understand the tactics employed by Skjothendi during the fight. As you will face many Berserkers during your journey, knowing about them will increase your chances of survival and victory in the battles.

This guide will provide you with all the information to understand the attacks and abilities of Skjothendi in God of War: Ragnarok.

Skjothendi’s location

Skjothendi can be encountered in the Mist Fields of Niflheim. Once you reach the Mystic Gateway, move toward the west side to arrive at his Gravestone.

When you are ready, interact with the Gravestone to spawn Skjothendi.

Skjothendi’s attacks and moves

Aerial Bifrost Attack
Skjothendi quickly moves backward and rises to launch a Bifrost attack toward you. The attack consists of 4 projectiles of Bifrost and inflicts damage, and covers you in Bifrost if you are not using the shield.

You will know the attack is coming once you see Skjothendi rising in the air and quickly taking a 360 turn.

Use your shield to protect yourself.

Aerial AOE Bifrost Attack
Skjothendi holds in the air and charges himself with the yellow Bifrost. He takes a millisecond to set the attack and then claps his hand together. This will cause AOE damage and inflict Bifrost on you, and this attack is one of the strongest of Skjothendi.

The only way to stop this attack is to have Freya shoot his arrows while he charges his attack, and if she lands perfect hits, the attack will be off.

Sideways Bifrost Attack
Skjothendi turns around, moves toward your right side, and launches a Bifrost attack. He then moves to the left to throw the same attack a second time.

You can see the attack coming by noticing his sideway movements. The attack is based on a single Bifrost projectile every time and a total of 2 toward yourself.

Use your shield to protect yourself.

Ground Bifrost Attack
Skojothendi launches a projectile on the floor that travels toward you, and it deals substantial damage and puts Bifrost on you.

If you notice him standing straight and facing you, be ready for that incoming attack.

Use your shield to protect yourself.

Aerial AOE Attack
Skjothendi launches himself high up in the air and then disappear for a split second. He will launch an AOE attack inflicting damage within a specific radius.

Right after the landing, Skjothendi moves to land melee attacks on you. Once he disappears from your sight, take precautions, such as using the shield for the highly damaging AOE attack.

Teleportation Melee Attack
Skjothendi teleports very frequently toward your area to land punches on you. His quick punches can take away a vast amount of your health.

You can see the attack coming once he teleports right in front of you, crosses his arms to put Bifrost, and punches you.

You should always keep your shield up to get protection from these melee attacks.

How to beat Skjothendi

Skjothendi uses all of these Bifrost attacks from a specific range. You need to ensure that you always keep your shield up whenever you are not attacking. Most attacks are blockable; if you cannot block attacks, then try to slide away.

His Aerial AOE attack can only be dodged, so once Skjothendi leaves your sight, move away from your position and reach a safer distance. Also, getting away from his ground Bifrost attacks is more beneficial than using a shield against them.

Most of his combos include ranged attacks, and you need to shield some and dodge something within milliseconds. Never stay in one place and stay on the move.

Skjothendi is vulnerable once Freya lands her arrows on him, and then you can move in to land the melee attacks combos. Try to make the most out of it and land as many hits as possible before moving away.

It is suggested to use Dragon’s Fury attack to inflict maximum damage. But don’t be greedy if you land a perfect combo. Just get out and wait for your chance again. Staying in the fight for long is dangerous, as Skjothendi can take you down in a few hits.

So the best Tactic against him is hit-and-run. Be on your toes so your enemy will be on their knees.

Skjothendi rewards and loot

  • 1900x Kratos XP
  • 375x Freya XP
  • Berserker Gauntlet (Wrist Armor)
  • 3 Tempered Remnants (Crafting Component)
  • 40 Bonded Leathers (Crafting Component)
  • 40 Shattered Runes (Unique Resource)
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