God Of War Ragnarok Muspelheim Seeds Locations And Trials Guide

Muspelheim Trials make a return in God of War Ragnarok and this time there are even more of them to complete. These Muspelheim Crucible challenges in GoW Ragnarok completing all of them will unlock the Trials by Fire trophy. This guide will help you complete all 15 Muspelheim Crucible trials in God of War Ragnarok while also completing The Crucible and The Final Challenges favors.

God of War Ragnarok Muspelheim seed locatins

First, you need to find both of the Muspelheim Seeds. Luckily they are both in Svartalfheim so you don’t need to search a lot. The first piece of seed can be found in a legendary chest in Modvitnir’s Rig.

The second Muspelheim seed requires the use of Draupnir Spear so make sure you have completed at least Forging Destiny main mission of the game. With the spear in hand, you need to make your way to Alberich Hollow.

Head to Dragon Beach and look for the gold chain that you can climb up to reach a pillar with steam coming out of it. Throw your Draupnir Spear at it to create a bar that you can use to swing and climb. This will lead you to Alberich Hollow where you need to find the legendary chest.

Once you have them, travel to Muspelheim Crucible via the mystic gateway to take part in the Trials in God of War Ragnarok.

Muspelheim Crucible Trials

Trial 1: Weapon Mastery

This challenge requires defeating 16 enemies within 180 seconds time limit. Weapons required to complete this trial include Leviathan Axe having frost abilities and Chaos Blade having fire abilities.

Use the Leviathan Axe against the enemies having fire shields. Use Chaos Blades to tackle the enemies having the frost abilities. At last, a Nokken will spawn that will heal the remaining enemies so you’ll have to kill that before dealing with the last few enemies.

Trial 2: Flawless

In this challenge, you have to kill 15 enemies without getting damaged or hit. In this challenge, enemies will have ranged attacks and the majority of the enemies will explode to their death.

Since you can’t take any damage, it is best to tackle this challenge using weapons with long range. Both the Draupnir Spear and Leviathan Axe can be thrown unlike the Chaos Blades so make sure you use those. Eventually you will face a charging enemy; make sure you dodge or block all its attacks.

Trial 3: Ring Out Challenge

In this challenge, enemies will be able to instantly regenerate their health. To complete the challenge, you need to defeat 21 of them. Ranged weapons such as Darupnir Spear and Leviathan Axe will prove beneficial in this challenge.

The best way to kill the enemies in this particular trial is by taking the advantage of the environment. It contains a lot of lava spots. Use your ranged weapons to force the enemies into the lava. You can also hit their legs or feet to knock them down.

Trial 4: Feed the Rift

This challenge requires collecting the orbs after killing them and then throwing them into the rift in the middle.

There are a total of 2 waves. The first wave is of 60 seconds and 6 points are required in this round. The second wave is of 150 seconds and 15 points are required to pass this one.

The worth of the orbs depends upon the enemy. Larger ones give orbs worth 2 points while the regular ones are worth only 1 point.

Trial 5: Population Control

As the name suggests, you need to complete this challenge and kill the miniboss while making sure the number of additional enemies never goes above 4.

Killing the first 4 enemies will cause the miniboss to spawn which is quite easy to defeat.

Trial 6: King of the Hill

This challenge has 3 waves in total. You have to keep the enemies out of the rings. Draupnir Spear will help you a lot as its long-range abilities can take out enemies in multiple rings.

In the first wave, there will only be one ring to defend for about 35 seconds. The second wave lasts about 60 seconds but now you have to defend 2 rings consecutively. The third and final wave is the longest one having a duration of about 90 seconds. You have to defend 3 rings simultaneously for this long period to pass the trial.

Focus on killing the enemies inside the rings first as you have to keep them away from the rings. You can also take advantage of the AoE Runic ability if you are surrounded by multiple enemies within your ring.

After completing these 6 trials, you will finally complete The Crucible Favour. Return to center stage to open the locked Nornir Chest. However, you are far from done as new Muspelheim Trials will now pop up.

Northern Sword will have the Rampage Challenge. The middle sword has the Health Steal Challenge. Central Sword will have Endurance Challenge.

Trial 7: Rampage

In this challenge, you have to kill at least 20 enemies in a time duration of about 150 seconds. Nothing fancy here, just simply kill enemies as quickly as possible. Troll and Bergsra will also spawn. You must ignore them and focus on the weaker enemies as you have to achieve the killing target within the given time frame.

Trial 8: Health Steal

In this challenge, your health will continuously drop because of the constant damage being taken. On the other hand, it also heals up on attacking. You need to kill 22 enemies to pass this trial. Try to kill them as quickly as possible as it will keep your health up. Some Nokkens will also spawn at the end. Make sure to kill them to avoid enemy healing.

Trial 9: Endurance Challenge

In this challenge, you have to kill 99 enemies without dying. Most of them will be regular enemies but there will be some occasional powerful enemies. The main focus of this challenge is to survive and maintain your health. So you might need to use the abilities such as Nidavellir’s Finest etc. This challenge is comparatively much longer but if you play wisely this should be manageable.

Now head towards the Southern Sword which will have Kill Fuse Challenge.

Trial 10: Kill Fuse

The requirement for this challenge is to kill a total of 22 enemies in a limited time. The timer will start at 30 seconds. Each kill increments the timer between 5 to 10 points depending on the enemy. Prefer the ranged enemies in this trial. Small wretches and closer enemies can be killed to gain some instant extra time.

Trial 11: Boss Rush Challenge

In this challenge, you have to kill 5 elite enemies 1 at a time. These five elites include Einherjar Brute, Elf Warrior, Fierce Stalker, Dark Elf Warrior, and a Traveller.  Nothing fancy here just fight as you did in some early messages.

Trial 12: Shield Breaker Challenge

In this challenge, you have to kill regular enemies before you can attack any elite enemy. First Einherjar Champion will appear followed by a Stalker after you defeat them. Nothing special, just use the tactics learned earlier while fighting with two elite enemies. Regular enemies only spawn in groups of 3-4 so you need to deal with them as quickly as possible.

Trial 13: Phantom Challenge

In this challenge you will be a Flame Phantom, this is where the challenge got its name. Using range attacks, you need to kill the enemy from a distant place. Upon staggering the 3 purple pillars will get vulnerable and you have to destroy them. Regular enemies will continue to spawn to divert the attack and attention. You just need to focus on the three pillars.

After the destruction of the pillars, finish the enemies as well as the phantom when it spawns back. Avoid getting down with the phantom in any cave.

Trial 14: Ring of Fire

This challenge includes killing 15 enemies while remaining inside the circle. The circle is kind of a safe zone. If you step into lava outside of the circle you are going to take constant damage. The circle will move around the arena after successful events as per the plans. So you need ranged weapons to deal with the protesters.

Trial 15: Onslaught Challenge

This challenge contains endless enemies. You need to survive against them for 300 seconds. Like the Ring of Fire, there will also be a ring. Try to stay inside the ring and use ranged attacks. If health crystals start to drop then it’s worth running out to grab them because the healing rate will be much more than that of the damage rate. Health-restoring abilities and gear can also prove beneficial.

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