Fire Emblem Engage Alear: Best Class And Emblems Guide

Alear is the Protagonist of Fire Emblem Engage and the center of all the emblems. Alear is from Lythos, the child of the Divine Dragon Lumera, and your starting character in the Fire Emblem Engage. In FE Engage, Alear is on a mission to beat “Fell Dragon” by finding 12 Emblem Rings.

As you start Fire Emblem, you are given the liberty of selecting the gender for Alear and customizing your main character as you see fit. This guide will provide information on how to build the main protagonist of FE Engage with the best class and emblems for Alear.

Best class

Alear’s starting class would be Dragon Child, one of the best classes in FE Engage. Other than that, the recommended class for Alear is the Divine Dragon class, which you can unlock and change using a Second Seal. The Divine dragon class allows you to use Swords and Martial arts and shorten the engage meter of the unit by one step in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best skills for Alear

Alear can be an excellent supporting character and a significant powerhouse, depending on what skills you got in them. Skills like “Unyielding++ and Hold Out+++” are great to keep Alear alive and kicking. These are the best skills you can have on Alear.

  • Unyielding++: Restores 40% hp if your Hp is lower than 40% at the start of the turn. It is an inheritable skill from Marth at bond level 18.
  • Perceptive+: If your unit does the first turn with this skill, you get 30+Avo during combat. It is an inheritable skill from Marth at bond level 16.
  • Sword Power 5: Gives you 10+ attacks and reduces Avo by 10 when using a sword. Unlocked from Emblem Roy at bond level 16.
  • Holdout+++: If the unit with this has two or more Hp at the start of the combat, you will always survive with 1 Hp. Unlocked from Emblem Roy at bond level 18.

Personal skill

As the game’s Protagonist, you get to play a commander-type role. Your skill would be Divinely Inspiring. This skill allows you to reduce the damage taken by close allies by one and increase the damage they deal to opponents by 3.

Best emblems

The best Emblem choices for Alear are Marth, Lief, and Roy

Marth is available at the start of the game to use his emblem. His Emblem skill, Divine Speed, allows him to perform an extra attack for 50% damage in combat. 

For Lief, he becomes available after Chapter 8: The Kingdom of Might after receiving his Emblem ring from Ivy. His emblem is Quadruple Hit, which attacks a target with a sword, lance, axe, and bow.

Roy becomes available after Chapter 8: The Kingdom of Might after receiving his emblem ring from Diamant. His Emblem is Rise Above, which increases your level by 5.

Alear base stats and growth rates

Alear stats will also increase as you progress further in the Fire Emblem Engage. Below are the starting stats of Alear in FE Engage.


Each stat for Alear will grow at different rates as you get more and more experience by doing battles that will improve your stats.


How to bond with allies as Alear

Conversing with your allies and knowing more about them is good for increasing bonding levels. As Alear is the game’s main protagonist, you are always creating friendships or having unique relationships with other emblems and companions. The highest level you can achieve by bonding is 20.

That said, as you increase your bond level with a particular emblem, there are specific skills that you unlock as well that you can inherit later on in the game at the cost of Skill Points at the Ring Chamber. Inheriting skills can be used without equipping the characters with their emblem rings.

At the Ring Chamber on Somniel, you can also Augment the emblem’s engage weapon giving them a stats boost at the cost of some materials.

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