Fire Emblem Engage Somniel Guide

Every Fire Emblem game has a hub area where players can unwind after battles and take part in various side activities or build relationships with other characters. In Fire Emblem Engage, that home base area is Somniel, a floating island.

If you are curious about all the activities you can partake in Fire Emblem Engage while on Somniel, allow us to go over this hub area’s facilities and features for you to check out after returning from a battle.

Activities to do at Somniel in Fire Emblem Engage

At the start of the game, there is not much to do in this rest area (Somniel), but as the game progresses, new activities and facilities are unlocked. Players can return to this hub after every battle, but it is completely optional. However, visiting the hub will allow them to collect the achievements and perks for winning the battles.

The protagonist, Alear, can visit various shops selling weapons, armor, food, and more to gear up for battle and interact and converse with allies.

This guide discusses all the locations and activities that a player can take part in while in Somniel.

Café Terrace

Café Terrace serves as the dining area where the protagonist can sit and eat with the allies. It also serves as the hallway for the “Room, Ring Chamber, and Arena entrances.”

After completing Chapter 6, you can order food cooked by some random character selected as a chef. You can only order one meal in a visit. Ordering food and sharing it with allies aids in increasing mutual support. 

In addition, the leftover meal can be packed and carried in inventory (only 1 meal) that players can eat during battles to gain instant health. Resting in your room for a while will result in changing the chef. 

Besides the meal, Café Terrace has a Bulletin Board and a Music Box. As the game progresses, new music will get unlocked that can be changed using the Music box while your stay at the Somniel. On the other hand, the Bulletin Board can be used for donations and viewing achievements in FE Engage.

My Room

You can find My Room on the second floor of the “Cafe Terrace,” which has a bed and a Memento Drawer. The Memento Drawer is used when you earn Pact Ring for an S-support after completing chapter 22. 

Furthermore, the Bed can be used for rest purposes. While resting, you can be awoken by your allies. You can also advance the time, watch the previous cut scenes with different players or change the difficulty level here.

Ring Chamber

The Ring Chamber becomes available after completing the 4th Chapter in Fire Emblem Engage. It allows you to create new rings and polish existing ones. Polishing old Emblem rings is an easy way to increase Emblem bond levels although you can only do it once between fights.

Additionally, when the bond reaches level 5, you can inherit Emblem skills using Skill Points.

Creating new Bond Rings can be done using Bond Fragments. Additionally, you can meld multiple similar rings together to create a stronger one.


It is an area where you can have friendly battles to improve your bonds and skills. It can be accessed using one of the doors at “Café Terrace.” Here you can have two types of training. 

In Standard training, the fight will be between a character of your choice and a random one. You can only have three such battles for each of your Somniel visits in Fire Emblem Engage.

On the other hand, in Emblem training, your character will fight with a randomly selected Emblem. You can have unlimited battles, but they are at the cost of Bond fragments, with each level costing 100 Fragments.


The Plaza is a shopping center that contains four different shops. The Armor and Items shops become accessible after completing the 4th Chapter. The Armor shop offers weapons, while the Items shop is for buying and selling items and staves.

The Boutique and Smithy shops become available after completing the 5th Chapter. The Boutique offers new clothing for you and your allies during your stay in Somniel, and the Smithy shop is for improving and upgrading weapons.

Visit Sommie in the Grotto

Sommie is a new companion that becomes available in Somniel after completing the 4th Chapter. You have the option to give it a custom name. This pet will help you in mini-games and provide Bond Fragments in FE Engage.

However, the bond with Sommie deteriorates over time, so it’s important to pet it regularly while exploring. Sommie will assist you in strength training, fishing, and Wyvern rides, so feed it regularly and use rarer ingredients to improve the bond. Don’t forget to take care of Sommie’s appearance as well.

Training Yard

The Training Yard, accessible after you finish the 4th Chapter, provides exercises for your characters, like push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. As you move forward in FE Engage, the exercises become more challenging.

The pet Sommie can motivate you during the training and help you out by covering for 6 incorrect moves and supporting you when shooting targets.

Tower of Trials

In Tower of Trials, there are three types of trials available. Once you reach the 6th Chapter, you can participate in Relay trials, where you team up with other players online, and Outrealm trials, which allow for custom maps.

These trials are just like battles with unique rewards and achievements, treated like battles. Playing a trial will also reset the Somniel just like the normal battles in Fire Emblem Engage.

The third one is the Tempest trials that are unlocked after completing the 11th Chapter. Unlike the other two trials, you can play it online without a membership.

Catch fish at the Pond

After finishing the 8th Chapter, you gain access to a fishing area called “The Pond,” where you can participate in fishing mini-games. Catching different types of fish can yield rare ingredients for meals. Additionally, you can fish three times during each visit to the location known as Somniel.


The Orchard is a location where you can find various plants. These plants can be harvested during your visits to Somniel between battles. They can be used for cooking and feeding Sommie in Fire Emblem Engage.

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