Understanding Engage Mechanic In Fire Emblem Engage

Among the various new additions to gameplay in Fire Emblem Engage, the Engage mechanic is one of the most important ones as it brings a lot of other systems together and can turn the tide of the battle. If you are struggling to figure out the engage mechanic and how to use it, let us help you out.

How does the Engage mechanic work in Fire Emblem Engage

Engage mechanic in Fire Emblem Engage allows you to use different “Engage Attacks and Skills” of heroes by using Emblem Rings and fusing them with your characters. But before using this mechanic in FE Engage, you have to ensure that the emblem hero fights from your side, which you can do by equipping an Emblem Ring to a unit.

Once done, the Engage Meter will start to fill, and you can use this mechanic. This guide will give information on how to fill up your engage meter and what engage skills and attacks you can use while in the fusion state.

How to use Engage abilities

By equipping your character with an Emblem Ring, you will have an “Engage Meter” around your character. The engage meter gradually fills up through various actions in combat as well as while standing on an Engage meter tile.

Once the engage meter is filled up, interact with your Emblem and select engage and press A to fuse with the Emblem. By fusing, you will unlock unique skills, weapons, and attacks that will only last 3 turns. 

You can also use a synchro skill with the character you have paired by equipping the emblem ring. This doesn’t require you to be in an Engaged state to use the skill.

List of Engage skills and attacks

Each Emblem rings offers different engage skills, different and unique power-up attacks, and special abilities that can change the outcome of a battle.

Below we have compiled all the engage skills and attacks of each Emblem in FE Engage that you can have access to if you Engage with that specific Emblem.

Engage Skills

CharacterEngage SkillDescription
MarthDivine SpeedDeal an extra attack during the battle at 50% damage. Recover HP to damage dealt.
CelicaEchoDeal damage twice at 50% damage.
SigurdGallopIncreases movement by 5. It is further increased by 2 if used by a cavalry unit
LeifAdaptableThis skill counters enemy attacks with a superior weapon
RoyRise AboveIncreases level by 5
LynCall DoublesSummon a clone dealing 4 chain attacks
EirikaSacred TwinsActivates Erika’s and Ephram’s syncing skills simultaneously.
IkeImmovableReduces Avo to 0, and the damage you take is halved. Reduces damage further by 10% when used by a dragon character.
MicaiahAugmentStaff range is increased by 5, and AOE is increased by 1.
LucinaBond ShieldThe chance to nullify the first attack dealt by enemies is increased by 80 percent. If used by Qi Adept units, the chance is increased to 100%
CorrinDreadful AuraAfter dealing damage, stops enemy movements for 1 turn. Can work on adjacent enemy units
BylethInstructBuffs all characters in 2 space radius for 1 turn, depending on their combat style.

Engage Attacks

CharacterEngage AttackDetails
MarthLodestar RushDeal 30% damage 7 times. Additional two more strikes used by a dragon unit
CelicaWarp RagnarokTeleport near an enemy before unloading an AoE magic attack within 10 Spaces. Teleport is increased by 5 when used by a flying unit.
SigurdOverrideWhile moving in a straight line deals damage
LeifTetra TrickUnloads a combo attack with a sword, lance, axe, and bow with a high chance of breaking the enemy. If used by Qi adept unit, the chance is increased to 100%
RoyBlazing LionWith swords only, it attacks an enemy within 3 spaces and sets 2 rows on fire.
LynAstra StormIt deals 30% damage with 5 attacks while increasing the range by 10. The range is further increased by 10 if used by a covert unit
EirikaTwin StrikeDeals damage with sword and lance to a nearby enemy unit. It deals extra damage to corrupt and is further increased by 150% if used by a Cavalry unit.
IkeConquering AetherBoosts defense and then unleashes an AoE attack on the next turn while also recovering HP.
MiciahGreat SacrificeRestores the Hp of all the allies while reducing self hp of the character to 1
LucinaAll for OneDoes chain attacks of all the allies present within 2 space radius regardless of the class
CorrinTorrential RoarAttacks 3 spaces ahead and adds a water effect to the field, decreasing Avo.
BylethGoddess DanceBuffs basic stats of all the nearby units and allows them to do 1 additional turn.

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