Fallout 76 Caps Farming Guide

Our Fallout 76 Caps Farming Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about earning easy money in FO76 Wasteland with farming tips

This Fallout 76 Caps Farming Guide covers every way you can earn money in the game. We have also outlined some tips and tricks to help you save a lot of Caps.

Fallout 76 Caps Farming

The way you spend in FO76 is changed but it still uses Caps as the primary in-game currency. Due to a lack of interaction with NPCs, it has become rather hard to earn cash.

Fallout 76 Caps
While roaming through the Wasteland, you will need Caps to buy from vending machines, fast travel, and to buy blueprints.

1. Bounty Hunting

This method is when you want to earn money but might as well have fun while doing so. Killing players will put a bounty on your head. The more players you kill, the higher the bounty is on your head.

The game also marks high bounty targets on your map with a red dot.

Fallout 76 PVP
Killing these players will give you a lot of Caps which, in turn, also make you a high bounty target. If your PVP skills are top-notch then you can make a lot of Caps using this method.

2. Completing Quests

Main Quests keep you on a steady supply of Caps. As for Side Quests, they might not be as lucrative as the main storyline. Upon the completion of any quest, you will receive some Caps as rewards.

Fallout 76 Quests
You get a lot of supplies as well which cost a lot in the market. These items include Food, Ammunition, and at times chems. You can also loot a lot of sellable junk and sell it in the market.

3. Completing Events

Completing Solo Events gives you a decent amount of money in a very short amount of time. You can see these events around you on the map. It is recommended not to waste Caps on fast travel to go to event locations.

Fallout 76 Events
As this will make it less lucrative but instead keep an eye on events around you. While loot of these events is completely random, hard events have a chance to give you Purified Water and a Decent Armor.

You will also receive a hefty number of Caps for completing it; remember these events take a lot of time so only start if you can finish it in time.

4. Cap Stashes

There are a lot of Cap Stashes hidden in the game which makes exploring random things a bit worthy if you find one of these.

Cap Stashes can be found anywhere and usually are locked in places where your eye will not suspect. A totally random tent out in the wilds? Checking it may benefit greatly!

Fallout 76 Stash Box Locations
When wandering you will also find a lot of other much-needed stuff like Nuka Cola, chems, and other important resources.

5. Killing and Looting

Killing and looting the enemies will always give you some junk and few Caps but if you go to West Virginia you will find super mutant. Killing a few super mutants and clearing their camps will give you around 20-30 Caps along with some supplies.

Fallout 76 Killing
You will find only super mutants with caps on them in person because there are no other NPCs in the game.

6. Caps Earning Exploit

There is currently an exploit in the game that lets you farm insane amount of Caps. It has the potential to earn you 2000+ Caps in an hour with little to no effort.

The output of the Caps generation will increase significantly with higher level of Charisma. If you have a hard Bargain Card, you can potentially earn close to 3000+ in an hour using this method.

Go to Point Pleasant on the extreme west side of the map; this town is a home Mothman. Go to the Mothman statue in the town near the Mothman Museum and you will notice you can loot Mothman Eggs on the ground.

Head to the western end towards the river to loot even more Mothman Eggs near a table. Now go to the Main Menu and exit the game. Rejoin a different server and farm all the eggs again.

There is no cooldown time on this but if someone else already farmed it, there will not be any eggs to farm.

Few things to note is that these eggs degrade a lot faster; vendors have a limited amount of Caps on them. If your vendor has run out of Caps, try to change the server to bypass these restrictions.

7. Cap Farming Method

The recommended level for this method is 20. Simply travel to the northern region of Appalachia and visit the Pioneer Scout Camp. You’ll come across few Ghouls there so use your shotgun/ solid melee weapon to take them out and continue forward to interact with Mr. Handy and ask him to join the Pioneer Scouts.

Keep in mind, for this method you must acquire the quest itself however the completion of the quest isn’t necessary.

Once that’s out of the way, visit a hotel “Sunnytop Ski Lanes”. For this you must travel to the east, past the mountains and the railroad station. This hotel is a place where you’ll find a gang of Super Mutants.

To avoid them, enter through the back of the lodge and reach an intercom near a yellow flag. A short quest is triggered once you interact with it. In the quest you need to use the path navigated by the flags to head down the mountain.

It isn’t as simple as it sounds since the path is filled with traps. Traps such as: mines, turrets, and a small Super Mutant party. Therefore, head down the mountain really slow, triggering each trap you find.

Once the coast is clear, head up the mountain to interact with the intercom. Do note that fast traveling will activate the traps again. Therefore, run up the mountain to the intercom. Once you hear a voice telling you to run, run down the hill, through every yellow flag in your way.

Following the right route gives you 50 caps along with other valuable items. Items such as: Stimpacks, Cryo Grenades, and RadAway.

The fun part about this method is that you can repeat it and each time earn 50 caps and other items. Make sure not to fast travel during this method as it will reset the traps and mine. Other than that, this method is proven to be the most helpful method to Farm caps