Fallout 76 Event Quests Guide – Where to Start, How to Complete, Rewards

Our Fallout 76 Event Quests Walkthrough Guide will help you learn all about Public Events in Wasteland to earn Legendary Weapons and Legendary Armor.

Event Quests in Fallout 76 are no different from the Event Quests of any MMORPG. They appear at any given spot of the world map and work as a shared objective for all players in the game.

Fallout 76 Event Quests Walkthrough

Taking part in an Event Quest successfully grants the players the chance at winning a random Legendary Weapon or Legendary Armor.

Public Events can also be done repeatedly, every time they appear on the map, though are not recommended until the player levels a bit first.

1. Back on the Beat
Back on the Beat is located at Morgantown; this event takes players on a patrol with responder robots to unlock responder stash rooms.

2. Collision Course
Collision Course is located at the Morgantown airport. Defeat a horde of Scorchbeasts so a Vertibot can lower a government supply drop safely. Providing loot to any players that take part and stay until the end.

3. Death Blossoms
Death Blossoms is located at random parts of the forest. Defend the five corpse flowers in their blooming process from hordes of wild animals trying to attack them.

4. Feed the People
Feed the People is located at Mama Dolce’s Food Processing. Find and deposit canisters of food into processing machines while defending them from enemies and repairing them when needed.

5. Fertile Soil
Fertile Soil is located at the Flatwoods location. Destroy the rampant robotic farmhands and access the Vault tech research facility to reprogramme them.

6. Leader of the Pack
Leader of the Pack is located at the Tyler County Fairgrounds. Head to each marked location and kill the wolf pack leaders, as well as their cronies.

7. Project Beanstalk
Project Beanstalk is located at the Silva homestead. Simply follow and protect the Pharmabot in an escort mission while does its farm duties.

8. The Path to Enlightenment
The Path to Enlightenment is located at any random area of the Forest. Follow in the footsteps of Brother Moncrief to light the lamp at the Landview lighthouse.

9. Tea Time
Tea Time is located at the giant teapot. Protect the pot’s water pipes from attacking enemies so it can prepare a nice brew.

10. Dogwood Die Off
Dogwood Die Off is located at the Becker farm. This event is simply finding and repairing all the aerosolizers in the vicinity.

11. Grafton Day
Grafton Day is located randomly within the toxic valley area. Put a stop to the rampaging Grafton Monster.

12. Jailbreak
Jailbreak is located at the Eastern regional Penitentiary. Prevent a group of super mutants from releasing a notorious prisoner from escaping the Penitentiary by repairing the turrets.

13. Manhunt
Manhunt is located at the Grafton Dam. Find a way into the dam and take out a famous Super mutant criminal.

14. Protest March
Protest March is located in Grafton. Grafton’s mayor recruits the players’ help in peacekeeping a protest that is broken out.

15. Patrol Duty
Patrol Duty is located at the Eastern Regional Penitentiary. Escort a prison guard on their regular rounds of the prison.

16. Swarm of Suiters
Swarm of Suiters is located at any random place in the Toxic Valley. Stop a horde of Mirelurks in the Grafton Lake before they call their queen.

17. Distinguished Guests
Distinguished Guests is located at a random place in the Savage Divide. Get the robotic staff back into working condition and prepare for the uninvited guests due to arrive for the Halloween Gala.

18. Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation is located at the Palace of the Winding path. Light the Brazier of Transcendence and protect the four speakers of the palace from enemy attacks.

19. One Violent Night
One Violent Night is located at a random place in the Savage Divide. Make noise and play un-jazzy music to expose and kill a Ravenous Nightstalker before it kills any more nearby inhabitants.

20. Uranium Fever
Uranium Fever is located at the Blackwater Mine. Protect the deposits of Uranium from enemy attackers in waves.

21. Battle Bots
Battle Bots is located at Mount Blair. Destroy a powerful security bot and shut down the security system of its nearby bunker.

22. Breach and Clear
Breach and Clear is located randomly in the Ash Heap. Clear the worksite of all hostiles, and then collect your loot

23. Lode Baring
Lode Baring is located at the Abandoned Mine Site Kittery. Enter the mine and kick start the digger bots to continue digging. Protect them from enemies while they do, then collect your reward and leave before the timer runs out.

24. Heart of the Swamp
Heart of the Swamp is located randomly within the Mire. Fight and destroy a Strangler heart as well as its ghoul and mirelurk reinforcements.

25. Irrational Fear
Irrational Fear is located randomly in the Mire. Protect Bekham from waves of enemies and Yao Ghuai while he collects honey from the beehives in the vicinity

26. AWOL Armaments
AWOL Armaments is located randomly in the Bog. Fight off a horde of military robots

27. Cenus Violence
Cenus Violence is located randomly in the Bog. Protect a Cenus while they kill randomly tallied creatures

28. Line in the Sand
Line in the Sand is located at Fort Defiance. Set up defenses to protect your Sonic Generator from a Scorchbeast in the area, looking to tear it apart.

29. Surface to Air
Surface to Air is located randomly in the Bog. Defend an automated AA turret from Scorchbeasts in the area.

30. Always Vigilant
Always Vigilant is located at any Relay Tower. Repair the Eyebot and protect him from waves of enemies while he repairs the tower.

31. Distant Thunder
Distant Thunder is randomly located. Use a recon scope to mark enemies for friendly airstrikes. Then loot the remains

32. It’s a Trap
It is a Trap is located at The Mire, Bog or Ash Heap. Defeat a legendary Scorchbeast and lure the creature into a trap

33. The Messenger
The Messenger is located randomly. Help the lost messenger bot back to its destination by escorting it through the countryside.

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