Fallout 76 Main Quests Walkthrough Guide

Our Fallout 76 main quests walkthrough will help you complete all the main quests in the game. The main quests will take players across the entire map to different locations with objectives to complete.

While the quests can be completed as a Solo player but, for the final few Fallout 76 quests, you need to play with friends. Otherwise, you won’t be able to complete the campaign.

Fallout 76 Main Quests Walkthrough

Fallout 76, like its predecessors, is an RPG but a multiplayer one. Fallout 76 campaign is best experienced while playing with friends but, players can complete the campaign as a lone player too if they want.

In our guide, we will guide you through each and every step and objective of Fallout 76 quests. So that you can complete the game without any problem. Also, I repeat again, the last few Fallout 76 mission can’t be completed as Solo, you need to play with friends to finish the campaign.

Reclamation Day

Reclamation Day is the starting quest in Fallout 76. Grab you Pip-Boy after character creation and the quest will appear on your screen in the upper-right corner. The main goal of this quest is to leave Vault 76 and enter the wasteland.

You have to follow the yellow marker after exiting the door and go upstairs after taking a left. Collect the black-rim glasses from the last table and move towards the vault door. You have to interact with Alderton who will be on your left side and leave the vault. Reach the Wasteland to complete this quest

First Contact

There are multiple objectives in this quest, the first being finding the Overseer’s C.A.M.P followed by listening to Overseer’s log and register as a volunteer.

As you emerge from the Vault, take a good look around and take in the environment. When you are ready to move on, go down the Vault-tec entrance steps and talk to Mr. Handy robot to know the whereabouts of the Overseer.

Then head down and walk towards the south. Now head along the Router 88 and you will come across a covered bridge with Overseer’s C.A.M.P nearby. The C.A.M.P is just above the road junction.

Explore the C.A.M.P as indicated by the game. Here will be a couple of crafting tables that you can use to complete miscellaneous quests. However, you will find Overseer’s log here. Listen to it and you will come to know that the Overseer has gone to Flatwoods.

To get to the Flatwoods, journey along the road towards SouthWest. You will pass Green Country Lodge along the way. As you reach the Flatwoods, enter the church in the town with the Command Post sign outside.

You still won’t find the Overseer but there will be another one of her caches there. Open it and you will find another Overseer’s Holotape. In the log, she emphasizes the importance of working with Responders.

Thirst Things First

The main objective of this Fallout 76 quest is to track down Kesha Mcdermott which will be followed by a number of other objectives including the miscellaneous ones. However, we will only focus on the main objectives for this Fallout 76 quest.

The Search For Kesha Mcdermott
Head along the river towards West and you will find Kesha’s remains. Search the remains and you will find a Holotape and a Water Testing Kit. Now collect some water but, stay on the bank as you will receive radiation damage if you jump into the river.

Now make your way towards the Community Garden to the south and collect water either of the Water pumps near the shed.

It’s Time To Test
Make your way back to Flatwoods Church and go to the makeshift lab. Interact with the diagnostic terminal and choose to “Analyze Water Sample”. You will learn that the water needs to be purified before it can be used.

Since you already have water, you only need wood logs to create Boiled Water. You will find the wood log in the graveyard near the church. Now find a cooking station and boil the Dirty Water.

Once you have the boiled water it is time to check the self-serve Kiosk. Check your Volunteer status and the quest ends here.

Second Helpings

This Fallout 76 main quest will see you finding Delbert Winters in Flatwoods. Like the previous quests, this quest also has multiple objectives that are required to be completed before the quest is complete. This quest also includes optional objectives but, we will only focus on the main objectives required to complete the quest.

Delbert Winters
Your search for Delbert Winters will take you to his trailer to the south of the town. Enter and look around until you find Reverend Delbert. Access Delbert’s terminal to acquire the password. Not that you have the password, you can access all of Delbert’s entries.

Time To Cook
Now you have to cook the Ribeye Steak. Step out of the trailer and search the nearby corpses of the Brahmin or just kill one. Grab the Brahmin meat and find a cooking station and cook yourself as Ribeye steak.

Now go back to Flatwoods and enter the nearby Kiosk and become a full volunteer. Go to the back of the church and access the responder’s Terminal. Read the emergency message and the quest is complete.

Final Departure

The Final Departure quest in Fallout 76 focuses on finding out what happened to the Responders. This Fallout 76 quest will take you to Morgantown Airport. However, this quest doesn’t feature any optional quests.

The Airport
Just walk northeast from the Flatwoods along with Interstate 59 and eventually you will reach the Morgantown airport. Enter the airport and you will find the marked room on the upper floor where you will find another Overseer’s cache. Open it and listen to the Overseer’s log.

The report will mention “Inoculation Project” and you need to conduct a small investigation. Get outside and pass the field-ops tower. Move along the runway camp to the east and the area will be marked Quarantine.

Fight your way to the hangars that will be labeled “Medical”. Use the terminal on the second floor and select the “Inoculation Project Announcement”. This completes your quest.

An Ounce of Prevention

This Fallout 76 quest requires you to create a vaccine and administer it. However, it requires some scavaging and testing. Also, there are no optional objectives for this quest.

Furthermore, this quest will take you to AVR Medical Center and Greg’s Mine Supply to gather the items for the vaccine.

AVR Medical Center
You need to get to the basement of the AVR Medical Center. Head to the right of the building’s north entrance, however, you need to be careful as you will be surrounded by Scorchers. Once you get down, use the AVR Medical Laboratory Terminal and read the “Inoculation Project Overview”.

The Experiment
For the experiment, you will require some items that need to be acquired from Greg’s Mine Supply located South of Morganton Airport. Once you are there, to the house located across the street and get inside the basement and the entrance is at the rear of the house.

Follow the path from there and you will end up inside the Greg’s Mine Supply. You will find the Type-T Fuse inside the yellow wooden crate.

Blood Samples
Return to AVR Medical Center and before you install the fuse, you need to collect some blood samples from a Feral Ghoul, A Wolf, and a Mole Rat. Objective markers will lead you to these creatures.

To collect the blood sample, just kill your target and loot it. In the loot window, look at the bottom right. There will be a button to collect the Blood sample.

Once you have collected three blood samples, return to the AVR Medical Center. Insert the Type-T Fuse in the fuse box and insert the blood samples in the centrifuge. Now use the terminal to analyze the blood samples.

Once the process is done, use the Symptpo-Matic to administer the vaccine. This is the end of the “An Ounce of Prevention” quest.

Into The Fire

This main quest focuses on you joining the “Fire Breathers”. To join them you need to pass a physical test along with completing other objectives. This quest will take you to Charleston Fire Department, Charleston, Charleston Herald, and Belching Betty.

Pass The Exam
Make your way to the Charleston Fire Department which is located SOutheast of the AVR Medical Center. However, in order to enter their ranks, you need to pass the Fire Breather Knowledge Exam.

The test itself is very simple but, if you don’t want to take any change then you can grab the answer key from the main office above. Or you can just read the marked notes scattered about.

When you are ready, it is time to take the test. Use the Fire Breather Training system terminals and select the Knowledge Exam entry. Once the exam is complete, you will leave the department and make your way to the North.

Physical Exam
Now you need to get to the terminal in the Charleston Herald. Keep to the outskirts of the town and you will notice the stairs on the building near your objective.

Climb the stairs and enter the building and go down one floor and move towards the west to the objective. Cross the bridge of scraps to the next building. There drop down another floor and follow the red painted arrow line on the floor. You will get to the next building where the terminal is.

Once the physical exam begins, hit Button A and run to the south side of Charleston Heral and hit Button B. Then run back to hit the Button A. You have to do it within a 3-minute limit and while avoiding the scorched.

Once you hit the Button B you need to head around the outside of the city and reach the stairs that you took to get to inside the building while going to the terminal.

As you reach the stairs just follow the path that you took to the terminal and you will make it out.

The Final Exam
For the final exam, you need to get to Belching Betty. As you get there, pick up your gear and get ready. Now listen to the Final Exam Briefing Holotape in your inventory then suit up and enter the mine.

Once inside the mine, use the terminal to the right of the locked door and unlock it. Follow the path and you will come across a Fork in the road. You can take either of the paths as both lead to your destination and both have resistance along the way.

Once you push the emergency beacon fight your way to the surface and talk to Bernie. Go back to Charleston Fire Department and register yourself in the Fire Breather’s computer system.

Now go to the room next to the terminal on the second floor and press the button to play the priority message to complete the quest.

The Missing Link

This Fallout 76 quest will task players with following the Madigan’s Trail. This quest will take you through Top of the World, Pleasant Valley SkiResort, and Abbie’s Bunker.

Top Of the World
Top of the World is located right in the center of the map. Get to the location and you will face resistance here but, the enemies are between level 5-10.

Build Rose’s Signal Repeater and you will be able to take the elevator to the third floor. Here you will find where the Madigan’s Trail ends and Rose knows what Madigan was looking for.

However, Rose is not willing to share the knowledge unless you help her out. Here you need to complete all of Rose’s quests to progress past this point.

After you have completed her quests grab the broken uplink from the Raider’s Cache. Now we are going to Mire so fast travel to Sunnytop Ski Lanes and make your way East. Once you are at the door of Abbie’s Bunker, hack the terminal and go inside and the quest will be complete.

Signal Strength

For this Fallout 76 quest, you will be searching for the signal repeater schematic, research notes, creating the signal repeater itself. Obviously, there are multiple objectives to this quest but, there aren’t any optional ones.

The Signal Strength quest will take you through Top of the World, Seneca Rocks Visitor Center, Horizon’s Rest, 98 NAR Regional, and National Isolated Radio Array.

Signal Repeater Schematic
Rose wants you to find the signal repeater schematic and if you need her help you are required to do it. Now go North from the Top of the WOrld and you will reach Seneca Rocks Visitor Center.

There will a motel to the NW of the Visitor Center. Enter the motel and on the second floor, you need to loot Major Darion Jone’s body to retrieve Signal Repeater Schematic and Signal Repeater notes.

Read the research notes and you will get two new objectives to acquire parts for the Signal Repeater. Head to the Horizon’s Rest and enter the plane wreckage and you will find the item in the cockpit.

Now get to the 98 NAR Regional. Find a busted train cart here where you will find the second required item. Head towards the nearest Tinker Bench and construct the Signal Repeater.

Make your way to National Isolated Radio Array. Install the Signal Repeater and divert the power to it from the terminal located in a small station which is SW of the Repeater’s location.

Select Auxillary Component Control and then Divert Power to Auxillary Component. This will divert power to the Signal Repeater. Head back to Top of the World and talk to rose to complete the quest.

Flavors of Mayhem

Flavors of Mayhem quest is quite a lengthy mission with quite a lot of objectives to complete including the optional ones. However, we will be focusing on just the main objectives to get you through the quest.

This Fallout 76 quest will you through Beckwith Farm, Monongah Power Plant, West Tek Research Center, and R&G Processing services.

Rose’s Syringer
This is another one of Rose’s quests. Head to the Top of the World and get to the second floor. Access the Weapons Workbench and get to the Modify menu to select Rose’s Syringer. Now you need to modify the selected item and Rose has provided you with the required components.

Time To Test
Now you need to go out there and use the Rose’s Syringer on a Yao Guai. You just need to survive the next 60 seconds and kill it when the effect wears off.

Now head to the Tinker’s Workbench and craft Explosive bait. The objective marker will lead you to all of the components required for crafting. Once crafted, head outside and test out the Explosive bait.

My New Friend
Rose now wants you to become friends with a Deathclaw. Get to the Deathclaw and approach it and press the activate button. Now you will have two options, either run or fight. If you decide to fight, make sure there are a lot of obstacles between you and the Deathclaw and unload your weapons.

Now you need to get to a Super Mutant Camp to steal something for Rose. Follow the objective marker to a container holding the item and complete the objective.

Head to the Whispering Resort to get the Redstag Meat. As you arrive you need to take care of some monsters and complete the objective. Now go back to Rose at the Top of the World.

Key To The Past

This is another one of Rose’s quests in Fallout 76 that are mandatory to do in order to please her. This quest will take you through already explored and new locations.

The Password
Rose wants you to find five fragments of a Password to open up a Raid Cache. Head to the objective marker and enter the Blackwater Mine. Use the terminal inside and select any entry except for the last one to complete the objective.

Now go deeper into the mine and kill a woman named Freddie Lang to get the Mine Key Fragment. Once you have it, leave the mine. Now, for the next Password fragment, head to the Trapper’s Camp on Devil’s Backbone.

However, the fragment isn’t there so you need to follow the road to the West to Huntersville. In the center of the town, you will find a body of Walter Griswold and grab the fragment.

Now head to the Sunnytop Ski Lanes and it will be crawling with enemies. Go through the entrance and take a left and the objective marker will lead you to a room. Listen to the Holotape and then go to the opposite end of the lodge. Head downstairs and there will be a terminal at the far end. Select Inbox and then read the “Admin Password Entry”.

Now you need to get to the Palace of Winding Path and you will find the Admon Password in a dresser inside the palace. Now head downstairs and use the Holotape Duplication Terminal and create the Diehards Key Fragment by selecting “Duplicate From Archives” and then “Diehards Key Fragment”.

Now you need to look for some notes around Bolton Greens. Get there and head to the top floor and find the Gourmands Notes. The notes will lead you back to Savage Divide to get the Gourmand’s key Fragment in a place known as Wendigo Cave.

Head to the Wendigo Cave and you will have a lot of fighting to do. Fight your way through the cave to get to your objective and get out of there are quick as possible.

Not get to the Big Fred’s BBQ Shack and there will be a swarm of Feral Ghouls. David Thrope is now a scorcher and you will kill him. Loot his body for Cutthroat Key Fragment.

Dig Up The Past
Head back to ROse at the Top of the World with all of the key fragment and she will task you with finding a body of a woman named Rosalynn at the Charleston Capitol Building.

It is a very dangerous place so be prepared. Head to the Charleston Capitol Courthouse and head down the basement and used the marked terminal. Select the entry Doe.J and get in the room behind the terminal.

Now head east to the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort and enter the resort and then to its basement. The door will be locked and the key in under the mat. Enter the cache to complete the quest.

Early Warnings

Early Warnings quest will task you with finding the missing uplink, repairing it and followed by multiple objectives. This quest will take you through a number of locations including some new ones.

Abbie’s Bunker
Get to the Abbie’s Buner which is located north of the Mire. Enter the back of the room and use the Tinker’s Workbench. Select and “Uplink” and repair it.

Head back to the entry room and use the Scorched Detection System Terminal and select “Communications Uplink Repaired” and then get back to listen to what Abbie has to say.

Exit the bunker and head to Raleigh Clay’s Bunker and use the terminal to unlock the door. Listen to Abbie and you will get your next objective. Open the marked cabinet and all five Fan Cabinets will be there.

Heating Coils
Now you need to acquire a series of Heating Coils from a number of locations. The first one is located in the bunker, just head to the end of the hall and open the toolbox to find the Heating Coil.

Now head to Elle Ame’s Bunker and enter it. Get inside the room to the South and then take the door to the left to find the second Heating Coil.

No Head to Relay Tower LW-B1-22 and get the Heating Coil from the Toolbox on the southeast side of the room. Now get back to Abbie’s Bunker to the Tinker’s Workbench room. Inside the room, check the cupboards to find the last two Heating Coils.

Now use the Tinker’s Workbench ad craft five Upgraded Motors. Now head back to SDS Terminal in the main room and select the “Upgraded Motors” to complete the quest.

Reassembly Required

This is a rather short Fallout 76 quest. Get the Holotape for Rose from the Desk desk. Now walk along the Router 65 and install the Upgraded Motors into the Scorched Detectors.

After you have upgraded all of the Scorched Detectors get to the Top of the World and give Rose the Holotape. After that get to the Abbie’s Bunker and enter it to complete the quest.

Coming To Fruition

Coming To Fruition will task players to upload data and loading a number of Master Holotape Relay. This missions will take you to some familiar location along with some new ones.

Abbie’s Bunker
The quest initiates while you are in the Abbie’es Bunker. For some reason, if you have left get back there and grab the Master Holotape. Exit the bunker and go to Harpers Ferry. Access the Armory Access Terminal and insert the Master Holotape. Play the Holotape to hack the terminal and the door to the armory will unlock.

Take a right to the first opening in the armory compound. Use the terminal to open the door. Go upstairs and turn around and use the planks to cross to the building ahead.

Drop downstairs and use the terminal to open the door. Exit the building and enter the neighboring one. Go up and hack the terminal to access the Raliegh’s terminal. Insert the Master Holotape and listen.

Now fast-travel to Charleston Capitol Building and get to the third floor and find the Sam’s Terminal. but it will be locked. Go down the basement and use the marked Security Terminal to unlock Sam’s Terminal. Go back up the third-floor and load the Master Holotape.

Fast Travel to Relay Tower LW-B1-22 and use the Master Holotape there. on the terminal. Download the data and get back to Abbie’s Bunker to restart the system. Use the Scorched Detection System Terminal in the main room to complete the quest.

Defiance Has Fallen

This Fallout 76 quest starts with you finding the Fort Defiance. First, go to the Camp Venture to get the first clue. Go to the camp’s upper level and find the Command Center. You will need a password to get inside. Check the terminal and it will give you an objective maker for the Password.

Hunt For the Password
Now get to the camp’s lower level and enter the Storage and Supplies building. Enter the building and head left to go downstairs. Use the lockpick to enter and get to the locked door at the end of the basement.

Read the note to the right of the door and an optional objective for the door key will pop up. Go back to the upper level and enter the building South of the Command Center Terminal.

Look the Marked locker and you will have the key to the locked door. Head back to the locked door and open it. Read the note on the table to get the Password to the Command Center.

Go to the Command Center and use the terminal to input the password. There will be two tales inside and you need to read the note on the back of the table on the right.

Fort Defiance
Fort Defiance is located SW of Camp Venture. Head to the fort and you need to get to the top floor to get the power back. Getting to the Circuit Breaker is rather straightforward.

Get to the top floor to restore the power and then get back down using the Ramp outside the Circuit Breaker room. Get back to the locked door and read the note to complete the quest.

Back To Basic

Back To Basic quest in Fallout 76 will see you getting tour uniform and going through a series of training courses. After you are done with Master Seargent Gutsy, drop to the first-floor foyer to find the Uniform Disbursement Log on the desk. Take it to find the location of the Uniform Voucher.

Exit the building and go to the barracks and the uniform voucher will be inside the container somewhere in the building as the location changes every time you do the quest.

Go to the first-floor foyer and use the Uniform dispenser to get the Uniform. Equip the uniform and go back to Master Seargent Gutsy to continue the training.

The agility course is the first training to be completed. Use the terminal and select Begin Course. You will have two minutes to run/walk/crawl through the marked obstacles. If you miss one then the next won’t appear so don’t miss any.

You need to root out Commie threats in this training. Investigate Jimmy’s, Topher’s and Jianjun’s rooms and speak to each of them. Once you have enough, go back to the terminal and make your accusation.

30 seconds will be all you have to hit all the targets. Shoot them all within time to complete the course.

Live Fire
Reach the Live Fire Test grounds. Defeat a wave of enemy robots to complete the first leg. Complete all waves of enemies and you will pass the training. Now go back to Master Seargent and complete the quest.

Recruitment Blues

The elevator you need to take is blocked by a laser grid. You need to register yourself on Fort’s Security system. Go to the bulletin board and follow the hall and go up the ramp. keep going up the floors and eventually, you will come across another laser grid.

Use the Terminal and select “Register New Personnel” the access will be denied. Head to the room at the hall’s other end and read the note labeled “Squire Evelyn’s journal”.

Military-Issue ID
Now you need military-issue ID which can be obtained by completing training at Camp McClintock. Go and get the ID if you haven’t already. Now the iD needs to be printed.

Get to the Charleston Capitol Building and enter the Charleston Capitol DMV building. Use the terminal inside and select “Government ID Application”.

Fill out information and approach the DMV Bot B2. Print a number from the printer and get to the computer terminal in the center of the room. Select “Boot Up Department B” and the robots will start their work while you fight monsters and wait for your number.

Once the number is called, go to the DMV Bot B2 and leave the building and follow the objective marker to an old mailbox. Pull the junk mail and reenter the DMV. Give the junk mail to DMV Bot B2 and it will tell you that you need another form.

Exit the building and get to Charleston Capitol Courthouse. Drop to the bottom floor and grab the form. Go back and hand the form to DMV Bot B2 but it will tell you that you are in the wrong department.

Talk to DMV Bot C1 and use the number printer. Use the terminal in the center of the room and select “Boot Up Department C” and fight the Fela Ghouls and wait for the number to be called.

Your number will be called but the will have to wait for his coffee break to end. Then he will ask you to grab your Birth Certificate. Use the terminal to investigate the error and then head through the doors on the rooms south side to find the Governer’s Seal. Once found, use the Seal to stamp the document and return to the bot get your picture taken and get your ID.

Get back to Fort Defiance and go through the left door and go to the top of the building and use the terminal and select “register New Personnel” and then “Scan Military ID card”. Now you are the member of the Brotherhood. Use the elevator and go to the fourth floor and use the Computer Terminal and select “Urgent: Touchdown Recovery” to complete the quest.

Belly Of the Beast

You are going to need your Brotherhood Emergency Transponder radio for this Fallout 76 main quest. Head to the waypoint and when you enter the quest boundary use the radio for signal strength.

Transponder Locations
You will find the first transponder atop the bridge near the center of the circle. Sync with it and then head to the east for the second one.

The second transponder is found right next to the crashed aircraft. Sync with it and head for the third one. The third Transponder is at Survey Camp Alpha and is right next to the crashed aircraft.

The fourth Transponder is atop the Drop Site V9. Sync with it and then go to the east towards Glassed Caverns.

Glassed Caverns is a dangerous place and also the home to the fifth Transponder. You will fight the Scrchbeast and its minions to get to the transponder. It’s not going to be easy so be prepared. Once the beast is defeated check the Transponder and Taggerdey’s Bod and return to Fort Defiance.

Take the elevator to the fourth floor and use Taggedy’s Terminal and select the “Ultimate Solution” to complete the quest.

Uncle Sam

This quest will task to head to Charleston and to Quinn Carter’s office. Read the note about Quinn’s visit and make your way through the waste dump to the elevator door.

The dweller is finding Sam with the help of Carter’s notes. The dweller has to go through the Mire to get to the Sam Blackwell’s bunker. The bunker will be hidden by the abandoned waste dump

Bunker Buster

This quest will task you getting inside Sam Blackwell’s Bunker. Head inside the cave and you will find an Agent’s body. Loot the Operation Summary- Blackwell Holotape.

Listen to the tape and you need through the Deathclaw’s est to get the Bypass Holotape. Once you find it, take it back to the elevator. While you are in the elevator use your Pip-Boy to use the Bypass Holotape and elevator panel unlocks. Now enter the Sam Blackwell’s Bunker.

Sam Blackwell’s Bunker
Head down stains in the bunker and through the blue door. You will come across a laser grid. GO back up to the Bunker’s main room and take a right to the room with blue machinery.

There will be a computer in the Blue Machine room hack it to disable the laser grid. Get back to the laser grind and use the hand scanner to gain control of the grid.

There will be a keypad on a pillar but you need to crack the code. Return to the room and search the file cabinets. You are looking for “Senate Orientation Letter”, “Record Of Divorce: The Blackwells”, and “Intelligence Memo – 18/16/77”.

Read all three and then read the “Judy’s Gone” entry from Sam’s Terminal. One of them has the access codes. Now input the code into the dial pad and return to the other half of the room and check the indicated painting. You will get a Holotape and Congressional Access card from behind the painting. Listen to the Holotape and the quest is done.

One Of us

Get to The Whitespring Resort and then head to the Whitespring Bunker. The bunker will be locked but someone will open it and you enter. GO down the right corridor and press the indicated button to get your picture taken.

Activate the dispenser to get the Operative Underarmor and head through the Orientation door and then downstairs. Once you speak with the host, go farther down the by following the passage to the left. Modus will request a test that you can skip using the terminal behind the testing computer.

Now fast Travel to Camp Venture and head to the objective marker to the Sugar Grove. Use the Northern door to enter which can be opened by pressing the button on a nearby Computer Terminal.

Go down to the Siglnt System Terminal and insert the access tape and follow the prompts. Now go up a floor and use the Archival Dispenser and get the data and then Fast Travel to Whitespring Bunker.

As you enter the bunker, head left to the laser grid and use the elevator to get to the exam room. Follow the instructions and you will receive an Uplink Module with instruction on how to install it.

Go to the Radio Astronomy Research Center. Go to the top floor to reach the roof and insert the Uplink Module one the connection platform machine.

Leave the research center and go east along the road and you will find a care package containing Orbital Scan Beacon and Orbital Strike Beacon. Take them and go back to Whitespring Bunker and speak with Modus to complete the quest.

Officer On Deck

Go to the Military Wing through the laser grid and exam room. Go downstairs and to the end of the restaurant and take the door on the left and head downstairs and the military Wing will be through the door on the left.

Activate the “Activated Promotion System” and you need to rise through the ranks which require you completing a number of tasks and objectives. These will earn you Promotion Commendations. Earn enough and gain a promotion. With Every promotion, you will gain power and influence over Whitespring Bunker. Just got promoted and the quest will complete.

I Am Become Death

GO back to the Whitespring Bunker and go to the Military Wing. Take a right and go through the laser grid that has a “Command” Label. Go up and you will receive the task of using each terminal which will tell you how to use Nukes.

This quest can’t be completed without three of your friends online. Not only that, from this point onward you need to play with friends to complete the game. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to Crack Launch Codes.

The first step is to obtain a nuclear Keycard. Locate the Vertibot that will be escorted around Appalachia. Shoot it down to get the keycard. This is a single-use keycard.

Step 2 is to get the launch codes. You will notice Scorched Officer or a Ghoul with a beacon on its back. You need eight Silo Codes to fire a missile. There are three missile silos Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. Collect 8 Silo codes and put the numbers together and use Cypher key to decode them. But the launch code will only be viable for a week.

Decyphering the code is a global process but changes every week. If someone solves it and puts online then it will work for you the same.

Step 3 is to overcome the Automated Silos. Working in a group will yield the best results. Complete the Silo objectives to get to the get to the launch console. The last step is to select the target and fire the Nuke.

As for how to crack the code yourself, check out our Hacking guide.

For this quest, once you have the 8 Silo Codes and the nuclear Keycard, head to the Mama Dolce’s Foos Processing. Drop behind the giant blue pipe and there will be a hatch on the pipe’s side and you will come across the card-locked door. Use the card reader to enter the Fujiniya Intelligence Base.

As you reach the end, open the hatch on the left and go to the lowest level and follow the marker until you reach a room with a set of tables and blue machinery. Put the password acquired from Whitespring Bunker.

Mission Countdown

This Fallout 76 quest is nothing but a Waves and Waves of enemies and obstacles. Bring your best weapons and prepare your inventory and yourself as it will be a long and hard battle.

The Rundown

This main Fallout 76 quest is divided into a series of events with each event having its own set of objectives. We will take you through each of the events.

Event 1
Hack the terminal located in the entryway and disable the supervisor and Turrets. Clear the rest of the area and you can buy some time is you avoid killing the Supervisor. Each member of the Team has to complete this event individually.

Event 2
You need to equip the Hazmat Suit if you brought it with you or just put on your best radiation protection gear. You will find a couple of Hazmat suits in the starting area of this event.

Hack the terminal in the first room and disable the supervisor and the turrets and also activate the Decontamination Arches. You need to repair the pipes but have to shut down the reactor for that which initiates the security system. Just focus more on repairing than fighting.

Event 3
As soon as you set foot inside the alarm goes off and there is no time to waste here. Hack the terminal in the first room to disable the Supervisor and turrets. Just fight your way through.

Event 4
Use pick lock to get to the Terminal to disable turrets and Supervisor. Go to the main room and deal with the Sentry bot and other robots. Use the Terminal to unlock the door. This will help with respawning.

As soon as you Mainframe terminal or any mainframe core the security system will become active. Repair the 15 damaged Mainframe cores and return to the mainframe and slot them in.

Event 5
Get to the top floor and use the terminal to disable Turrets and Supervisor and clear the Control Room. In this event, the team needs to defend Section chiefs as they make their way to the posts. Just defend the section chiefs.

once the prep is completed the Launch Control Console in now active. Use your keycard and enter the launch code. If you enter the wrong launch code, then you will have to repeat the entire process.

After that Approach the targeting computer and choose the location you want to Nuke. Confirm the choice and fire away.

Death From Above

You will be notified about an automated lockdown. You need to exit the silo and if you hurry you can watch the Nuclear blast from the outside or you can just watch it from the Silo.

That is all for our Fallout 76 Main Quests Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to complete the main Fallout 76 quests.

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