Elden Ring Margit The Fell Omen Boss Guide

In Elden Ring, Margit The Fell Omen is the boss who will obstruct your path to Stormveil Castle. In this...

In Elden Ring, Margit The Fell Omen is the boss who will obstruct your path to Stormveil Castle. In this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat Margit The Fell Omen Boss in Elden Ring for good.

Elden Ring Margit the Fell Omen Boss Location

Margit, the Fell Omen, can be found at the entrance of Stormveil Castle when we go north from Limgrave. Although it is an optional boss, if you want to unlock the Stormveil Castle, you will have to take him on.

Margit the Fell Omen Recommended Level and Weaknesses

Although you can fight Margit immediately after starting the game with the default armor and ax, the recommended level is as follow.

Recommended Level: 25

Recommended Weapon Level: +3 or +4

Weak Against: Physical Attacks (Specially Slashes)

Margit the Fell Omen Attacks and Counters

There is a total of six attacks that Margit can do. The first three are from Phase 1 of the last three are from Phase 2 of the boss fight.

Dagger Throw: A dual dagger throw that can easily be dodged by rolling either left or right.

Swing Flurry: Quick left and right sword swings with relatively short range. Dodge by keeping a distance and then make use of the small window of time before Margit launches its next attack.

Leaping Stab: A jump attack ends with Margit smashing his sword on the ground. Margit takes time before jumping in the air. You can use this opportunity to anticipate the area of effect and move out of the way. Use the time after the attack to deal damage.

Hammer Smash: Similar to Leaping Stab but with a giant magic hammer. Avoid by simply anticipating the location of the fall and moving out of the way.

Weapon Combo: Margit can quickly switch between weapons and use all of them in a combo attack. Maintain a distance to avoid and follow up with an attack of your own after the combo is complete.

Tail Swipe: Margit Spins in a circular motion while letting his tail do the damage in a small area. Simply roll back to avoid.

Parriable Attacks

Attacks from Margit’s Physical Weapon, which is his staff are parriable and require two parries. Any attack from his magical weapons is not parriable.

How to Defeat Margit the Fell Omen Boss in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you’ll encounter Margit the Fell Omen when making your way to Stormveil Castle. He’ll technically be the first real boss you encounter in the game.

Margit, the Fell Omen, is a difficult boss to beat because he is swift, strikes hard, and has an extensive arsenal of close and long-range attacks, but the good news is that we have you covered.

Margit the Fell Omen is not a boss to be taken lightly because doing so will result in a humiliating defeat. You’ll be needing lots of practice and a perfect strategy to take him down.

If you do not meet the criteria, we recommend leveling up first before attempting to fight Margit the Fell Omen. Doing so, the odds are you’ll emerge victoriously.

The Margit Boss Fight is divided into two phases. Below we have discussed in detail how to top both phases of the fight and emerge victoriously.

Make sure to summon Sorcerer before entering the fight. His golden summoning sign can be found on the right-side floor of the Fall Gate.

Margit Boss Fight Phase #1

The first stage is actually quite straightforward. Margit has a substantial weak spot. The spot in question is on its back, on the left side. You can use its tail as a reference to determine the spot.

You’ll want to stay on his tail’s left side because that entire section of his body is extremely vulnerable. Margit will even try to defend the spot when you attack.

He will not allow you to attack its weak spot right away, so you must be patient and wait for an opening to attack. In the first phase, Margit will rely on a leaping attack – Hammer Smash.

Wait for the right moment to dodge. When Margit is about to land, move across him and attack his weak spot. You can easily land three blows on him.

When you’ve struck Margit three times, duck because he’ll come at you with a swinging attack – Tail swipe. Move away and maintain a safe distance after successfully dodging.

When you’re at a safe distance, he’ll attack you with two glowing daggers.

If you keep your guard up, you can easily dodge them. This will be useful when you move away from Margit to drink from your flash to regain your stamina.

Margit, on the other hand, will also employ combo attacks. These attacks will be unpredictable because Margit is free to deploy any combination he wants.

Your best bet against these attacks is to dodge them and wait for his leaping attack Hammer Jump to provide you with an opening to attack.

You can keep Margit occupied with Spirit Ash. It won’t do much damage to Margit, but it’ll give you enough time to attack him. However, if you have Margit’s Shackle, you can save Spirit Ash for the fight’s second phase.

You’ll need to keep up your offensive to pierce Margit’s armor and deliver a stunning critical strike. This will trigger the second phase of the boss fight.

Margit Boss Fight Phase #2

The second phase of the boss fight, like the first, does not require any rocket science. All you need to do now is keep up the good work and employ similar tactics to thrive.

The only difference is that Margit will be armed with a golden hammer and a golden sword.

He’ll use the golden hammer to deal massive damage via ground swipes and additional jump attacks, while the golden sword will add a whole new set of attacks to his moveset.

Also, keep an eye out for Margit’s devastating four-hit combo attack. As for the rest, stick to the basics and be extra cautious with your counterattacks.

Take on the fight slow, there is no need to rush. If you have trouble predicting Margit’s attacks and movement, fight from a safe distance, and you’ll eventually learn his attack patterns.

Margit the Fell Omen Boss Drops

After defeating Margit, the Fell Omen, you will receive the following rewards.

  • 12,000 Runes
  • Talisman Pouch

How to Cheese Margit the Fell Omen Boss

Since you will encounter Margit early in the game, and if you are adequately leveled, you will not have any problem defeating this boss. As mentioned in the guide before, Use Margit’s Shackles to make the fight that much easier.

Don’t use Margit’s Shackles immediately after starting the fight. Let him attack, and once he finishes his Leap Attack, he will take a few seconds to recover. That is when you should use Margit’s Shackles and deal as much damage as possible.

Using this special item will help you cheese the fight.

Margit the Fell Omen Lore

Margit the Fell Omen, the keeper of the gates of Stormveil castle, is said to be a fake identity taken on by Margott, The Omen King, who is a sibling of Godrick. Margit is said to help Godrick.

Godrick is the demigod son of First Elden Lord who, despite his powerful background, didn’t live up to the expectation of his family, which forced him to take serious measures. Godrick grafted limbs of fallen tarnished to improve his abilities.

Margit has no such ambition to steal any shards. Still, he wants to stop anyone from obtaining any shards of the Elden Ring, which will save him from becoming the target of ambitious tarnished set out to become the Elden Lord.

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