How to Get to Warmaster’s Shack in Elden Ring

It is absolutely crucial for players to find the Warmaster's Shack in Elden Ring. Doing so will give them access...

It is absolutely crucial for players to find the Warmaster’s Shack in Elden Ring. Doing so will give them access to the Ashes of War, which are significantly important as they can be used to attach special abilities to weapons for improved attacks.

Elden Ring Warmaster’s Shack Location

Finding the Warmaster in Elden Ring is fairly easy. He resides in an old, broken-down shack in the northern section of the map.

Just start looking in the northern areas of west Limgrave where players will come across Stormhill. The Warmaster’s Shack lies at the top of the hill. His location has been marked on the map below for further guidance.

Furthermore, to the south of the shack lies the easiest spot to level up. Players can fight against a number of giants there and can earn a handsome number of runes.

NPCs found at the Warmaster’s Shack

Knight Bernahl

Knight Bernahl is one of two different NPCs you can find at the Warmaster’s Shack. When you come across Knight Bernahl for the first time at the Warmaster’s Shack, he will provide a brief overview of what the Ashes of War are and how they work in Elden Ring.


The Warmaster will offer a total of 12 Ashes of War skills which can be traded against the runes that you have earned through your journey.

The shack and the leveling up spot are in such proximity that it can’t be called a coincidence. The players must utilize the opportunity to get hands on the runes and then buy the ashes. After having a couple of good rounds against the giants, you will have enough runes to buy Ashes of War from the Warmaster.

Bell Bearing Hunter

The other NPC encountered at the Warmaster’s Shack is the enemy known as the Bell Bearing Hunter. This guy can also be encountered at several other locations.

Visiting the Warmaster’s Shack at night

After you have talked to Knight Bernahl at the Warmaster’s Shack, you should be able to encounter the Bell Bearing Hunter. This enemy can only be encountered at night time though.

There is a Sight of Grace next to the Shack. You can rest at a nearby sight of grace till nightfall, then fast travel here if you want. Once you do that and come back to the Shack, the Knight will not be there. Instead, you’ll have the Bell Bearing Hunter in his place.

Warmaster’s Shack Bell Bearing Hunter Boss Encounter

A fight with this enemy can be fairly challenging but he can be defeated without much difficulty if fought the right way. We recommend that you fight this enemy at around level 55.

The Bell Bearing Hunter has an array of attacks he can use. He wields a large single-handed sword that he can levitate to strike you from distance at high speeds. You’ll have to be watchful of this attack.

This enemy also has another ability. He can pick you up even when you are far away. You can see this coming when his hands start glowing red, but you need to remember to delay your roll in order to counter this attack.

Rolling early as soon as his hands glow will not evade the attack. Most of his attacks can be parried but not this one. Keeping these things in mind you can defeat this boss without much difficulty.

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