How To Get The Bloody Slash Ash of War in Elden Ring

You can find Bloody Slash Ash of War in Elden Ring on the top of Fort Haight by slaying Godrick Knights.

Among the many Ash of Wars in Elden Ring, the Bloody Slaash is a notable one. The Bloody Slash Ash of War can be applied on any sword and it effects a blood splash when you use it.

Our guide will help you get the Bloody Slash Ash of War in the Elden Ring.

Where to find the Bloody Slash Ash of War in Elden Ring

The Bloody Slash Ash of War is found in Fort Haight which is located along the coast of the east of Limgrave and in the west of Caelid Sea.

To get here, you can fast-travel to the Mist Woods Outskirts and follow the road towards the south to reach Fort Haight.

You have to fight a lot of enemies in this fort to retrieve the Bloody Slash. You have to fight the knights and make your way to the top of the fort.

At the top, you have to fight a knight called the Godrick Knight. After you defeat the knight, he will drop the Bloody Slash Ash of War which you can pick.

What does Bloody Slash do in Elden Ring?

The Bloody Slash in Elden Ring makes a sword deadly by doubling its attack power.

The Bloody Slash Ash of War can be used on any sword except a Colossal Weapon. The weapons of course should have the ability to have an Ash of War applied to it. Some special weapons in Elden Ring don’t allow that. When you apply it to a sword, the sword will splash blood whenever its effect takes place.

It will cost you 6 FP for each bloody slash and it will also cost you some of your health. The Ash of War scales with Arcane. While it deals a decent amount of damage and some blood loss buildup, there are better options out there than Bloody Slash Ash of War like Rivers of Blood and Uchigatana for bleed setup.

To use the Bloody Slash effect, if you are on PC, hold “Shift” and then left-click. If you are on Xbox, you will use “left-trigger” and on PlayStation, “L2”.

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