Elden Ring Prisoner Builds Guide

You can pick from various classes when you start playing Elden Ring based on your playstyle. The Prisoner is a...

You can pick from various classes when you start playing Elden Ring based on your playstyle. The Prisoner is a high Intelligence and Dexterity-based class in Elden Ring, focusing on weaponry and spells to deal damage. This guide will describe a few useful builds for the Prisoner class in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Prisoner Builds

The Prisoner class is one of the 10 classes in Elden Ring, and it focuses primarily on weapons and spells. Each class has its own unique appearance, and out of all the classes, Prisoner stands out the most with its unique look.

Additionally, it consists of amazing medium and physical stats, making it a must-have class to play as in Elden Ring.

Below we’ve given the most suitable builds for the Prisoner Class.

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Prisoner Class Spellblade Build

Class: Prisoner

Flask Spread: Divided equally between HP and FP

Weapon: Demi-Human Queen’s Staff and Meteorite Staff or Crystal Knife

Shield: Any 100% Physical like Heater Shield (optional)

Armor: Sage Set

Stats: Intelligence and Dexterity (Primary), Vigor and Mind (Secondary).

Skills: Ash of War: Impaling Thrust

Spells: Scholar’s Armament, Rock Sling, and Carian Slicer

Prisoner Class Enchanted Knight Build

Class: Prisoner

Flask Spread: more FP, minimum HP

Weapon: Estoc or Rogier’s Rapier

Shield: Blue-Gold Kite Shield

Armor: Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set

Stats: Intelligence and Vigor (Primary), Endurance and Mind (Secondary).

Skills: Ash of War: Barricade Shield

Spells: Carian Slicer, Carian Piercer, Swift Glinstone Shard, and Glintstone Pebble

Best Stats for Prisoner Builds

For the Spellblade Prisoner Build, the main stats for this Prisoner build are Intelligence and Dexterity. This build aims to level up these stats to increase Stamina without worrying about allocating points into Endurance.

And since the build is based around spells, you’ll want to have an even split between your HP and FP flasks so you can freely cast magic.

  • Vigor: 11
  • Mind: 12
  • Endurance: 11
  • Strength: 11
  • Dexterity: 14
  • Intelligence: 14

Instead of focusing on spells, the Enchanted Knight Prisoner Build is based around melee attacks. With the help of the Shield and a powerful weapon, you’ll be able to get up close to enemies and deal critical melee damage.

Your points will go into Endurance, Vigor, and, most importantly, Intelligence for this build. Endurance and Vigor will increase both your offense and defense, while Intelligence is needed for any Prisoner build to work.

  • Vigor: 20
  • Mind: 20
  • Endurance: 14
  • Strength: 12
  • Dexterity: 18
  • Intelligence: 33

Best Weapons for Prisoner Builds in Elden Ring

Your main weapon for the Spellblade Prisoner Build will be the Demi-Human Queen’s Staff, as it’s primarily focused on Strength and Intelligence. Plus, it’s a highly recommended weapon for glintstone Sorceries

You can also choose the likes of Meteorite Staff or Crystal Knife to increase your gravity-type Sorceries and deal additional Magic Damage stats.

Your go-to weapon for the Enchanted Knight Build is either Estoc or Rogier’s Rapier. Using Estoc you can deal melee, piercing damage, and slash attacks while Rogier’s Rapier is a thrusting sword used mainly for slash attacks.

Best Armor for Prisoner Builds

For the Spellblade Prisoner Build, Saga Set is your primary option as this armor comes with a lightweight, helping you move around quickly.

For the Enchanted Knight Build, Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set is another lightweight armor that provides you Physical and moderate Magical defense against the opponent.

Although you can use your Shield, don’t make it a habit as it will drain most of your Stamina, forcing you to invest points into Endurance.

Best Spells for Prisoner Builds

For the Spellblade Prisoner Build, Scholar’s Armament and Rock Sling are your main spells, allowing you to cause magic damage and kill a weak opponent with a single hit.

For the Enchanted Knight Build, make full use of the Carian Slicer, as it’s used for sweeping attacks when going up against bosses. NPC invaders use Carian Piercer and Glintstone Pebble for flying enemies.

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