How to Get Ash of War Barricade Shield in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, Ashes of War are special high-grade items that allow players to replace the weapon skills and affinities of their current weapons with different ones. One of the Ashes of War in the game is the Barricade Shield. In this guide, we will explain where to find Ash of War Barricade Shield in Elden Ring and how to use it as well.

Elden Ring Ash of War Barricade Shield Location

The Barricade Shield in Elden Ring is found near Castle Morne Ramparts site of grace, which is located on the south side of the Weeping Peninsula. Inside the Castle Morne walls area, defeat Night’s Cavalry boss to get the ash of war as a reward.

Elden Ring Ash of War Barricade Shield Location

Keep in mind that Night’s Cavalry only spawns at night time so you will need to rest at a nearby site of grace to advance the time if it isn’t night yet.

What Does Barricade Shield Do in Elden Ring

Barricade Shield Ash of War is a non-chargeable weapon skill with an FP cost of 8 and a normal skill type. FP is a baseline stat that serves as a supply for talents such as magic and stamina values.

Barricade Shield can divert that final, devastating hit, but a player’s timing must be impeccable. Since the window of opportunity is so small, it’s important to practice against smaller opponents before taking on the big ones.

Great Turtle Shield has the Barricade Shield skill as well. This is located nearby the Castle Morne Site of Grace.

Head east from this point to the nearest Spirit Spring. A balcony directing to a structure that is part of Castle Morne will be visible to players.

You can find a dead body atop the building carrying the Great Turtle Shield by using Torrent to climb onto the rooftop. To use it, you’ll need a strength statistic of a minimum of 14.

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