How To Get The Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set In Elden Ring

This guide explains where to find Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set in Elden Ring and what it offers as well.

In Elden Ring, Armor sets are really important, especially when creating a build, as armor provides different damage negation and resistance levels. One of these armors is the Elden Ring Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set, a great choice for Intelligence focused builds.

A total of 7 different pieces are required to complete the Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set in the game. However, there are four different types of Glintstone articles that you can equip with the remaining pieces of the armor set to complete your build.  

You need to take on Glintstone Sorcerers and Twinsage Sorcerers to lot the pieces of this particular armor set. Knowing Raya Lucarian Sorceret set location is crucial for your success. So we will pinpoint where you must visit to obtain every part of this set.

Where to find the Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set in Elden Ring

Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set map location in Elden Ring

The Raya Lucarian Sorcerer armor set provides light physical and moderate defense against magic damage. The Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set pieces are listed below.

  • Karolos Glintstone Crown
  • Twinsage Glintstone Crown
  • Olivinus Glintstone Crown
  • Witch’s Glintstone Crown
  • Raya Lucarian Rove
  • Sorcerer Manchettes
  • Sorcerer Leggings

The Raya Lucarian Sorcerer set can be found in 2 different ways. The complete set can be found in the Academy of Raya Lucaria, where the Raya Lucaria Sorcerers drop it. The quickest way to reach this area is by using the ‘Schoolhouse Classroom’ Site of Grace.

The drop rate of the armor pieces is quite low, so you will have to grind and kill a lot of Raya Lucaria Sorcerers to obtain the complete Raya Lucarian Sorcerer set. You can also find this armor set at the Gatefront Ruins, located in Limgrave.

Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set Stats

The stats that this armor set provides make it a good choice for Intelligence focused builds. It provides great defense against fire, magic, and holy damage while also boosting focus quite a bit. The Raya Lucarian Sorcerer set has the following stats.

Total Weight: 13.1

Damage Negation:

  • Physical damage: 10.9
  • Versus Strike damage: 7
  • Versus Slash damage: 13.5
  • Versus Pierce damage: 9
  • Magic damage: 16.5
  • Fire damage: 23.5
  • Lightning damage: 11.5
  • Holy damage: 20.9


  • Immunity: 85
  • Robustness: 110
  • Focus: 135
  • Death: 86

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