How to Get the Royal House Scroll in Elden Ring

Key items are crucial to collect while playing Elden Ring as they help players advance in the game and provide access to the locked areas. This guide explains how to Get the Royal House Scroll in Elden Ring and talks about its uses. So let’s jump right into it.

How to Get the Royal House Scroll in Elden Ring

As mentioned above, the Royal House Scroll is a key item in Elden Ring. If you’re a big fan of casting spells and using magic during your battles, this item might be the one for you.

It is a scroll given to the sorceries to teach you spells. However, this item does not appear from thin air; instead, it requires a little labor of exploration.

To find this key item in Elden Ring, you’ll have to make it to the Agheel Lake South site of grace located in the West Limgrave region.

royal house scroll location

Then head southeast from here till you see a cliff. Go up to the cliff where you’ll notice a statue.

Just when you’re here, you’ll find a knight and a couple of enemies who’ll advance some attacks towards you. Use your best moves and pick each one and get rid of them.

Then, move forward, and you’ll see a man staring at the statue along with a corpse. In that corpse, you’ll find the Royal House Scroll.

How to Use/Who to Give Royal House Scroll?

Royal House Scroll is used to acquire the Glintblade Phalanx and Carian Slicer. These spells can be obtained by handing the Royal House Scroll to Sorceress Sellen and her picking the spells out for you from her inventory.

The Royal House Scroll can also be given to Miriel Pastor of Vows and Preceptor Seluvis.

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