Elden Ring Sorcerer Rogier Quest Guide

Eager to find Sorcerer Rogier in Elden Ring but are unaware of his location? The following guide will help with...

Eager to find Sorcerer Rogier in Elden Ring but are unaware of his location? The following guide will help with that by providing a step-by-step walkthrough to find the said sorcerer.

Elden Ring Sorcerer Rogier Location

Rogier is a sorcerer that you meet in Limgrave, and his questline is one of the longer questlines in the game.

Rogier is located in Stormveil Castle of the Limgrave region. To get to Rogier, reach the exact location marked on the map given below.

The players need to start by moving towards the stairs that are in the hall. Move up the stairs and make your way to the right to reach the hallway.

Now, keep moving right until you see a terrace towards the left. Jump from the cliff of the terrace and keep moving on the side roof.

Next, keep moving right on the side of the roof and jump down towards your left side. At this point, you will also collect smithing stone.

This is a little corridor that leads you to a sidewalk. Start moving on this sidewalk and turn left two times. Now, you will see a turn towards your right while moving on this sidewalk.

From here, turn right and you will see a rooftop towards your left. Get on the top of rooftop and look down from this point.

You will see stairs by looking down, so just jump there and keep moving in straight direction. Here, you will see a ladder standing against the wall. Climb the ladder to reach the rooftop.

Next, move a little ahead and jump down to a side roof. Right after jumping, turn right and enter a big hall by jumping down from a window.

Once you jump down to enter a big hall with red carpet. Turn right to reach the central part of this hall to find Sorcerer Rogier. Here, you will have a dialogue with Sorcerer Rogier.

How to Complete Sorcerer Rogier Quest in Elden Ring

As previously stated, you will meet Rogier for the first time in Stormveil Castle. Follow the aforementioned directions to find him in a chapel in the castle’s northwestern region.

Talk to Rogier and exhaust his dialogues. Then head on and kill Godrick. You can summon Rogier for the fight, but this is not required for the questline. Also, if you do summon him, it doesn’t matter if he stays alive during the fight or not.

Speak with Rogier at Roundtable Hold

Defeat Godrick and head to Roundtable Hold. Here, talk to Rogier in the room opposite the room of Two Fingers. Rogier is now handicapped and hands you his Rapier (Rogier’s Rapier+8), and also sets up a shop for Ashes of War and a few spells.

Make sure you don’t talk to Ranni yet because if you do, Rogier will die before the quest is finished and you won’t be able to learn about his lore. This will, however, provide you with the opportunity to loot his body at the Roundtable Hold after he’s dead.

Rogier Bloodstain

After this interaction and exhausting his dialogues, you need to find his Bloodstain. To get to the bloodstain, go to the Liftside Chamber site of grace and head out to the courtyard.

Here, just outside the door, turn right and you will see a ledge with a corpse sitting on it. Jump down the ledge onto the beam below you, then onto the scaffolding and continue below.

As you head forward, you will come face to face with the Ulcerated Tree Spirit, a mini-boss in the game. Defeat it and then head on to find a huge face with a Bloodstain next to it.

There may be multiple bloodstains of players if you are playing online, but one of these belongs to Rogier. Interact with the bloodstain and then talk to Rogier on Roundtable Hall again. Exhaust his dialogues.

Finding the Black Knifeprint

Progress with the game and then defeat Rennala for the next step. Again, make sure not to talk to Ranni yet if you plan to finish Rogier’s questline.

Next, you have an optional step. You need to find the Black Knifeprint. If you have reached Altus Plateau, you can find this in Black Knife Catacombs yourself.

If you haven’t found the catacombs yet, speak with Fia and she will reveal the location to you. To obtain the location, allow her to hold the Tarnished. Once the dialogue options have been exhausted, the catacombs will appear on the map.

Go to the catacomb and complete it to get the Glyph. Take this to Rogier and he will unlock additional dialogues. Exhaust these and he will request you to ask Ranni about her original body.

Ranni can be found at the Three Sisters in Liurnia’s northwestern outskirts. When you first approach her, she will turn you down. Return to Rogier and notify him of the situation.

On hearing this, Rogier will ask you to become one of Ranni’s vessels to get more information about Ranni’s body. This time around, Ranni will consider your request and allow you to become one of her vessels.

Return to Rogier after that. He’ll inform you of his condition that he’s on the brink of falling into a deep slumber. If you reload the area, he will be in a deep sleep just as he predicted.

Rest at the site of grace and return to the Roundtable Hold to find Rogier dead. This marks the end of the questline. You can loot his Bell Bearing, Armor Set and a letter, which will help you advance Fia’s questline

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