How To Get The Sage Set In Elden Ring

The Sage Set makes mages more effective against enemies at the cost of overall defense in Elden Ring. Here's how to get the armor set.

Elden Ring has a Sage armor set which is just perfect for players investing their runes in Faith and Intelligence for a Sorcery and Incantations-based build.

Unlike other armor sets which excel in defensive stats, the Sage armor set excels in another area entirely. The armor makes mages more effective against enemies at the cost of overall defense. You will find this set to be an asset while playing as a mage in the game.

The set is lightweight and bestows Astrologers with increased mobility, making dodging (and retreating) easier. However, as already pointed out, the Sage armor set has reduced defense stats, even lower than the starting armor of Astrologers.

You must collect three pieces (Sage Hood, Sage Robe, and Sage Trousers) to complete the Sage Armor Set in Elden Ring. So let us explain the Sage armor set location for you, making it possible to obtain it on your first try.

Where to find the Sage Set in Elden Ring

The Sage armor set can be found in Stillwater Cave in Liurnia of the Lakes. Taking Stormveil Castle as a starting point, travel northwest to come across a cliff. There’s an opening at the bottom which you will need to enter.

Sage Set map location in Elden Ring

The entrance of the cave is guarded by two Jellyfish. There’s no need of getting into unwanted trouble as they don’t attack until provoked. Ignore the Jellyfishes and enter the cave. Shortly after entering into the cave, you’ll come across a site of grace that you can activate and get prepared for what is ahead.

Poison Cures must be carried out as it comes in handy in the deeper areas of the cave. Other than that, a diverse arsenal should be brought for there are a lot of dangers ahead. After getting prepared, the payers should continue to the deeper areas of the cave.

Soon the players will see basins of poisonous fluid where they should start to sneak to avoid any unwanted attention. Pass by the basins carefully while continuing to face and dodge the regular attacks. Continue unless you reach a poisonous trench.

Across the tunnel, there’s a tunnel that leads to another opening of Stillwater Cave. The players should continue to move through the tunnel until the other end comes. From here, a covert approach is recommended and before leaving the tunnel, it is a good idea to observe the surroundings and proceed.

Be ready to deal with two giant bats and a Harpy. You should use ranged attacks to draw the attention of a single enemy at a time while maintaining stealth. Otherwise, you’ll be outnumbered, and it would be nearly impossible to handle all enemies at once.

After getting through all the enemies, continue to go ahead, and shortly you’ll see a corpse lying half-submerged in the poisonous water carrying all the pieces of Sage Set in Elden Ring. Loot quickly because you’ll be taking poison damage the entire time. Besides the Sage armor set, players can also find the Serpent Arrows to the right.

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