Elden Ring Valiant Gargoyle Boss Guide

The following guide features every little detail there is to know about locating and defeating the Valiant Gargoyles in Elden...

The following guide features every little detail there is to know about locating and defeating the Valiant Gargoyles in Elden Ring. This is an optional boss fight, but players are still recommended to take up the fight because of the resulting rewards.

Elden Ring Valiant Gargoyle Location

The Valiant Gargoyles will be found at the Siofra Aqueduct in Eternal City. If the player moves down the Siofra, they will encounter a waterfall. Upon moving closer to it, the boss will jump down from the waterfall to attack you with various kinds of strategies.

Valiant Gargoyle Recommended Level and Weaknesses

The Valiant Gargoyles are immune to all Status effects and they have high resilience to most damage kinds. To make matters worse they have resistance to Fire, Holy and Lightning attacks as well as Slash and Thrust physical attacks.

While magic does work against the Valiant Gargoyles, they do still resist it a bit, though not to the same degree as Fire, Holy or Lightning.

Valiant Gargoyle is best fought at level 70 because it’s technically two bosses you need to face.

Valiant Gargoyle Attacks and Counters

Attacks of Valiant Gargoyle Boss are not Parriable. Below we have mentioned all the attacks the Valiant Gargoyles will employ against you and how you can counter each one to defeat the boss.

Halberd Whirlwind

Valiant Gargoyle spins its Halberd, creating a damaging vortex before smashing it down. To counter this attack, you can either run away or dodge the attack.

Vacuum Slash

Vacuum Slash is an attack in which Valiant Gargoyle Raises sword into the air before slashing down releasing a wave of air. You can counter this attack by rolling through it.

Halberd Dive

Valiant Gargoyle performs a Halberd Dive attack in which he flies into the air and dives forward with his halberd, quickly whirling around and attacking again. This attack can be countered by rolling in time.

Halberd Swap

Valiant Gargoyle sheathes his sword while drawing his halberd in a whirling assault known as Halberd Swap. You can counter this attack by rolling through it.

Ground Slam

Valiant Gargoyle smashes his sword into the ground and then strikes ahead with this attack. This attack can be countered by rolling each time.

Sword Swap

Sword Swap is a spinning strike in which Valiant Gargoyle sheathes his halberd while pulling out his sword. You can counter this attack by rolling through it.

Poison Attack

Poison Attack causes Valiant Gargoyle to stoop down and breathe out noxious fumes. Running away from him while he hunches down is a good method to avoid this attack.

How to Defeat Valiant Gargoyle in Elden Ring

When the fight starts, you’ll be faced with a singular Valiant Gargoyle that uses a sword and greataxe. Its attacks are relatively simple to dodge and you can mostly dodge away in time or block most things.

However, the real challenge of this fight starts when you reduce this gargoyle’s HP down to half. This is when the second Gargoyle with a Twinblade comes in.

This drastically increase the difficulty of this fight and it can be quite overwhelming to deal with both of them simultaneously.

To top it all off, Valiant Gargoyle has loads of resistances (we’ve mentioned them above) making it difficult to finish one off before the other spawns.

Your strategy here is to first come equipped with a weapon that does not slash or thrust. Something with strike and lots of damage will work. Magic also works but you’ll need high damage spells and plenty of FP flasks.

Once you start the fight you need to position the Gargoyle near the arena entrance while fighting. This is because when the Valiant Gargoyle drops to half health, the other gargoyle will spawn on the far side of the boss arena. This gives you time to finish this one off.

So, bring a strike weapon, some strong magic and a strong ranged summon. Now draw its aggro and keep it near the entrance and try to kill it or at least bring it down to very low HP before the Twinblade Gargoyle gets here.

Both Valiant Gargoyles, especially the twinblade Gargoyle, do large chunks of damage. You need to be careful to not take hits as they will do large chunks of damage. Once you’ve defeated one of them, take your sweet time with the second as there are no more than that.

Valiant Gargoyle Boss Drops

Defeating the Valiant Gargoyles is no piece of cake. It takes immense dedication and a bit of luck to do. Thus, the rewards are also satisfying. Upon defeat, Valiant Gargoyles will reward 30,000 Runes, Gargoyles Greatsword, and Gargoyles Twinblade.

How to Cheese Valiant Gargoyle

There is an easier way to defeat the Valiant Gargoyle boss in Elden Ring. As the fight starts and the Valiant Gargoyle jumps off its perch, lure it towards the cliff on the right.

If players stay near to the edge and evade the gargoyles’ strikes quickly enough, the beasts are likely to fly over the edge and perish. Valiant Gargoyle does not always jump from his perch due to a glitch, in which case players must resume the combat by dying on purpose.

The attack which can cause Valiant Gargoyle to jump off the cliff is Halberd Twist. The Twinblade Valiant Gargoyle dodges by jumping backward and then strikes back and this attack can cause it to also fall off.

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