How to Get Lightning Scorpion Charm in Elden Ring

This comprehensive guide will cover how to get the Lightning Scorpion Charm talisman in Elden Ring along with its location and usage.

Elden Ring is filled with different weapon types, talismans, and incantations suited for all playstyles. This guide will cover how to get the Lightning Scorpion Charm talisman in Elden Ring.

Where to Find Lightning Scorpion Charm in Elden Ring

Lightning Scorpion Charm Raises your lightning Attack damage but lowers damage negation. It is really good if you are running a lightning spell build like Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Strike or Lansseax’s Glaive.

Or if you use incantations like Vyke’s Dragonbolt, which increases your damage significantly and deals a bit extra damage if you equip the Lightning Scorpion Charm Talisman.

It will lower your damage negation, but you can survive pretty easily if you have a dodgy playstyle.

To find The Talisman, we will need a Stonesword Key to open the Mist gateway. Head towards Wyndham Catacombs, located North East of Seethewater River, if you have the key.

Once you reach there, head into the dungeon. This dungeon is filled with various traps and tricks. So, you will have to dodge and be wary of the traps.

Once inside, go downwards until you find the Aqueducts filled with Rotten Slimes. Try to avoid them, or use the trap between the aqueducts against them to finish them.

At your right, you will find a ladder. Take the path upwards from that ladder and keep following the pathway until you reach the Stonesword Key Statue.

There will be a trap close to it, so be careful. Once you open the mist gateway, the talisman will be behind the tomb of the dead body. Loot the body, and you will become the proud owner of Lightning Scorpion Charm talisman.

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