How to Respec and Reset Stats in Elden Ring

Larval Tear is one of the many rare items you can find in Elden Ring. This guide tells you how to get Larval Tear to respec in Elden Ring. We will also explain the mechanics of Leveling and Respecing as well.

How to Respec in Elden Ring

The first thing is that the ability to respec comes a little way into the game when you’ve already leveled and grown quite a lot and probably understand what you need.

Go to the Academy of Raya Lucaria, where you will fight Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. It is to be noted that she is supposed to be the second big boss fight of the game.

So Rennala will appear in the Raya Lucaria Grand Library after being defeated but will not be hostile and can be talked to. Gifting her a Larval Tear will unlock the respec menu. Interact with her and select the ‘rebirth’ option to completely respec your abilities every once in a while.

If you decide to give her a Larval Tear, your attributes will revert to the point when you choose a class, and now you can respec them according to your needs.

When to Respec Your Character in Elden Ring

Respec’ing is a useful feature as it allows you to reallocate all of your stats. But you should only respec when it is really required. You should respec when you get access to a really powerful weapon, but your stats don’t allow you to use it.

Another great case of when to respec your character is when a boss fight requires some specific types of stats to be damaged and defeated.

What Are Larval Tears Used for in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is a very brutal and unforgiving RPG. Hence there is a great deal of focus on player decisions, essentially on how they choose to specialize and create their character.

The game is both rewarding and unforgiving in this regard. But there is a way to redo your mistakes. So yes, like previous games, Elden Ring does allow you to respec but not without a cost, and that cost comes in the form of Larval Tears.

Your changes to your character and investment into stats and abilities are pretty much what define if you will survive the next fight. Your decisions might pay off and stack well overall for your playstyle, but sometimes you can be prone to errors, and the game punishes you hard for them.

So, it’s natural that players would want a way to undo their leveling mistakes and really create the best build for themselves. The good news is that Elden Ring will allow it. The Bad news is that, like pretty much any other thing in the game, it is very hard to do as Larval Tears are rare to come by in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Larval Tears Locations

Below we will list all the Larval Tears present in the game. Unfortunately, many of these are well-guarded rare items, so getting them won’t be easy.

Limgrave Larvel Tear

This Tear is dropped by a Runebear enemy present east of the Agheel Lake South Lost Grace. The Runebear enemy will be disguised as a weakling enemy, so beware.

Liurnia Larvel Larvel Tear

This Larvel Tear is present between Boilprawn Shack and Rose Church in Lake Liurnia. To obtain the Tear, you will need to take down a big lobster that will transform into a Grafted Lobster in Stormveil Castle.

Village of the Albinaurics Larvel Tear

Head to the village located in the southwestern part of the Liurnia region and talk to Nepheli Loux. Past the area with Nepheli, there is a building full of tombs. There are dangerous crawling enemies here.

Kill all of them, and then you can loot a Larval Tear off of a body near the tombs.

Resurrection Painting Larvel Tear

You will obtain this Larvel Tear as part of the reward for finding the Resurrection Painting craft location.

Caria Manor Larvel Tear

This Larvel Tear can be purchased for 3000 Runes from Pidia, which is located in Caria Manor. Pidia is a Carian Servant and is present in the upper level of the manor.

Caelid Larval Tear

This Tear can be obtained by defeating a giant monster, disguised as a weakling, located west of Cathedral of Dragon Communion in southwest Caelid.

Siofra River Larval Tear

In the lower Siofra river area, you can purchase this Larvel Tear from a hidden vendor. It will cost 3,000 Runes.

Nokron Larvel Tear #1

To find this Tear, head to southwest Nokron. The Tear is present inside a building there.

Nokron Larvel Tear #2

This larval Tear is present in southwest Nokron in a gazebo near the Mimic Tear boss arena.

Nokron Larvel Tear #3

Two Larvel Tears can be obtained by defeating the Mimic Tear boss, who is located in Nokron, Eternal City.

Nokron Larvel Tear #4

This Tear is present in Night’s Sacred Ground area inside a building. Defeat the giant meatball in the building to obtain this Tear.

Nokstella Larvel Tear #1

The Larvel Tear is obtained by defeating the large ball enemy that rolls down at you at the start of the area.

Nokstella Larvel Tear #2

This larval Tear can be obtained after defeating the silver blob enemies in Nokstella.

Nokstella Larvel Tear #3

To obtain this larval Tear, defeat the large meatball enemy at the end portion of Nokstella.

Central Altus Plateau Larvel Tear

To find this Tear, head east of Minor Erdtree to the ruins and defeat the Lion beast enemy to obtain the Larvel Tear.

Mount Gelmir Larvel Tear

Head to Mount Gelmir and take down the worm enemy to obtain the Larval Tear.

Mountaintops of the Giants Larval Tear

Head to the middle of the Consecrated Snowfield, west of Mountaintops of the Giants, and defeat the enemy there to obtain the Larval Tear.

How Many Times Can You Respec in Elden Ring

As there are 18 Larvel Tears in Elden Ring and each Respec requires you to hand over 1 Larvel Tear to Rennala, so you can Respec a total of 18 times in Elden Ring.

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