How To Get Night Maiden Set In Elden Ring

The Night Maiden Set is dropped by Night Maidens in Elden Ring. They are the highest clerical order of the Nox and are formidable fighters.

Warriors of the dark require a fitting armor set to go with their personality and that is why we have got the Night Maiden Set for you. The armor set is worn by the Night Maidens who were once part of the Church but later banished and set underground.

Now these Humaiond warriors reside in cities with an eternal night sky till the end of time. The Night Maiden Armor is classed as lightweight armor and can prove to be versatile due to its weight-to-protection ratio.

The armor is made up of a total of four pieces; helm, chest armor, gauntlets, and leg armor. The armor shares two pieces, bracelets and greaves, with the Nox Monk Armor set. The rest of the armor is different.

Where to find the Night Maiden armor set in Elden Ring

The Night Maiden Set is dropped by the Night Maidens. They are the highest clerical order of the Nox and are formidable fighters. Every Night Maiden has a 3% chance of dropping the set.

Night Maidens might not look like much but they are a bit tricky to take down and can quickly put your fighting skills to shame if you are not careful and underestimate them.

They dash towards you hitting hard with their magical dagger. The dagger can also act like a whip while retaining its sharpness so be various of that.

The best way to take down a Night Maiden is by from a distance with spells but if you are quick enough, you can deal serious amounts of damage without giving them a chance to react.

Best location to farm Night Maiden enemies

Night Maiden farming locations for Night Maiden Set

Night Maidens are found in the Eternal City of Nokron and the Eternal City of Nokstella. You can head over to the Night’s Sacred Ground site of grace in Nokstella. From there head straight and into the church on your left. Inside you will find two Night Maidens.

If you are looking for the best and the easiest place to farm the Night Maiden Armor set in Elden Ring then head straight for Nokstell, Eternal City site of grace. From there you can head up the stairs and you will find one on the stairs and one more in the church to your left.

Night Maiden Set stats

Night Maiden armor set stats in Elden Ring

Night Maiden set is weighted at a mere (19.3), making it a light-medium weight armor. For the weight, the defensive stats are quite impressive. The armor can take quite a bit of beating and will negate a decent amount of the damage coming your way.

If we are looking at numbers then the damage negation against physical attacks is (16.9), vs Strike (19.2), vs Slash (16.9), and vs Pierce (19.1). All of these stats are considered to be decent and not at all underwhelming.

As for the protection against magic attacks, you will be getting a damage negation of (24.2) against magic, (22.7) against fire, (23.3) against light, and (22.7) against Holy.

This is not all, because the Resistance is quite attractive as well. With an Immunity of (148), Focus and Vitality of (123), Robustness of (92), and Poise of (34), the Night Maiden Set can be classed among all-rounder armor sets in the game.

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