Elden Ring Cathedral Of Dragon Communion Location Guide

In this guide, we’ll provide you with its location show you how to make your way to that Elden Ring Cathedral of Dragon Communion.

Cathedral of Dragon Communion is a dilapidated church located in the Caelid region of the ever-rushing open world of Elden Ring.

This run-down cathedral might not look much due to its ramshackle appearance but it is an important location for players to visit, especially for Faith builds that use incantations and sorceries.

The Cathedral of Dragon Communion contains the Dragon Altar that can be used to acquire various incantations. In addition to that, there are many crafting materials found in this location. You also come across a field boss on your way to this cathedral.

This location is easily confused with the Church of Dragon Communion which is found in Limgrave and is somewhat similar to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. Both these locations have the Dragon Altar but the one in the Cathedral of Dragon Communion offers better incantations and spells.

Where to find the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Elden Ring

You should definitely consider visiting the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Elden Ring for two main reasons; its peaceful environment and the many gatherable items found here.

It firstly offers you an enticing environment and a peaceful, safe place away from the relentless fighting and battering of the main world. There are no NPCs in this location but you come across two regular enemies here. One of them is a Humanoid enemy known as the Banished Knight and the other is a Wildlife Creature called the Guillemot that looks like a penguin.

The Cathedral of Dragon Communion also offers numerous opportunities to farm crafting ingredients, and learn spells, and is particularly well-known for the ability to convert Dragon Hearts into abilities.

In Elden Ring, the Cathedral of Dragon Communion is located in Caelid so the first thing you need to make sure of is that you have unlocked Caelid. It can be done by activating any Site of Lost Grace near the region and then wandering off into Caelid.

The best way to access Caelid is to go there through Mistwood in Limgrave. Once you are in Caelid, you need to continue south and go to its Site of Grace called the Caelid Highway South.

Follow this highway in the east direction till you see the road splitting into two. As soon as you take the southern of these two roads, you will see the destroyed Cathedral of Dragon Communion with a large dragon statue. To facilitate the players, the exact location of this cathedral is marked on the map below.

Cathedral of Dragon Communion map location in Elden Ring

What to do at the Church of Dragon Communion

Gather crafting ingredients

The island is home to two very useful kinds of flora that can be used as crafting ingredients. We recommend gathering the Faded Erdleaf Flowers and Miquella’s Lily found here. Both of these are important crafting materials with the latter being extremely rare.

The Faded Erdleaf Flower is used to craft the Rot Pot and Miquella’s Lily is used for crafting the Bewitching Branch.

Once you have filled your pockets with these valuables you should make your way to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion.

Use the Altar of Dragon Communion

While finding important crafting ingredients is important enough, the real reason for you to go to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion is to interact with the Altar of Dragon Communion in Elden Ring.

This is how you get new draconic incantations for your character by exchanging Dragon Hearts. The altar can be found near the bent neck of the large dragon statue.

Each incantation costs a different amount of Focus Points and necessitates a high level of Faith and Arcane. Some of them also require you to defeat certain enemies before obtaining them.

You can obtain Dragon Hearts as a reward for defeating the bosses throughout Elden Ring. Based on your FP, you can obtain any of the thirteen Incantations available at this Dragon Altar. Some of them are mentioned below:

Dragon-fire: An incantation that channels Flame Breath over a surprisingly large area, breaking through most barriers. It costs 1 Dragon Heart, 15 Faith, and 12 Arcane.

Dragon-claw: It swats at enemies with massive dragon claws that drag along the ground. It costs 1 Dragon Heart, 17 Faith, and 13 Arcane.

Dragon-maw: It is a really violent biting strike that costs 34 FP to use. To obtain this incantation from the Dragon Altar, you need 24 Faith, 16 Arcane, and one Dragon Heart.  

Theodorix’s Magma: This incantation is used to drown your enemy in blazing magma and can only be obtained after you have defeated the Magma Wyrm in Mt Gelmir. It also requires 14 Faith, 10 Arcane, and two Dragon Hearts.

Greyoll’s Roar: It can be obtained only after defeating the Elder Dragon Greyoll in Fort Faroth of Dragonbarrow and is used to debuff your enemies. It requires 28 Faith, 17 Arcane, and three Dragon Hearts.

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