Elden Ring Rose Church Location, How to Reach

If you are a completionist, visiting every location in Elden Ring is probably on your radar. One such location you might want to check out is the Rose Church and in this guide, we will explain where to find the Rose Church in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Rose Church Location

There is actually very little reason to visit the Rose Church. There is nothing to be found over there except that players will need to visit the Rose Church in order to complete the game.

The only questline attached to the location will give players the ability to invade other players. Hence, players not interested in that multiplayer feature can choose to ignore the Rose Church until the required point in the storyline.

The Rose Church is just off the main road. For exact directions, players will need to find most of the map pieces for Liurina which opens up after defeating Godrick.

Find enough map pieces and players will come to know that they have to go south from Raya Lucaria Academy and north of Stormveil Castle to reach the border of Limgrave.

The exact location is marked on the map below.

Once players pass through the lake to reach the island, the Rose Church is right in front of them. The church can easily be identified from the distance thanks to the red flowers in the area.

Varre will be already there, sitting outside of the church. Speak with him to begin the quest and unlock the ability to invade other players in the game.

Rose Church White-Faced Varre Quest

White-Faced Varre is the first NPC you will encounter in Elden Ring. He is located near the first Site of Grace you’ll discover in the open world. To begin Varre’s quest in Elden Ring, defeating Godrick is a prerequisite.

Return to Varre after defeating Godrick at Stormveil Castle to kick off things. Exhaust his dialogues and proceed to the roundtable hold to speak with Finger Reader Enia. Varre will then meet you at Rose Church.

Head to the Rose Church to proceed with the quest. There, exhaust his dialogues and he’ll give you Festering Bloody Fingers and tell you to invade three tarnished.

For the sake of the quest you only need to invade three players and the outcome of the fight is irrelevant. Return to Varre after successfully completing the task, and he will reward you with Lord of Blood’s Favor.

Continue through the quest using the link above and you will eventually have to fight Varre! Defeat him and you’ll gain a handful of Festering Bloody Fingers and, Varre’s Bouquet.

After you’ve defeated Varre, continue exploring the area until you reach the area’s major boss, Mohg, Lord of Blood himself. Take him on and defeat him to finish off the questline.

When you defeat Mohgwyn, you will receive Mohg’s Great Rune and Remembrance of the Blood Lord.

Elden Ring Rose Church Loot

You can also go inside the Rose Church to find:

  • Festering Bloody Finger
  • Nomadic Warriors Cookbook
  • Bloodrose

Bloodrose can be used in the crafting process of various items to buff damage. Be careful while entering the church, as there is an enemy lying in wait.

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