Elden Ring All Flail Locations, Which Is The Best?

Among all 5 Flail Weapons in Elden Ring, we have chosen Bastard's Stars as the best flail in Elden Ring. Check out the locations of every flail as well.

Flail Weapons in Elden Ring, are quite effective for close-ranged encounters like those with the bosses. Though most of these weapons scale with Dexterity, and have a slow pace, these characteristics are yet overcome by the huge damage they cause on striking.

These weapons in Elden Ring can be found in multiple locations and have unique appearances, with a long handle attached to a head using a chain. This assembly, therefore, allows you to adopt several attacks to knock down enemies which can’t be parried.

Want to know more about Flail Weapons in Elden Ring? This guide has all the information about different Flail Weapons, their locations, and which one of them you should never miss out on.

Location of every Flail weapon in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, there are five different Flail weapons you can find. Most of these weapons come with slow attacking patterns apart from a few exceptions, however, this can’t take the fact away that they are among the highest damage-dealing weapons in Elden Ring.

While you can choose your favorite one depending on your play style however finding The Basic Flail is necessary to upgrade any other you have picked up. All other Flails can be upgraded by removing their unique skill and then scaling them with the basic Flail’s skill which is Spinning Chain.

Basic Flail Location

Flail (basic) in Elden Ring, is not bound to one location. Here are the number of ways you find Flail as you explore The Lands Between:

Gate Front Ruins

You can find Flail, hidden inside a chest in West Limbgrave. After travelling to West Limgrave, head towards Gate Front Ruins where you will see a carriage as you look towards your south. Behind this carriage, there’s a chest that you can unlock to get Flail.

Gold Mask’s Questline

In Elden Ring, you can also get Flail at the end of Gold Mask’s Questline where it is given to you by Brother Corhyn. Head towards Leyndyll in Ashen Capital at there you will find him. Along with Flail, he will also give you other items like Corhyn’s Bell Bearing.

Basic Flail Skills and Stats

Flail in Elden Ring can be used for Bleed Buildup, however, the weapon isn’t the best choice for it, as there are many other weapons with better stats. There’s just one good thing about the weapon which is its Spinning Chain Skill.

This Spinning Chain Skill can be used to deal damage to enemies by spinning the Flail’s head at a huge speed. This attack when followed by another hit, can potentially knock down an enemy.

Here are some basic facts about Flail weapon in Elden Ring:

Physical Attack10
Physical Absorption45
Magic Defense30
Lightning Defense30
Holy Defense30
Attributes RequiredStrength 12, Dexterity 12

Similar to Basic Flail Chainink Flail, can also be found at multiple locations, however, this is the hardest one of all the Flails to get.

To get Chainlink Flail, you need to fight against Lesser Mad Pumpkin Heads. These ugly creatures will drop Chainlink Flail as you destroy them. You can find these creatures at the following locations:

  • North side of The Four Belfries Site of Grace.
  • Starting from the Road of Inquity Side Path Site of Grace go south west and there you will find some of them.
  • Fort Haight entrance.

Similar to the ordinary Flail, the Chainink Flail can also be used for BloodLoss. This too has a Spinning Chain Skill, which you can use to give huge blows to the enemies. The damage can be increased further by equipping Ashes of War and also with the use of Smithing Stone. Apart from the damage used, you can also sell these ChainLink Flails for 200 Runes each.

Physical Damage112
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage0
Crit Damage0
Attributes RequiredStrength 12, Dexterity 18

Family Heads Flail Location

Family Heads Flail, in Elden Ring, is confined to Sage’s Cave in Altus Plateau. To get this Flail, you need to defeat the Necromancer Garris inside this dungeon. As you explore the dungeon, you will find this field boss hidden behind an illusory wall right before reaching the Dungeon’s boss room.

Family Heads Flail Skill and Stats

Family Heads Flail in Elden Ring is a perfect fit for Mage Build, as unlike other Flail Weapons it scales with Intelligence too. It has an amazing Skill “Familial Rancor”, which will send ghostly skulls forward, which scan the area and alarm you as they connect with enemies. Apart from just exposing the enemy’s location, these ghostly summons also deal a lot of damage to these enemies. The damage given can be pretty much upgraded using Talismans and Sorceries.

Physical Damage37
Magical Damage36
Critical Damage100
Attributes RequiredStr 8, Dex 18, Int 16

Nightrider Flail Location

Nightrider Flail, unlike other Flails, has three heads connected with a chain and scales majorly with Dexterity. These NightRider Flail, in Elden Ring, are dropped by Cavalry Bosses which you can find in different locations around the map. However, not all of them drop Nightrider Flail.

Head towards Weeping Peninsula, and there on the top of Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace, you will find a Cavalry Boss, which you can defeat to get a Nightrider Flail.

Nightrider Skill and Stats

Night Rider Flail, similar to the ordinary Flail, has the Spinning Chain skill that you can use for Bloodloss buildup. Fortunately, you can upgrade the stats using Ashes of Wars and Smithing Stones, as well as this Flail can be sold for 100 Runes each.

Physical Damage115
Magic Damage0
Critical Damage0
Attributes RequiredStr 10, Dex 24

Bastard’s Stars Location – Best Flail in Elden Ring

For the location of Bastard’s Stars, you first need to kill Astel, Naturalborn of the Void while completing Ranni’s quest line. After doing so, go to Roundtable Hold, and there interact with Enia to trade “Remembrance of Naturalborn”. This way you can get Bastard’s Star in Elden Ring.

Bastard’s Stars Skill and Stats

Among five Flail weapons, that you can find in Elden Ring, we have chosen Bastard’s Stars as the best flail. It has a unique weapon skill Nebula and can deal great damage to enemies by a delayed explosion. Unlike other Flail Weapons, you cannot add Ash of War to Bastard’s Stars to upgrade it, however, this can surely be upgraded with the use of Somber Smithing Stones which will give 20% more damage to Gravity enemies. Also, Bastard’s Stars can be sold for 500 Runes each which is a huge amount. This weapon has been a popular weapon for PvP as well as you can surprise your opponents with it. Its scaling with Strength, Dexterity and Inteligence can increase its damage output a lot and it can get scary both, in PVE and PVP as well.

Physical Damage68
Magic Damage81
Fire Damage0
Crit Damage100
Attributes RequiredStr 8, Dex 22, Int 22
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