How To Get Family Heads In Elden Ring

The Family Heads in Elden Ring is a unique weapon known for the physical and magic damage it deals to enemies.

The Family Heads in Elden Ring is a unique weapon known for the physical and magic damage it deals to enemies. It is called Family Heads because its creator, Necromancer Garris, has used replica heads that resemble the heads of his wife and children on this weapon.

The Family Heads has a Familial Rancor skill in which you have to rattle the weapon, and it will summon some gray cloudy spirits that will strike at your enemies. Using this weapon is a lot of fun, and you should have this weapon in your collection. We will tell you through our guide how you can get the Family Heads weapon in Elden Ring.

Family Heads location in Elden Ring

The Family Heads is inside the Sage’s Cave in the Altus Plateau. To get here, arrive at the Erdtree Grazing Hills and continue northeast to reach the Sage’s Cave.

After you head inside the Sage’s Cave in Elden Ring, keep going straight until you find a blocked path. Hit the wall, and it will disappear. Stay alert; many skeletons inside the cave will block your narrow path. You will also find a chest containing Lost Ashes of War.

Jump down from there and follow the stream towards another cave. The path will lead you to a cliff with a waterfall. Turn left from there, and you will find another hidden wall. Behind the wall are chests containing pieces of the Raptor’s Set: Raptors Black Feathers and Skeletal Mask in Elden Ring. Cross the hidden and illusionary walls to meet Necromancer Garris in the chamber.

Now all you have to do is beat this enemy in Elden Ring to get your hands on the weapon you seek. He is straightforward to defeat because he rarely strikes you and dodges your attacks. Pick and equip the Family Heads after you defeat him.

Is Family Heads Any Good in Elden Ring?

Family Heads can be used to whip and strike your enemies. But, its special skill is Familial Rancor. This will allow you to summon the spirits of Necromancer Garris’s wife and children, which will follow your enemy and strike them at contact.

Holding this weapon requires 16 Intelligence, 18 Dexterity, and 08 Strength. While it might not be the best, it’s definitely one of the best considering its utility for both physical and magic damage. Apart from utility, the weapon is quite satisfying to use and looks badass so there are enough reasons to add Family Heads into your collection.

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