Where To Find Beren In Dragon’s Dogma 2

This is where to Find Beren after completing his quests to learn the ultimate Warrior Skill, Arc of Might.

Beren is an important NPC in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that can help you in your journey to master the Warrior Vocation and learn the Maister skill, Arc of Might. You must complete several quests and meet Beren in different locations to proceed.

The first quest to start Beren’s questline in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is Claw Them Into Shape. Completing this will start another quest called Beren’s Final Lesson, which will eventually get you some important rewards. Both these quests take place at different locations, so players have trouble finding Beren.

Whether you are looking to learn the Arc of Might from Warrior Maister Beren or have trouble finding him during one of his quests, you have come to the right place. I will help you find him quickly and complete all of his quests.

The first location where you can find Beren is pretty early on in the game, at the Moonglow Garden just west of Borderwatch Outpost. You can trigger Beren’s first quest, Claw Them Into Shape, at this place. You will find Beren next to his tent. Talk to Beren at his tent, shown on the map below, and you will get your first Beren quest.


For your first visit to Moonglow Garden, you should go there at night. You cannot find Beren at Moonglow Garden if you visit the location during the daytime.

How to complete the Claw Them Into Shape quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2

After the conversation with Ser Beren, you will get your first objective: Procure weapons and find a motivated soldier. This objective is not difficult to complete as you can give him any of the three swords you find or purchase from any vendor.

You may have problems finding a motivated soldier, but you don’t have to worry as there is no time limit. Finding a motivated soldier is not that tough either; you just have to travel.

Use a ferrystone to fast travel to the Vernworth portcrystal. Once you arrive, a soldier named Humphrey will approach you and ask you to teach him to fight. You will get the option to Tell him about Beren. Select it, and now it is time to head back to Beren again.

If you don’t have the swords, you can buy them from Roderick’s Smithy. There is no need to buy expensive ones, just go with the cheap options and save the Gold for yourself.

Once done, you can head to the Boderwatch Training Grounds and talk to Beren there. Deliver him three swords, and then you can move to the final objective of the Claw Them Into Chape quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Now, all you need to do is knock Beren out of the bounds. You can push him out of the ring by doing some regular attacks. After the fight, a soldier will run and inform him about a goblin pack attacking the area.

Run to the objective location, and you will find some wounded soldiers who will inform you that a Cyclops charged at them as well. You can then have a short conversation with Beren, and this will eventually lead to the completion of Claw Them Into Shape quest.

You will get 4500 Gold and 1200 XP to complete this quest. To talk to Beren again, you need to wait at least a day. Rest at the inn in Borderwatch Outpost or a camp. Return to Moonglow Garden again and you will find Beren.

How to complete Beren’s Final Lesson quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2

During the conversation with Beren at the Moonglow Garden, a Cyclops will attack the area, and you need to defeat it. You should switch to Archer vocation to deal with that cyclops quickly and target its weak spot.

After defeating the Cyclops, you must pay a second visit to Beren before he leaves. Once again, you need to rest for a day. On the next day, again, head to where you met him last time, and you will find him walking around the flowers.

He will thank you and inform you that he is heading home to Checkpoint Rest Town. Beren will tell you that he plans to continue training soldiers at his home in Battahl.

After the conversation, you will get a sword, Lifetaker, as a reward, along with 4500 G. While Beren’s Final Lesson may seem to get completed here, in order to get the final reward, the Arc of Might Maister skill, you need to find Beren at his new location.

Beren’s new location

Beren already told you he will move to his home near Checkpoint Rest Town, but you don’t really know where that is. After Beren moves away from Moonglow Garden, you will find him in his childhood home in Battahl. However, getting into Battahl isn’t easy, at least not until you have made some progress in the main story.

To reach Battahl through the main story route and find Beren, you must complete Vernworth quests like Caged Magistrate, given by Captain Brant. Complete all of Brant’s quest till the Feast of Deception.


Make sure you have completed quests like the Readvent of Calamity. The reason is that Feast of Deception is like a point of no return for some of the quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

After completing Feast of Deception, you will be given the Beastren Border Entry Permit. This will allow you to enter Battahl without needing to trick the guards at the Checkpoint Rest Town with a Beastren mask.


If you don’t want to take this path, follow the stream west from Checkpoint Rest Town’s entrance and circle around to reach Beren’s home from the other side. You can circle around both sides, but that is a long and dangerous path, so it is not recommended.

The house is just around the corner of the road, so it’s pretty easy to spot. Once you get to Beren’s Childhood Home as marked on the map, you should give him some gifts like a Ring or Curatives. This will boost your affinity with him.

Talk to him, and you will get the ultimate reward, Champion’s Fable in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This will help you learn the Arc of Might Maister skill. If he didn’t give you the scroll and just handed over some flowers, you must rest and revisit him. This time he will request that you travel with him. Accept the request.

The path is pretty dangerous, and in case Beren dies, you will need to revive him using a Wakestone. You can find his body at the Vermund Charnel House. Once you have completed his escort quest, you can revisit his home after a week or so. This time, you will get the Arc of Might Maister teaching after your conversation with Beren.

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