How To Get Into Battahl In Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Battahl in Dragon's Dogma 2 is a region mostly populated by Beastren which won't enter easily. Here's how to do so.

The sprawling world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 stretches beyond the green fields of Vernworth. To the south end lies the land of beastren, the enigmatic nation of Battahl. Exploring this land unlocks new quests, fearsome foes, and a vibrant culture much different from the previous one. However, getting into Battahl isn’t as simple as following a dusty road in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

There lies a formidable barrier guarded by vigilant soldiers who demand special permits for entry. So, if you’re new to the game and wish to enter Battahl an early game or want to find ways to enter the city with or without a permit, we have got you covered! Let’s explore all the possible ways to enter the land of shifting sands, Battahl.

Enter Battahl with a Permit (The Conventional Way)

One of the conventional and easy ways to get into Battahl is through a Permit. This is more of a legitimate way but requires you to complete a few quests first: Monster Culling, The Caged Magistrate, Disa’s Plot, and Feast of Deception.

After completing the quests, go to the Stardrop Inn in the Merchant Quarter at Vernworth. Wait till nighttime; you will find Captain Brant, who will give you the Beastren Border Entry Permit.

To use the entry permit, you must disguise yourself as a merchant using a Beastren Mask if you’re a human, but if you’re a Beastren character, you can simply walk into the city.

Use A Beastren Mask To Enter Battahl

Another way to enter Battahl in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is to equip a Beastren mask and disguise yourself. You will get the mask from Ibrahim’s Scrap Shop, located west of Checkpoint Rest Town. He will sell you the mask for 8,700 Gold.

Now all you need to do is equip the mask and follow the main road to the town entrance. Once near the town gate, use the Entry Permit, and the guards will let you enter the city. Remember, if you wish to return to Vernworth, you must use the mask again (if you’ve taken it off in Battahl), and exit the city.

Sneak into Battahl In Dragon’s Dogma 2

The second method is probably the easiest way to get into the city. All you need to do is be at the front of town in Checkpoint Rest Town.

Here, you might encounter a glitch of a stuck oxcart. You must wait until it disappears. Once it’s gone, head to the bridge on Guerco Mountain Road, and you will find another oxcart coming in. Get on it and hide.

The carriage will sneak you inside Battahl without any permit. Once you enter the city, don’t hurry to get off the cart, as the guards might catch you and throw you in jail. To avoid this situation, you must wait for the cart to enter all the way inside the city, and you are safe to come out of it.

How to Enter Battahl Without Permit (The Secret Way)

If you want to spice up the game by choosing the hard way around, there is an alternate secret way. For that, you need to move to the northwest side of the Checkpoint Rest Town down the bridge toward the rocky path till you see a stream.

Follow the stream until it takes you to a cave called Guerco Cavern, just southwest of the Bridge of Theodracus. Note that this cave is sprawling with many high-level enemies, so you must quickly run past them, as fighting them would be just a loss of health. Exit the cave, and you will reach the Forgotten Riftstone near the cliff’s edge.

Keep going past the cliff toward another small cave. At the cave entrance, you will encounter a Cyclops; simply go past him. This will be a small cave; once you’re out, follow the path straight outside.

You will come across another cliff once you’re off the misty path. Now, make your way down until you get to another campsite on your way to Shutram Falls. You will move past another cave full of lizards, hobgoblins, and other monsters here.

Once at the Shutram Falls, you must cross the waterfall and go down. Follow the path for at least 15 minutes, and you will reach Bakbattahl, the capital of Battahl.

How to Enter Battahl in Early Game

If you’re at level 1 and wish to enter Battahl early then there is a way to do so that relies on you changing your Vocation. You must have either a Mage or a Sorcerer vocation. Now, moving on to the path, it begins at Ultramarine Waterfall at Vernworth, as this is where you first enter the world.

Now, you need to stick to the same path until you reach the Borderwatch Outpost. Here, you need to complete your quest at the outpost and at Melve, then move to the Northern Vernworth Checkpoint until you get to Vernworth.

You can simply walk there or take an oxcart to the capital of Vernworth. From there, you want to exit from the West Vernworth Oxcart Station. Follow the bridge and take the first left path.

Keep following the path until you reach a river. Cross it and stick to the left path until you reach the Bride of Theodracus the Second. The bridge will be broken at first, which is where your Mage/Sorcerer vocation helps. Hit an ice platform close to the edge of the bridge, walk on it, and levitate to the other side.

You might fall to the other side and lose some health, too, but you can heal yourself. Once you’ve crossed the bridge and the campsite, you need to make a left turn.

This path will lead you to the main destination, Guerco Cavern. Now, this is where you need to do the work. The Guerco Cavern is a small cave filled with many enemies. We highly recommend that you camp until morning and go into the cave in the morning.

While making your way outside the cave to the cliff side, you will encounter goblins and hobgoblins. On the outer edge, you will reach the Cliffside Cave, and on the way out, you will enter Battahl from the backside in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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