Dragon’s Dogma 2 The Caged Magistrate Quest Walkthrough

Here is how you can help Magistrate Waldahr escape from the gaol.

After reaching the city of Vernworth during one of the main quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will meet Captain Brant. He will ask you to meet him at the Stardrop Inn at night to continue your discussion about the false Sovran. During the conversation, choosing the “Tell me of the Magistrate” option will trigger The Caged Magistrate quest.

Brant will ask you to free the magistrate from jail in this quest. He will give you a Gaol Key that you can use to unlock the jail as many times as you want. After this, the first step of this quest is to follow the quest marker and reach the top of the hill to enter the Palace dungeons and locate the Caged Magistrate in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

To make things easier, we have marked the building, which you must enter in the images below.


While talking to Brant, select the “Tell me of the masquerade” option to get the Eventide Mask. If equipped with the mask, the Guards will not bother you when you enter the Castle area.

As you enter the building, head downstairs to the dungeon. The area is not that big, and once you enter the prison cells, you will find the magistrate inside the first cell on the right side.

After entering the cell using the Gaol key, select “The Arisen” and “Urge him to escape” options when prompted. The Magistrate doesn’t wish to escape the prison as he is happily pondering over laws in his cell. However, he can be convinced if you find him a place with plenty of tomes so he can continue his studies while in exile.

Finding a place with plenty of tomes for The Caged Magistrate

Most players are stuck at this part, as there aren’t any quest markers to help you find a place with plenty of tomes in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Don’t worry. We have marked the location where you will need to head to progress in this quest.

You will need to enter the Slums area and head to the marked location to find a person named Kendrick. Give him food and a donation of 1000 G, and this will start a side quest called The Heel of History to find Malcolm.

First, you will need to talk to three children in the slums. Two wander around the Slums, and one is inside a small house. Take all the information you gathered to Kendrick, who is also walking around.

He can piece together the information to help you find Malcolm. Follow Kendrick, and he will take you to a blocked cage entrance, which he will open for you. Now, you must traverse the cave, jump over the pit, and eventually find Malcolm.

Talk to him, and he will give you a clue about the library, the Place with Plenty of Tomes, which you must find in Dragon’s Dogma 2 to complete The Caged Magistrate quest. Now, follow Malcolm; he will take you to the place you are looking for.

Head back to Magistrate Waldahr

With the information about the place with plenty of tomes, head back to the cells. This time, the Magistrate will agree to leave with you. You have two options here on how you leave the gaol.

The first is a bit risky and you basically have to follow the magistrate. In my experience, this was a bit frustrating as he would occasionally stop following me and start going back to his original spot.

The way I escorted the magistrate out of the prison was to carry him on my shoulders literally. Approach the magistrate, Grab him (E on keyboard), and start going back the way you came in. Make sure not to run into any guards while on your way to the exit

The Magistrate struggles a bit and breaks free a few times, but you can quickly grab him again and continue moving forward. Once you are outside, just carry him to the objective location, and eventually, he will talk to you and tell you he is going to the place with the tomes you told him about.

Return to the Stardrop Inn at night, talk to the Brant, and select the “Tell me about the magistrate” option again to get your reward.


Since the quest is finished, Brant will ask you to give the Gaol key back. So maybe consider making a forgery of it at Ibrahim’s Scrap shop in Checkpoint Rest Town.

After returning the Gaol key, you will receive 7000 Gold and a Ferrystone that helps you fast-travel to the Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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