How To Unlock All Maister Skills In Dragon’s Dogma 2

You will need to do a bit of legwork to learn these Maister's Teachings in Dragon's Dogma 2.

As you level up your vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will unlock more and more skills to aid you in battle by spending Discipline points. While these advanced combat skills will aid you immensely in fights, each class or vocation also has an ultimate skill known as Maister’s Teaching.

These Maister’s Teachings can only be learned with the help of a Maister of that specific vocation. As such, there is only one ultimate skill or Maister’s Teaching for each class in Dragon’s Dogma 2. To learn it, you will need to find a specific NPC for that class. These Maisters will typically teach you that vocation’s ultimate skill after you complete a quest for them.

How to get all Maister’s Teachings in Dragon’s Dogma 2

There are a total of 12 Maister’s Teachings in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that you can get after unlocking and mastering each Vocation.

Whenever you complete a Maister’s task, they will give you a scroll that can be consumed to unlock that Maister’s Teaching. Learning the Maister’s Teaching in Dragon’s Dogma 2 also unlocks that skill for your main pawn, so you both benefit from it.

Fighter Maister

  • Maister: Lennart
  • Maister’s Teaching: Riotous Fury
  • Location: Melve
  • Quest: Readvent of Calamity

You can meet Lennart early during your playthrough at Melve, where he will require your services to take out a couple of Saurians. After doing that little quest, proceed with the main story until Captain Brant gives you the Monster Culling quest.

While you are doing Monster Culling, you will eventually make your way to Harve Village. Make sure to complete the Scaly Invaders quest in Harve Village.

Once both the Monster Culling and Scaly Invaders quests are finished, make your way back to Meleve by taking an Oxcart from Vernworth. As you reach Melve, you will trigger the Readvent of Calamity quest and find out that Melve is under attack from a poison dragon.

If you manage to push that dragon back and get it to leave, you can speak with Lennart again. This time, he will appreciate your efforts in defending the town, and at that point, you will get Fighter Maister’s Teaching in the form of Soldier’s Code tome. Use it to learn the Riotous Fury skill for your character as well as your main pawn.

Archer Maister

  • Maister: Taliesen
  • Maister’s Teaching: Heavenly Shot
  • Location: Sacred Arbor
  • Quest: Gift of the Bow, A Trial of Archery

In order to learn Archer Maister’s teaching in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will first need to head to the Merchant’s Quarter in Vernworth. There, in front of Roderick’s Smithy, you will spot an archer standing there and muttering to himself. Talk to him, and you will find out he is an elf named Glyndwr.

Despite being an elf, he is interested in trying out and learning more about Human bows and archery techniques. This starts the Gift of the Bow quest. Give him a Fluted Bow if you have one, or buy a bow from Roderick’s Smithy and give it to Glyndwr.

This will start Trial of Archery, where you need to help Glyndwr train. This quest can only be finished if you are using the Archer vocation, so make sure to switch to that before heading out to the Glyndwr’s location.

Finishing that, Glyndwr will take you to Sacred Arbor, the home of the elves, where you will meet his father, Taliesen. Taliesen is the Archer Maister. Complete his quest and rescue his daughter from an ogre, and Taliesen will reward you with the Heavenly Shot Maister’s Teaching.

Thief Maister

  • Maister: Srail and Flaude
  • Ultimate Maister Skill: Formless Feint, Blades of the Pyre
  • Location: Nameless Village

Once Captain Brant gives you the Nameless Village main story quest to investigate the false Sovran, you will have to head to the Nameless Village in Eastern Vermund. Upon reaching this place, it might seem that there is nothing going on here. You actually need to head underground, below the manor, where you will eventually reach the Thieves Guild.

The caverns that lead to the Thieves Guild will require you to solve some jumping puzzles and once you complete them, Srail will be waiting for you there. You will be rewarded with Pilferer’s Handbook, which will unlock Formless Feint Maister’s Teaching.

Next, you need to go back up and head inside the Nameless Village Manor. There you will find another NPC called Flaude. Speak with him, and he will unlock Blades of the Pyre ultimate skill.


Despite it seemingly being Maister’s Teaching, Blades of the Pyre is an extremely risky skill since it is taught by Flaude, who is not a real Maister. Whenever you use Blades of the Pyre, it will trigger an explosion, damaging you and everyone nearby. Ring of Quenching and Formless Feint can be used with Blades of Pyre to negate its damage.

Warrior Maister

  • Maister: Beren
  • Ultimate Maister Skill: Arc of Might
  • Location: Beren’s Tent at the Borderwatch Outpost, Beren’s Childhood Home.
  • Quest: Claw Them into Shape, Beren’s Final Lesson

You will need to interact with Beren, who is essentially the captain of the Borderwatch Outpost. You can venture to either one of the locations mentioned above during both morning and nighttime to meet him. Beren will have a quest for you, and he will require you to bring home a recruit and some weapons.

To complete his quest, you can purchase the three cheapest swords from the Blacksmith in Vernworth and hand them over to Beren.

Next, find him an apprentice, and you can do that by heading over to the city of Vernworth. There, you will find a boy named Humphrey strolling the streets. He will ask you for some training, so bring him to Beren, and this will complete the quest.

However, Beren’s outpost will be attacked by a large Cyclops, so help him in fending off this enemy, and you will gain his trust. Next, you will need to meet Beren again in Dragon’s Dogma 2 at his childhood home, where he will teach you Warrior Maister’s teachings.

Sorcerer Maister

  • Maister: Trysha, Myrddin
  • Ultimate Maister Skill: Meteoron, Maelstorm
  • Location: Checkpoint Rest Town
  • Quest: Sorcerer’s Appraisal, Spellbound

Make your way west of Vernworth from the Checkpoint Rest Town, and you will find a house on a hill. This house will belong to an old sorcerer called Myrddin. In order to meet him, you will need to dress in a sorcerer’s attire. You can acquire one for free by opening a chest present at the top portion of the Palace of Vernworth in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Once you speak with Myrddin, he will ask you to bring him five specific Tomes, and then he will teach you the Sorcerer Maister’s teaching. These will include the following books and their locations.

  1. Let There Be Light: Myrddin’s house
  2. Nation’s Death Knell: Ruined Fortress (requires Ancient Battleground Key), Waterfall Cave
  3. Howling Blizzard: Waterfall Cave
  4. The Towering Earth: The Gracious Hand’s Vault
  5. Fulminous Shield: From the merchant Dudley at a price of 5000 Gold.

After finding all the books, head over to Ibrahim’s Scrap Store in Checkpoint Rest Town. You can give each of these five books, and he will forge a copy of each of them for 6000 gold per book. Now you can hand grimoires to both Trysha and Myrddin and learn both Socerer Maister skills.

Trysha gives you Conjurer’s Jottings, which unlocks the Meteoron maister skill for Sorcerers, while Myrddin will reward you with Myrddin’s Chronicle, which teaches the Maelstrom ultimate skill.

Mage Maister

  • Maister: Eini
  • Ultimate Maister Skill: Celestial Paean
  • Location: Eini’s House
  • Quest: Spellbound

You will need to venture to Eini’s House during the day. Here, you will see a little girl named Trysha who wants to learn magic. However, her grandparents won’t let her, so you can come back in the morning after her grandparents have left, and she will ask you to find five Tomes for her.

Turns out these are the same five books that Myrddin has asked you to bring him so you can give him the fake (forged) tomes and bring the real five Tomes and hand three of these to Eini. However, Trysha will go on a rampage, so you will need to stop her without hurting her.

Once she calms down, Eini will reward you with Enchanter’s Almanac, which unlocks the Celestian Paean Mage Maister skill in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Mystic Spearhand Maister

  • Maister: Sigurd
  • Ultimate Maister Skill: Wild Furie
  • Location: Melve, Dragonsbreath Tower

The Mystic Spearhand’s Maister, Sigurd, offers an incredibly effective DPS skill. While Sigurd can teach you the Mystic Spearhand vocation in Melve, to unlock the ultimate skill, you will need to progress a bit more.

If you missed out on the chance to unlock Mystic Spearhand in Melve, head to Dragonsbreath Tower in Battahl, where you will meet up with Sigurd to face the same poison dragon that attacked Melve earlier. Defeat the dragon, and Sigurd will teach you the vocation.

Once you have gained access to Mystic Spearhand, go to Harve Village, where Sigurd lives. Find Sigurd in his house, and you will unlock the Wild Furie Maister’s Teaching.

Magick Archer Maister

  • Maister: Cliodhna (Gautstafr’s wife)
  • Ultimate Maister Skill: Martyr’s Bolt
  • Location: Windwalker’s Home
  • Quest: Put a Spring in Thy Step

While you are entering the Agamen Volcanic Islands, you will come across a dwarf called Gautstafr who will ask you to bring him three wildflowers to ease his back pain. Once you give him those, he will be grateful and will ask you to meet him at his house.

Make your way to Windwalker’s Home in Dragon’s Dogma 2, and you will meet Gautstafr’s wife, Cliodhna, an elf. Cliodhna is wary of strangers and thinks her husband trusts too easily. It turns out Cliodhna is the Magick Archer Maister.

You will need to escort Gautstafr to the nearby hot springs in Geyser Hamlet. Once you arrive at the hot spring, Cliodhna also appears, revealing that she had been tailing you in case you were to present a danger to her husband. As a token of thanks, she will teach you the Magick Archer vocation. She will also give you Spellbow’s Paradox which unlocks the Magick Archer Maister skill, Martyr’s Bolt.


Matryr’s Bolt is a highly deadly and risky skill. It consumes your HP to fire off a devastating arrow that can even one-shot a lot of bosses. Just keep in mind not to use it in the heat of battle when a follow-up attack from an enemy can kill you.

Warfarer Maister

  • Maister: Lamond
  • Ultimate Maister Skill: Rearmament
  • Location: Volcanic Island Camp/Geyser Hamlet
  • Quest: The Sotted Sage

Unlocking the Warfarer vocation can take some time as you need to find special items for it. Once you escort Gautstafr to the hot springs and unlock the Magick Archer maister skill, you will see an NPC sitting on the ground nearby. This person, named Lamond is the Warfarer Maister in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Talk to him, and you will find out that despite being drunk, he intends to keep on drinking, and now it is up to you to bring 3x Newt Liqueur to him.


Newt Liqueur is a rare consumable, but it can be found in a number of places. Windwalker’s Home (Cliodhna and Gautstafr’s house) has a bottle, you can also buy some Newt Liqueur for 5,000 gold per bottle from Higg’s Tavern in Bakbattahl.

With all three alcohol bottles in hand, you can return to Lamond and hand these over to him. In return, he will teach you the Wayfarer vocation. Talk to him again after learning the vocation and he will teach you the Rearmament maister skill.


Rearmament is extremely vital to Warfarer as it allows you to switch weapons on the fly without opening up inventory. This way, you can use the skills you have equipped from other vocations.

Trickster Maister

  • Maister: Luz
  • Ultimate Maister Skill: Dragon’s Delusion
  • Location: Reverent Shrine

Compared to the rest of the Maister Teachings, the Trickster Maister teaching is the easiest one to get in Dragon’s Dogma 2. All you will need to do is make your way to the Reverent Shrine. Going up the stairs, you will confront an illusionary Oracle named Luz, and by speaking with her, she will teach you the Trickster vocations.

However, that is not the real Luz, as this character will be present in the roof area, so if you go around the left side of the shrine, you will find a large ladder. Climb it, and you will finally find the real Luz on the top side, and she will be surprised that you found her. That is where she will teach you the Dragon’s Delusion maister skill for Trickster.

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