Dragon’s Dogma 2 All Inn Locations

Lay your weary head to rest at these inns in Dragon's Dogma 2.

While you can rest at camps out in the wilderness of Dragon’s Dogma 2, a far safer approach to relax is resting at inns at different locations throughout the world. These inns do charge you some gold if you wish to stay but they also provide numerous other bonuses, especially if you don’t own a house yet.

Staying at an Inn in Dragon’s Dogma 2 will give you access to a number of facilities like

  • Save your game every time you visit an Inn
  • Fully restore health and recover Loss gauge
  • Change the time of Day to meet with certain NPCs
  • Organize your storage by depositing/withdrawing items as well as combining them
  • Change vocations and equip skills (only certain inns)
  • Sync your pawn’s state with the online world and collect Rift Crystals as well as rewards from other worlds

The cost of resting at an inn in Dragon’s Dogma 2 differs from location to location (with the highest being 9,999 gold in Bakbattahl) but considering how well spread out they are and you can only purchase houses in main cities, all 12 inns in the game are going to be highly beneficial to your journey.

I have covered the location of every inn below, along with maps and instructions on how to reach these places so you can rest after days of adventuring and lighten your inventory load.

Inn Location 1: Borderwatch Lounge

The first Inn that you will get to during the initial stages of your playthrough will happen to be the Borderwatch Lounge in Dragon’s Dogma 2. As part of Tale’s Beginning quest, once you arrive at Borderwatch Outpost, you will be greeted by some pawns. Once the cutscene ends, look for a blue tent.

This blue tent is the Borderwatch Lounge Inn. Since this is the first inn you see in the game, the very first time you rest here it will be free of cost. This will also be your first opportunity to claim your pre-order or special edition rewards like Ring of Assurance.

Inn Location 2: Tristan’s Inn

Once you journey to Melve, you can head west from the Lennart’s House to find Tristan’s Inn. The inn is right opposite the shop where you meet Flora, who asks you for a Fruit Roborant for Medicament Predicament quest.

Tristan’s Inn also has Vocation Guild facilities, so this is the first chance to change your class/vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2. The Melve Riftstone will be located on the west side of Tristan’s Inn.

Inn Location 3: Kough’s Inn

Kough’s Inn can be found in the home of elves, Sacred Arbor. Meet Glyndwr in Vernworth and complete his quests to reach Sacred Arbor. Kough’s Inn is to the right side as you enter the main settlement area and you will find the NPC standing in the middle of the room.

Inn Location 4: Nameless Inn

You will visit Nameless Village as part of the main quest of Dragon’s Dogma 2, and despite the town’s rundown appearance, there is still an inn there where you can rest. The inn is on the main path of Nameless Village that leads to the old Nameless Manor where you can find Flaude, the Thief Maister.

Inn Location 5: Shakir’s Inn

Shakir’s Inn is the only inn in the city of Vernworth. The inn itself is located above the Vocation Guild, but its entrance is from the main Merchant Quarter area. If you look behind the fountain/statue in the middle of the area, you will see the giant building that is the Vernworth Pawn Guild and leads to the Grand Riftstone of Vermund.

Instead of entering this building, look left from its entrance, and you will see a set of stairs going upwards. These stairs lead to Shakir’s Inn, where you can rest and organize your storage.


Despite the name, the building next door to Shakir’s Inn, The Stardrop Inn, is not an actual inn but just a tavern. You can have drinks there or pass the time, but you can’t rest and organize your storage there.

Inn Location 6: Coastal Inn

As part of the main story of Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will have to investigate disturbances at Harve Village. On your first visit, you will find this place empty. However, upon completing the Monster Culling and Scaly Invaders quests and waiting a few days, you will see all the residents of the village have returned.

This now also means that Harve Village’s inn called the Coastal Inn is fully functional so if you are in the vicinity of this area, you can rest at the inn for a small fee.

Inn Location 7: The Sword & Staff – Checkpoint Rest Town

The Battahl border gate actually has two inns in its vicinity. The first one will be present on the north side of the Checkpoint Rest Town, next to the Vocation Guild, and is called The Sword & Staff. This inn is the last stop before you gain entry into Battahl.

The layout of the building is a bit confusing, but The Sword & Staff Inn is on the upper floor, while the ground floor has a tavern. So if you want to rest for the day or organize your storage, you will need to take the stairs from the outside.

Inn Location 8: Zeplin’s Inn

Zeplin’s Inn is the second inn next to the Vermund-Battahl border gate. There are no distinct landmarks or Points of Interest present near this particular Inn. However, as soon as you cross into Battahl from the Checkpoint Rest Town gate, Zeplin’s Inn will be just a few steps ahead on the main road.

Zeplin’s Inn is also the first time where you will meet Hugo, the young member of Coral Snakes who you can help out in Off The Pilfered Path quest.

Inn Location 9: Pilgrim’s Inn (Flagship) – Bakbattahl

The main city of Battahl, Bakbattahl, has two inns in it, although since they have similar names, they can get confusing. The main inn and the first one you will encounter is Pilgrim’s Inn – Flagship and it is right at the start of the Mercantile Quarter.

Follow the main road into Bakbattahl, and the inn will be on your left once you reach the marketplace where all the actual vendors are (not the stalls set up before the entrance of Bakbattahl).

Inn Location 10: Pilgrim’s Inn – Bakbattahl

The second inn in Bakbattahl, also called Pilgrim’s Inn, is a bit further away in the city. Pass through the market and make your way towards the Flamebearer Palace. You will find the second Pilgrim’s Inn in Dragon’s Dogma 2 near the Oxcart station of Bakbattahl.

Inn Location 11: Worker’s Dormitory – Volcanic Island Camp

While trying to complete Gautstafr’s quest, Put a Spring in Thy Step you will eventually reach the Volcanic Island Camp. Take the path within the camp that leads upwards to the Ropeway Station and Riftstone, and just before the Volcano Island Armory, the building on the left houses the Worker’s Dormitory Inn of Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Inn Location 12: Excavation Site/Agamen Ruins

The very first place where you started Dragon’s Dogma 2 and also the place where the game ends, Excavation Site, houses the last inn of the game. You can simply follow the path Talos/Gigantus was taking from Volcanic Island Camp to reach Excavation Site.

Once at the site, take the uphill path instead of going down towards the mines. This path will eventually lead you to the Excavation Site inn of Dragon’s Dogma 2. This inn is pretty crucial as it will serve as the final place where you can rest before pushing on to the point of no return in the Legacy quest.

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