All Vocations In Dragon’s Dogma 2 And How To Unlock Them

There are 10 vocations in Dragon's Dogma 2. Some you get from the start while others you unlock during the game.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 helps you customize your character through the Vocation system. These vocations are the classes of your characters that define the combat style, weaponry, and basic stats. The right vocation helps you progress through the game with ease.

Unlike Dragon Dogma or Dark Arisen, Dragon’s Dogma 2 has introduced some new vocations. The game has ten vocations, divided into basic, advanced, and hybrid categories. Four of these are available at the beginning of the game, whereas the remaining six are unlocked later.

This guide details everything you need about the game’s Vocation systems. We will explore the playstyles of each vocation and how to unlock them. You will understand the secrets of mastering your chosen class by the end.


This popular vocation uses a one handed weapon with a shield, making them ideal for tanking enemies and protecting squishy party members like mages. This melee class focuses on close-quarters combat and defense, making them an ideal choice for players who want to fight on the front lines.

You can take the aggro in battle allowing your team to launch ranged attacks to take down the enemy. This vocation’s only disadvantage is its difficulty managing stamina, making it vulnerable in combat.

How to Unlock: Available at the beginning of the game.

Weapon: Swords, Maces, and Shields


This is the second most popular vocation and has a plethora of spells at its disposal. These spells help boost offensive, supportive, and healing skills. The mage’s core skill is an AoE heal that can heal the entire party, making it a valuable asset to the team. However, mages take a long time to cast spells, so positioning and knowing when to execute spells is crucial.

How to Unlock: Available at the beginning of the game.

Weapon: Staves


Archers are straightforward vocations that focus on long-ranged attacks using a bow. They are perfect for taking down enemies from a distance and are especially useful against flying enemies. Archers are valuable team members as they deal high damage and have easy stamina management.

Using this vocation requires precision in attacks. But once you do pull a shot off, it can be devastating for the enemy.

How to Unlock: Available at the beginning of the game.

Weapon: Bows


Thief is a fast and agile class that excels at stealth and close-range combat. This vocation uses dual daggers to attack the enemy and can grapple and climb on top of them. Thief belongs to the hard-hitting melee class that relies on dodging and sidestepping attacks rather than tanking them, which increases its survivability in the game. This is a perfect vocation for players who want to play an agile character in melee combat.

How to Unlock: Available at the beginning of the game.

Weapon: Daggers


Warrior is a melee class that specializes in using a two-handed weapon to deal heavy physical damage and can tank. It has an aggressive playstyle compared to Fighters and the highest knockdown rating of any weapon in the game. This makes Warrior perfect for those who want to take down enemies quickly.

However, they are very slow and can be challenging to play with for some players. This weakness does not stop them from launching mightiest of punches when fully charged. When Warrior launches charged attacks, it can take reduced damage and absorb enemy blows.

How to Unlock: The Warrior vocation is unlocked once you reach Vernworth. Once you reach the town square, talk to the vocation guide and he will give you a quest to retrieve a weapon of the Warrior. You will find the weapon on the Eastern side of Vernworth in Trevo Mine.

Once you get to the mine, head to the South entrance and keep going until you reach a large chamber with a chest in the middle. Here, you will find the Greatsword for Warrior Vocation. Take the sword to the Vocation Guild in Vernworth to unlock the Warrior.

Weapon: Greatswords, hammers


Sorcerers are a ranged-offensive magick vocation that specializes in casting powerful magical spells. Their spells are highly damaging; however, their best spells require much time and stamina to cast.

The sorcerer sacrifices the ability to heal for quicker stamina regeneration. This makes them ideal for players focusing on advanced and offensive spells. However, losing access to the heal can be a significant loss for the group, so having at least one character with a mage in the group is essential.

How to Unlock: Like Warrior, the Sorcerer is unlocked once you reach Vernworth. Once you reach the town square, talk to the vocation guide, and he will give you a quest to retrieve a weapon used by the Sorcerer. You will find the weapon on the Eastern side of Vernworth in Trevo Mine.

Head North from the large chamber where you found the Warrior’s sword until you reach a room with levels. Drop down to the lowest level toward the east side, and you will find another chest at the end of the path that contains the Sorcerer’s Weapon. Take the weapon to the Vocation Guild to unlock your class.

Weapons: Staves

Mystic Spearhand

This powerful hybrid class takes a lot of time to master, but once you do, it is a devastating class that focuses on magick damage and physical melee. Mystic Spearhand has great crowd control; it can immobilize/freeze enemies and even slow down big enemies and deal damage to them.

How to Unlock: To unlock the Mystic Spearhand vocation, you can get it from an NPC named Sigurd. There are two ways to unlock this vocation. For the first method, you need to head to the town of Melve.

Once you come here, you will see a red dragon attacking the town. Attack its weak spots, and this will end the fight. You will then be able to talk to Sigurd, who will unlock your vocation.

For the second method, you can meet Sigurd on the southwest corner of Battahl at the Dragonsbreath Tower, and he will grant you the Mystic Spearhand vocation.

Weapons: Douspears


The Trickster is a support-focused class focusing on misdirecting the enemy, buffing allies, and doing indirect damage. This new class in Dragon’s Dogma 2 uses a censer weapon to cast spells that support the group. They are ideal for players who want to take a more passive role in combat.

The Trickster is highly survivable and can buff the team. However, it has zero damage and depends on its allies. Most of its skills are situational, making the gameplay repetitive.

How to Unlock: During the Flickering Shadows quest at Battahl, head to the northeast side of Bakbattahl and get to the location marked below to find Oracle Trickster Luz, who will grant you the vocation.

Weapons: Censer

Magick Archer

Magick Archers are ranged-damage vocations that deal high damage and can heal and revive at a distance in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This class focuses on combining ranged attacks with magical elements and uses elemental effects while shooting enemies. It is ideal for those who wish to play with a mix of ranged attacks and magic.

Magick Archers deal with great damage. They use basic attacks like Archers and do not worry about stamina. If we rank the vocations according to the best classes, Magick Archer stands somewhat as the first—or second-best class due to its one deadly skill, Martyr’s Bolt, which can wipe out distant enemies instantly.

How to Unlock: To unlock Magick Archer, head to Drabnir Grotto and find the entrance to Agamen Volcanic Island on the southern end. Once on the Volcanic Island, find your way to the Windwalker’s Home.

Here, you will be greeted by an NPC, Cliodhna. This is the master who will teach you the Magick Archer vocation. However, you need to earn her trust. You must help her husband, Gautstafr, by giving him some medicinal herbs for back pain, and he will take you to his house.

Once you are in their house, Cliodhna will give you another quest to take Gautstafr to the hot springs. Take the husband to a nearby village, but have a good vocation equipped, as the enemies in that region will be tough. When you get to the hot spring, Cliodha will reward you with the Magick Archer vocation.

Weapons: Magickal Bows


The most interesting vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2, the wayfarer allows players to use different weapons and skills from different vocations. They can change their play style mid-combat and use different skills and equipment from different vocations.

While Warfare has good utility and flexibility with skill combinations and armor, it only has three skills to use between all equipped weapons, and it cannot use Meister skills, some of the best in the game. The synergy between classes is also not as strong as it could be.

How to Unlock: The Warfarer vocation is also unlocked at Volcanic Island in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You need to talk to the NPC Lamond, sitting outside the hot springs. Collect three bottles of Newt Liqueur and give them to him. You can get one liqueur from the Windwalker’s home and the other from Ezekiel at Battahl. Give the bottles to him, and he will give you the Warfarer vocation.

Weapons: All

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